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How to Build a Secure RESTful API in Node.js

There is no doubt that Node.js has become one of the most popular technologies used by any web developer or programmer. With the right node.js with the Express.js framework, you can use the RESTful function to build an exceptionally fast, simple and extremely scalable API.

What is REST?

REST (Representational State Transfer) can be defined as an architectural style for creating web services. The popularity of REST is due to the fact that it is very easy to use. To achieve its objectives, it can rely on existing systems and the capabilities of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) over the Internet.

REST principles

  •  Client server : This is a client-server architecture because both the client and the server contain a variety of problems.
  • Stateless: REST is stateless because every communication between the server and the client contains all the information needed to execute the request. REST has no session status on the server side, and everything stored internally is completely on the client side.
  • Checkout : It is cached because the server, client or an intermediate component can cache resources to improve overall performance.
  • Uniform interface : It provides an ordered type of interface between the components so that all components can more easily understand the interaction of the system.
  • A progressive system: REST has a layer system in which each individual part cannot look beyond the last layer it comes into contact with.
  • Code on request : REST delivers the code on request and can be downloaded to extend the functionality of the customer.


Assistive products methods

Another important factor for REST is the way the material is produced. Many people use the HTTP GET / PUT / POST / DELETE method fraudulently.

Rest and HTTP are not the same!

Most people prefer to compare HTTP on vacation. REST and HTTP are not the same.


As REST also aims to streamline and simplify the web, the application of the REST principle is effectively protected. And here you try to compare REST with the Web (HTTP). The description of Roy Fielding does not mention any institution, not even the protocol and HTTP. It currently respects the one referring to the REST 6 kernel and can call it the RESTful interface.

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Technologies for creating APIs in REST

The main technologies used to build the API in REST are JSON, OAuth, Webhooks and many others. These technologies are preferred by both consumers and API vendors. They have as many basic principles as security, data availability, simplicity and resources and can be easily integrated into web and mobile applications.

How to configure the REST API in the .js node

Node.js is a server platform that can do much more than just maintain data and pages. This is a powerful platform that helps you to run JavaScript on your shell just like you run Python.

First of all you need to download the stable version of Node.js. Don’t forget to download the current or most recent version as it may contain bugs and features that you can’t remove from the final version. For better support you should download the LTS version as mentioned on (a site where you can download all previous and current versions). After downloading the NodeJS executables, you need to install them on your computer by following the instructions on your platform page.

Creating APIwith Express.js

  • Short description Express.js
    Express.js is a popular HTTP server framework based on Node.JS with basic functionality. It has an adaptable architecture and is very easy to learn, install and use. The Express.JS framework does more than just create a REST API and does several things, such as B. Server-side rendering, static file hosting and use as a proxy.
  • Requirements for creating an API with Express.JS To get started and work with an Express API, you must have a NodeJs environment installed on your system and have some knowledge of the HTTP request architecture. NodeJs comes with an NPM (Node Package Manager), which can be used to download an express package and run a local project.
  • Installation procedure
    • Set nvm // Not necessary
    • Install the NodeJS (installs the NPM at the same time as the NodeJS)
    • Create a folder to save your express project.
    • Install package.json with the command npm init -y in the directory you created
    • Set the Express with npm Set the Express.
  • Execution : There is a quick start guide on the Express js website that you can use to start building your API.
  • API plan
  • Requirements – Installation of Node.js
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You can install NodeJS here –

  • Start making the code.
    • Create a folder
    • Scroll the screen with the terminal to the folder
    • Create a package.json file
    • Short information about package.json
    • Creating a Node Server
    • App.js
    • Update and verification

Update and verification

How can the Node.js API be created without using the externalframework?

Node JS Development is an environment that can be used to create any application, whether it is a mobile web or a desktop computer. It is quite possible to build a RESTful Application API without using a framework, but gradually it will take longer if you use an external framework. The reason we use an external framework as an express is that it provides an easier way to write our API instead of focusing on non-trivial matters. When we try to build an API without an external framework, we have to deal with all the small details that make development rather uncomfortable and also take far too much time. If you want to check it out, you will find an explanatory guide on the NodeJS website that shows and explains a bit about the configuration of a server. There are also other external libraries and frameworks that can be used with Node.JS. All libraries and frameworks used with Node.JS are designed to make the entire development process much simpler, easier and faster. If you are working on a real project, it is preferable that these frameworks and libraries are developed easily and quickly.

Some best Node.js frames to use with

Here are some of the best Node.js frames you can use –

  • Coa.js
  • Express.js
  • JS-Meteor
  • Sail.
  • LoopBack.js
  • Carry on.
  • Hapi. Jace.
  • Pedestal.
  • Derby.
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Tips for creating Node.js applications –

There is no simple solution unless you know the basics of creating an API. For a quick start we can use an express generator for an express control framework or PLC like Strapi.

  1. Should I use the external framework of Node.js or develop an application without the external framework?
    You should always use an external frame such as Express, Cao or Meteor. These frameworks have a built-in configuration of everything needed to create the API. This greatly simplifies development by allowing you to focus on business logic. If you are trying to build an application with raw NodeJS interfaces, it will be a bit tricky because many elements have to be configured before you start writing your business logic.
  2. What should I consider when hiring a node.js developer? The following aspects are the most important to consider when hiring a Node.js developer
    • You must be familiar with the Agile and Scrum methodology.
    • You need to know all the basic HTTP methods used to build the API.
    • js The developer must have knowledge of the process and the continuous integration or revision of the code.
    • You must be able to take individual and integration tests.
    • js Developers must have a full understanding of advanced technologies.
    • They must be fully effective in written form.
    • js developers should have a solid experience with GitHub
    • NodeJS evolves every day with new features and changes. That’s why you have at least a basic knowledge of new features such as ES2015 support.

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