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Use Cases and Promising AI Startups

Logistical problems that can be solved with CEW

Thanks to continuous development and flexible application possibilities, artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to improve workflow in logistics.

Whether it involves a supply chain of goods or different methods of analysis, artificial intelligence ensures the superior efficiency of each process.

In this article we look at several examples of how artificial intelligence can be used in logistics and go deeper into well-known companies that have implemented artificial intelligence in their work processes.

Let’s get going.

Examples of AI use in logistics

McKinsey recently did a count and came up with some impressive numbers. Companies that effectively integrate AI into their logistics expect a benefit of $1.3 to $2 trillion a year from the optimization and automation of many AI workflows.

That’s why market giants like Google, Amazon and many others invest an amazing amount of money and resources in artificial intelligence. Let’s take a closer look at the most common examples of RNs in logistics.

Warehouse automation

This is the most common application because AI greatly automates warehouse activities and improves warehouse efficiency.

For example, AI is very good at predicting demand for various goods so that they can be transported to regional warehouses, which significantly reduces transport costs.

Another example of warehouse automation technology are AI-based sorting machines that move, lift and sort goods to optimize warehouse utilization and speed up order processing by optimizing the position of the goods in the warehouse.

Self-propelled motor vehicles

Cars with their own engine are no longer a fantasy. Waymo, for example, introduced a taxi service with autonomous taxis in 2018. The next big step for this company is the introduction of self-propelled vehicles.

Motor vehicles bring many advantages to the logistics and supply chain due to the absence of human error and the ability to optimize routes to choose the fastest.

However, there is a nuance imposed by many countries which limits driving with self-propelled cars without a driver. This is done for safety reasons, because the driver can control the situation on the road and, in case of an emergency, act accordingly.

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Smart roads

When cars get smarter, the road has to get smarter too. For example, Integrated Roadways has developed a system called Smart Paving.

This system has proven to be a real lifesaver on the road. The basic idea of this system is that it connects all vehicles on the road to the internet and gives them real-time information about traffic jams, car accidents, road conditions, road works, etc. The system is based on the idea that the Internet is the only way to provide information about the traffic situation.

Another example is the construction of roads with solar panels and LED lighting. This type of road can generate electricity using solar panels and inform drivers of changes in road conditions using LED lighting.

Cases of use of AI in logistics (Part 1)


The main idea of robotization is to delegate monotonous work to robots and to replace employees with robots.

For example, recent studies have shown that robots can do about 22% of the work of alawyer, e.g. B. reading contracts and identifying cases.

In addition, lawyers specialising in artificial intelligence are 9% more accurate than lawyers specialising in the social sciences and humanities. The overall goal of robotics is to reduce human error when using AI-controlled robots.

The best-known example is the company UiPath, which specialises in robotics and is now rapidly expanding. Over the past two years, their RDRs have risen from $8 million to over $200 million.

AI projections for improving the customer experience

Predicting demand correctly is an important part of a successful business. If demand is high but supply in the warehouse is insufficient, this can lead to serious financial losses.

Here comes Al. Recent research has shown that AI algorithms can make more accurate predictions than human analysts.

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In addition, AI allows you to tailor the customer experience, ensuring customer loyalty.

For example, DHL is working with Amazon to create a high-end user interface that combines fast delivery with the Amazon Alexa Language Assistant.

Alexa can answer various questions and inform customers about the status of delivery and other details.

Use case of AI in logistics (Part 2) (1 )

Well-known AI-based logistics starters

Many exciting and courageous ideas are born from business start-ups. Let’s take a look at the most interesting start-ups in the logistics sector, which offer new opportunities for development and automation.

6 Drainage systems

This company specializes in automated warehouses, and its main achievement is a warehouse robot called Chuck.

This robot can perform routine tasks in the warehouse, such as transporting goods, counting, sorting, packing, etc. The chuck is wireless and can be easily operated by the operating system.

6 Power systems

Robot focus

Locus Robotics is a company that develops autonomous robots whose main activity is the optimisation of warehouses for e-commerce.

They started a production of storage robots called LocusBot. These robots are equipped with a touchpad and a user-friendly interface, making them much easier and faster to operate.

Locus Robotics


Valerann is a logistics start-up with the main objective of creating universal AI solutions to solve logistics problems and simplify transport.

Valeran has created an intelligent road system that collects high-resolution data. All these datasets are stored in the cloud, allowing the AI to predict and track different situations on the road.


Optimus ride

Optimus Ride is a company whose main field of application is self-propelled cars.

They explained that their software and algorithms could be implemented in any vehicle, which is a fantastic achievement.

Moreover, their software solutions are suitable for many types of locations such as residential areas, parks, airports, etc.

Optimal driving


This company develops software solutions for various markets, warehouses and the e-commerce industry.

They strive for a definitive solution that offers users the best delivery option, resulting in a more convenient and faster delivery process.

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They have already developed several solutions that offer users highly customizable deployability and continuous access to deployment information.


Flow measurement

Transmetrie helps companies to introduce various technological innovations in their work processes, such as AI, IT optimization, etc.

Transmetrics offers companies advanced technologies, such as data cleansing and AI-based demand forecasting, that improve logistics and operational efficiency.



This company’s main field of activity is the introduction of AI in freight transport.

The flagship of their development is a mobile application that helps truck drivers find the right cargo, deliver it quickly and get paid faster.

This significantly improves workflow efficiency and supplier supply chain optimisation.


As you can see, AI has a great application in the field of logistics, and the number of launches in this area speaks for itself.

We have listed just six start-ups with a unique approach to AI innovation in logistics, and this list can easily be expanded to include other great start-ups.

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