Excellent Tips to Enhance Macbook’s Performance Mac book

Do you have a problem with your MacBook? Maybe it has become almost impossible to run applications, surf the Internet or even play video games that don’t require a lot of computer space? If that’s the case, maybe you should do something about it.

Computer performance problems do not solve themselves. They’re the result of negligence, and you may not have taken care of Macbook for years.

However, it is not yet too late to make some changes and solve these performance problems. Follow these tips to help you increase the speed of your MacBook and enjoy it again.

Tip 1 – Remove dust and dirt from the interior

Overheating and noise from internal fans are usually the result of too much dust and dirt inside. The dirt that accumulates must be removed regularly. Failure to do so may result in Mac performance issues and internal damage to the devices.

In addition to removing dust from the inside of your MacBook, you should consider purchasing an ice pack. Accessories are very useful and will help your computer if you need to use it in poorly ventilated rooms or if the outside temperature is too high.

Tip 2 – Disconnect third-party devices

Third party devices, such as printers or even mice, can cause problems that you may not see. Something may be blocked and the system may not be able to complete the process because a third party device is blocking the process.

If you do not need to use a printer at this time, it is best to turn it off. The fewer third-party devices disturb your Macbook, the more likely you are to get the best possible computer.

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Council no. 3 – Conclusion of the substantive lectures

Background applications consume system resources. And those resources are limited. And the problem is not just overall efficiency. Battery life is also affected by the fact that more active applications mean longer battery life.

There are several ways to charge your computer faster, for example using a smartphone. However, if you have to do this often, you should also rely on nearby power outlets when the battery is low.

Tip 4 – Delete unnecessary files

Make sure your hard drive has more than a few gigabytes of free space. A hard drive overloaded with junk files will be useless in the long run. Remove old applications, temporary system backups, application expansions, plug-ins and all other waste that is on your hard drive but offers nothing.

Yes, you can free up disk space other than by deleting data. Some files can be transferred to Dropboxes, iCloud and external storage devices. You can also subscribe to streaming platforms and don’t need to store large media files on your MacBook.

Tip 5 – Get an idea of how applications work

You need to get rid of running applications, especially if you don’t use them immediately after the computer has downloaded everything.

Go to System Settings and select Users and Groups. Find your profile and click on the Login tab. Clear the checkboxes next to the applications you want to remove from the startup list. The changes are saved. When you restart the computer, you will see that it starts and runs faster.

Tip 6 – Office space with stools

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Office clutter is another problem that seems to occur quite often. People go too far and think there is nothing wrong with storing their files on the desktop. The reality is that every icon on the desktop consumes system resources. These icons are also displayed when switching between tabs and on the desktop.

Just get used to saving your files in the right place. And if you have trouble recognizing them, create a naming system and use Spotlight to find files on your MacBook.

Tip 7 – Adding new equipment

Buying new equipment is still cheaper than buying another computer. Adding extra RAM is one of the most popular options. Replacing your hard drive with an SSD is also common nowadays, especially when you have so many cheap options.

Tip 8 – Reinstall the operating system

If you’re trying to improve the performance of your Macbook, you can always reinstall the operating system. It’s like a new start for Macbook, since all the data has been deleted.

Before reinstalling the operating system, back up the files you want to back up. Even if you are reinstalling the operating system for the first time, you should follow the step-by-step instructions and avoid possible errors.


Overall, this article should give you plenty of ideas on how to improve the performance of your MacBook. Try different things and see which ones work. And turn some suggestions into habits, because neglecting the computer will lead to the same performance problems in the future.

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