Do Bridesmaid Dresses Have to Be the Same Color and Style

There are a number of events that are important in our lives. Each of them leaves a special mark on the life of each of us, but none of them is as special as the wedding day. The day when you say the fateful Yes is the most important day that you will remember with all your heart and with much joy in life, so that is why it is important for this day to be special and to be well planned, exactly as you have always wanted. This part is equally important for the bride and groom, but it is good to emphasize that this day is especially important for the bride. But why is that so?

This is because brides on this day want to have the most beautiful wedding, that is, what they dreamed of as children. They want above all to have a perfect organization of the whole event and everything to be according to their wishes and ideas, everything to be fairytale as they imagined and that is really nice. First of all, the dress they will wear is important for them because it has a special meaning for them. They follow their ideas and according to the ideas they make the dress that they will wear on the wedding day. Also important to them are the people who will be their support throughout the ceremony, and that is the bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids are the first and most important support for the bride. The bride herself chooses the bridesmaids and these are usually the three closest people in her life who she chooses to be her bridesmaids. She arranges all the details with them, and special attention is paid to one important detail, and that is the dresses that they should wear. Most often, the designs and colors are agreed upon, which in many situations are the same in order for them to be impressive, but this is not always the case. Sometimes there are exceptions, so from here a dilemma arises, and that is whether they should always be dressed in the same styling with the same colors or it is good to be different. Knowing this dilemma that brides and bridesmaids often have in planning, today we decided to talk a little more on the topic on which we bring you many interesting situations. So let’s take a look together!

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Bridesmaids are the most important part of the wedding, they are the main support for a bride


The first thing we all need to know is that a bride needs support during the most important part of her life, and who would be the best support other than the bridesmaids? The bridesmaids are usually the best friends of the bride who have been her best and biggest support throughout her life, and that will be the case during this great special day. So she chooses to be by her side all day, but also with them she chooses the styling in which they will be dressed throughout the day for which there are discussions and plans all the time. What should be the styling? Let’s see.

They can be dressed in the same color, but they do not have to be

There are constant discussions about whether to wear the same color, whether to wear the same model of dress or whether it differs in some detail and all those discussions go on indefinitely. But according to experts from the world of fashion as fashion designers from AWBridal, the color can be the same on all dresses, but it does not have to. The color of the dress usually needs to be agreed upon with the bride, it can be the same on all models that will be worn by the bridesmaids, but it can also be different because it is not a rule that they must be dressed in the same color, but can to have the same design or different. What about that question?

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They can have different designed dresses in the same color


To be much more interesting and unique, it is good for the designs to be in a different style, but with the same color. Most often, designers recommend that these be designs that will be with minimal differences to maintain the interesting moment, ie to maintain the similarity between the bridesmaids. So if you think that different designs would be interesting, opt for that option, but of course, with minimal differences in designs.

They can also wear a dress with the same or similar design, but in two or three colors combined differently

Lately, a growing number of designers are in favor of the design being the same or different according to some minimal detail, but to be in two or three colors that will be combined in a similar way when sewing the dress. It all depends on the desires of the girls who will wear the dresses, but of course, it also depends on the desire of the bride because it is still her special day.

The style and colors are best not to differ too much


The next piece of advice, but also the general opinion of all who have been part of such a process, is that dresses are good to be different, but that it is not good to be too different. For example, not all bridesmaids can have dresses of different lengths, some with long sleeves and others with short sleeves and similar other differences. It is best to determine a small detail that will be different and of course to decide on the color according to which the dresses will be designed and sewn.

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In the end the most important thing is to look beautiful! It is the most important part that the bride, the bridesmaids should focus on, and especially the designer and the tailor because the wedding day is a special day and on that day it is acceptable only to look irresistible, beautiful, avant-garde, refined and above all unique, because the most important and difficult task for that day is to be the best support for the bride, right? Focus on design, spend enough time and of course apply these tips that we brought to you today to get the best final look.