How to Know if Your Web Hosting Is Helping Your Business or Holding It Back

No matter what type of business we hold, an online presence is mandatory. Having a place online where customers and potential clientele can engage with our brand is perfect. The prospect of an online presence for our brand only becomes better with added optimization of the website’s marketing aspect. Of course, there are plentiful other uses we can draw out of a website but before we can do so we will require a web hosting service. It’s unlikely your business will have its own server, so web hosting services are a great way to establish a network fast while guaranteeing quality. However, some of these services could be inadequate for our needs. Knowing the key signs of your web hosting services not being up to the task can help us resolve these issues before they completely damage our online presence and business’ reputation.



The web hosting’s key factor is the performance it has. It’s important to note that performance doesn’t relate to how the site responds to individual computers and their access to the network but rather it refers to its ability to service all users without any apparent slowdown. The performance can greatly impact users’ ability to interact with the website. Their information could also be harder to access, causing a lot of frustrations to old and new users alike. The performance issues can ruin the general opinion on our site’s functionality as well as the business itself.

You should strive to consistently improve your performance for the sake of maintaining effective handling of any traffic that could come your way. Checking the processor and RAM web hosting company offers us should be the first part of forming a deal with any of them. You shouldn’t only take current needs into account but the potential growth of your needs. Knowing that you can expand with the same web hosting company later allows faster operation and offers a lot more reliability. Check out Dataplugs to revise potential offers that fit you. They employ proper scalable solutions to accommodate both established and growing businesses. Calculate your needs before employing a proper web hosting solution to get the best service immediately.

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Loading times can affect the benefits of your website.


When we engage with a website, there are a few things we immediately notice. Among these things, the load time and speed of the website may be the first aspect that becomes clear to us. Load time, otherwise referred to as load speed, is the time it takes for a website to load and display all of its contents. The lower your load times, the faster the whole website will show up.

Potential clientele that visits our website are no different, they will immediately note the loading times of the website. If the loading times take more than a few seconds it’s unlikely they’ll stick around. This goes double if the website has multiple pages one needs to enter and load separately. The whole process of exploring your brand will feel very cumbersome, making it more frustrating than convenient. Bad load times make it almost impossible to retain a decent amount of reoccurring users who wish to engage with our website, making the website itself tank in rank. Bad website experience could also affect our reviews on other media, with people complaining that our services are frustrating to get a hold of. It’s important to get your website to a decent load speed, otherwise it’ll end up being a detriment to our business. Make sure to check your current load speed by utilizing tools online that measure load times.

Our IP may get a bad reputation


Every website gets a unique IP address. This IP address is the way your network is identified among many others online. All of the data exchanged throughout the web can be traced back to its origin. This process will eventually reach the IP address from which data was sent. Usually, you won’t have to bother with this aspect of having a website but it does have one big concern that could affect the prominence of your website. This concern is that your website will be blacklisted. What blacklisting does is that it hampers our website’s discoverability, dubbing it suspicious and potentially harmful.

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The way a website gets blacklisted is usually due to malware and other harmful software originating from its location. While some websites actively spread this troublesome data, it’s also likely that some of our customers could activate them on accident. Spam mail and other malware can be activated with just a few misplaced clicks while causing a lot of damage to the user’s computer as well as our website’s reputation. The responsible services will locate our website’s IP address as the source of this troublesome software, potentially blacklisting us and most certainly harming our reputation.

Clearing the reputation of a website is difficult and can be quite pricy too. Make sure to properly secure your website to evade these issues and maintain a proper reputation. The web hosting service you are using should have some potent protection on their end as well. Their service should be up to standards of cyber security, otherwise the possibility of hackers abusing our information becomes a very real danger.


The web hosting services we employ can make or break our business’ online presence completely. To make sure they won’t come back to bite us we should take ample time checking what we need and which service can provide us the best experience for our money. The ability to scale up our operation be it on a shared server or a dedicated one should be present as well, it makes sense that we would enhance and expand our online presence once the whole business starts to grow. Load times and overall performance should never suffer or impair customers’ experience because this can easily lead to those same customers giving up on accessing our business’ online spaces. These are all aspects that can be fixed or prevented by being aware of the potential issues. We hope the above article has properly educated you with all the necessary information to keep you one step ahead of any potential troubles.

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