How Can Companies Use Learning Management Systems – 2024 Guide

With each new year we get new technology that can be utilized to improve the overall functionality of a company. That’s why keeping up with the times is so important. Catching up to older tools is also something that shouldn’t be neglected because the two may be fulfilling entirely different roles. That’s why today we are checking out the learning management systems and their applicability in 2024.

What is a learning management system?

This system involves a platform that allows for online learning content to be made and distributed. It will also allow people who utilize these resources to track the progress of their studies and get feedback on their performance thus far.

Basically, it is a form of virtual training that fully focuses on an online platform. It’s a lot easier to manage than physical education and allows people to study from home, reducing the time they’d spend commuting to their lectures.

A simple way of education

Utilizing learning management systems can heavily streamline the process of teaching entire groups of employees new skills and tricks without having to individually dedicate that much time to each of them. With that in mind, we should understand that the creation of an actual learning method will still take time. Although it’s a one and done deal for each educational material you wish to create rather the constant process of explaining to each individual the workings of a certain system.

Learning management systems are a great way to create an entire online course that can be used to initialize new employees too. While seniors will still be a great source of useful information to our new employees, having a quick rundown and reference for any of the important basics of a job is definitely something they’ll consult these types of systems on.

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Of course, before you can even think about educating your employees through a learning management service, you’ll need to possess one. In terms of features and a great design approach, D2L is a great choice.

D2L offers a flexible and robust system that can aid people in all stages of life to learn new skills. It’s fruitful to check the sheer girth of their available tools on, learning more about the service and its use along the way.

Providing manuals for customers and DIY repair function


We can also utilize learning management systems as a way to instruct customers on ways they should handle products. There will be a lot of points of note that cannot be given through a simple warning and reading old-style paper manuals can be very confusing. That’s why something like a web manual made through learning management systems can be so useful.

Due to the nature of many products today, it’s possible that said product’s manual will eventually end up being outdated with the inflow of updates and changes to the device. With an online manual we can update the changes ourselves, making our customers have a consistently renewed and fresh experience without feeling like they have to go out of their way to find this information themselves.

If your product is something like software this becomes even more important. New builds can be entirely different in design and approach, sometimes due to necessity sometimes because of brand reinvention. Regardless, it’s good to transcribe these changes as effectively as possible to our customers.

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Motivation to learn and change

It’s not rare that a lot of our employees end up stagnating either in the growth of their skills or their position within the company. This will usually come as a side effect of having no place to learn without investing extra time into either outside courses or finding online resources to employ. In an already tight schedule, this can entirely demotivate a person.

To motivate our employees to learn more and even switch their positions, fulfilling and refreshing other roles within our company, we can use learning management systems.

The benefits outlined in other examples still stand, it’s just their benefit that changes. Obviously, the fact that these courses can be revised from the comfort of their own homes gives employees quick and easy access to materials while also not taking them away from their daily chores. However, this direct compilation of information that will be practically useful in the workplace can bolster their learning capabilities. After all, when a spot opens for a position they’d rather work at, these employees will be ready to take that spot with all the important knowledge.

The motivation to learn also sees a rise due to the sheer convenience of it all. Finding the correct courses as well as discerning the applicability of said courses can be a nightmare so having the useful ones on hand is always good.

Renew knowledge


Even highly skilled employees need to renew their knowledge of certain subjects as time passes. After all, when skill isn’t practiced it tends to atrophy. With effective learning materials that learning management systems showcase, we can prevent this atrophy from occuring by allowing employees to refresh their knowledge.

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Considering that a single employee may find it fruitful to revisit these courses more than once, the benefit provided by employing a learning management system is consistently useful. Although that would mean refreshing the course itself to include new advancements in certain branches of knowledge they partake in.

The upside is that with special permissions employees themselves could commit to these updates. That way, they are not only upgrading the knowledge database for themselves but also for anybody who may resort to using it in the future. Suffice to say, it’s better if we have a dedicated person that will commit to updating materials. Out of date information can result in improper conduct when employing certain skills, causing problems.


The overall utility of learning management systems cannot be ignored. It has applications for new and old employees, business owners, partners, and even customers. There are a multitude of interesting and innovative uses of it and the benefits shown above are only part of that.

The overall effect you’ll feel is that the whole business feels a lot better at keeping up with the advancing business models. Your employees will be better prepared to tackle tasks and the convenience of interacting with your business will go up tremendously. However, when all is said and done, we should remember that implementing the correct use of these systems will require extra work. Make sure you dedicate attention and effort when creating these types of courses. While it may take a bit more time, that investment will be paid out throughout the course’s use.