How Long Does a Human Hair Weave Last

Hair weaves are also known as hair extensions, and they can be attached to the natural hair, sewed with it, and properly utilized to make the hair thicker or cover the spots that suffered severe hair loss. They are primarily used as a decoration, and many people, especially women, who want some change with their hair, prefer human hair weaves, because it looks more natural, and can improve the volume, hairline, and any potential issue you may have with the hair. Weaves are not just extensions. They can come in thin pieces for correctional purposes or can come in a form of a wig. The extension weaves can be used for a longer period if you take care of them properly. You can click here to find a lot of models that may work for you.

How long will they last depends on a lot of factors, including the quality of the hairs used to make it, the way it’s put on your head, how you take care of it, are you swimming in a pool regularly, or the type of cosmetics you are using for styling. Keep in mind that even virgin hair can be easily damaged, because there is no way for the skin oils to help moisturize the hairs.

Hairstylists know how to estimate the initial quality of the weave before they put it on your head. The price can also depend on the quality too. The 8A grade means the original hair wasn’t treated with chemicals or colors, it’s soft and comfortable to wear, doesn’t tangle a lot, and it’s easy to comb or brush. When it’s installed properly, it requires minimum maintenance as time goes by. If the sewing isn’t quality, it may result in damages earlier than you expect. At this point, you need to find a good hairdresser too, so you can be sure everything is done properly.

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After the weaves are put on you, they should recommend quality cosmetic products. Sometimes, the aftercare can be too demanding, but anyway, you are probably aware of that, knowing the fact that no matter how good the extension is, it requires a lot of care and attention.

Will it damage my natural hair?


If the whole process is done perfectly and professionally, there is no risk for your natural hair. Surely, you have to put enough weaves your hair can handle. Sometimes it may be too heavy for it, and end up with unwanted hair loss. So, finding a professional stylist must be your priority when you want to put extensions on your head. They will know how to do that, without causing any side effects.

How often should I wash it?


We wash our natural hair every five to seven days, but after you install the weaves or bundles, you will probably have to do that every 7-10 days, depending on the conditions in your environment and your overall lifestyle. The bacteria and pollution particles easily stick to the weaves, because there is no self-cleaning process, as it can be done with your hair. So, if you live in a polluted area, or the weather is often very hot, you will have to wash it every seven days. In order to avoid drying, when it’s colder, you can extend that period by a day or two. Anyway, your stylist will always have the right advice for you, especially if you live in a too hot area, or you exercise regularly.

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You will need to visit your stylist more often


Knowing that your natural hair will grow anyway, you will have to visit your hairdresser every 10-12 weeks, so you can avoid your hair becoming too loose. They will probably have to redo some pieces and sew them together once again. The weaves won’t lose their quality through this time, but the natural hair growth may change the way they look and fit.

Other useful tips


You have to be very gentle when you wash your hair. Don’t rub it violently, and use products that don’t contain sulfates. You will need to use a stronger conditioner too, to avoid the dry look. At nights, it’s better to keep your hair wrapped in a silky bonnet, or scarf, so you won’t damage it as you sleep. Many stylists will suggest using satin bonnets and pillowcases so you can protect the extensions.

Also, you have to talk to your stylist and choose quality extensions. Virgin hair allows you more styling, like curling or straightening, but that causes tiny damages, that summed up together, can make your hair looks terrible. The stylist will also help you choose a similar quality as your natural hair is. Anyway, you must treat it with respect, just like you do with your hair. If you follow these tips, you can be sure you will have it gorgeous for a longer time.
If you are sure you want to do this, you will have to make sure you are ready to take proper care of your hair after the extensions are sewed to your head.

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When do I need to take them off?

When your natural hair grows nicer and shinier than before, then you can remove the extensions. Also, as it grows, it will push them down. But, the most important thing is to trust your guts, and believe in your instincts. If you see that your natural hair is now better-looking and nicer, you can start removing the extensions, or choose a different type of sewing together, so it can promote the growth, without damaging the hair.

The bottom line

Every one of us has a different reason why we want to make a huge change in our appearance, or why we put wigs, weaves, and extensions to our head. But, as you can see, it’s more important to take care of it properly, so it may last longer. If you don’t do that, the hairs will drop off by themselves.

We hope that you understand that the lifespan of your new style depends on the way you behave with it.