Top 6 Graffiti Wallpaper Designs Ideas in 2024

How many times have you stood in wonder while looking at a unique presentation painted on the wall of a building in your neighborhood? Now, expand the boundaries from the neighborhood to the whole town, and you will notice how street art masterpieces slowly emerge your mind doing nothing else but mesmerizing with their unique styles and original representations. Now, imagine that you could have those pieces of art at your place, adorning your walls and enhancing your living space. Appears cool, right? Fortunately, it is as affordable as it is amazing, so read the list of top 6 graffiti wallpaper ideas for your place we have prepared in the lines below and figure out which one would be the best solution for your setting.

1. Street Style Mural Graffiti Wallpaper


There are numerous ways to adapt this particular wallpaper to a room, or you might even use it as a central piece of a particular space and adjust other elements according to its position. This solution can help you present your inner rebel without words, regardless if you would like to apply it in your living room, bedroom, or any other space you want to decorate with recognizable style otherwise reserved for outdoor application. It is of utter importance that this type of wallpaper is equally suitable for domestic and commercial spaces since it will draw curious looks no matter where you decide to place it. The message you would send with this piece can be ambiguous, but we are sure you will know exactly what to talk about when questions from friends and family about this unique graffiti wallpaper arise.

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2. Wallpaper Street Graffiti with Template Inscriptions


There are so many short stories echoing words of wisdom from the walls they have been put on by unknown graffiti artists. In most cases, the authors remain hidden, but the message lives on, at least until the wall gets repainted. Fortunately, if you prefer this type of street art, you can have it in your setting and customize the message you want to share with the ones you share your space with. Besides using some of the already popular inscriptions you can use your imagination and arrange your own thoughts to end up on your wall, backed up with some realistic street graffiti setting.

3. Street Graffiti Rock Music Wallpaper Mural


If you want to make your place look like it is a rock and roll haven, that you should consider this unique design. All you should take care of before ordering this piece is to have a flat surface where you would like to install this unique rock and roll mural. Besides being an ideal solution for enhancing your home setting, this street art wallpaper could be easily used to raise the general vibration of a cafe or a theme pub. One way or another, it will hint to your guests that you know a thing or two about quality music so they might not bother you with silly suggestions once you decide to throw a party.

Whether graffiti wallpaper or graffiti wall mural examples or any other form of street art is what you especially cherish among indie interior decoration, we advise you to check for additional info.

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4. Banksy Flower Thrower


There is hardly a better way to make a statement than to consult contemporary artists. Fortunately, some of them share their projects with the whole world free of charge, but the chances you would be able to see them all without devoting seriously to the endeavor would be practically impossible. That is why we have Banksy, an already famous graffiti artist who does not stop to amaze masses across the globe. One of his most popular works is the Flower Thrower, a graffiti that captures the essence of today’s conflictual world but also offers a solution. Having this amazing street art accomplishment on your wall would change the energy of any space for the better, whether you intend on modifying the interior of your home or your workspace.

5. Mind Control Poster Wallpaper Mural


We have already talked about template inscriptions, but this type of street graffiti wallpaper sends an utterly different message from the one mentioned earlier in the text. Namely, the form of Mind Control poster wallpaper mural is everything but a templated message. Moreover, you can see segments of the industrial era and steam-punk style working together to shape the saying we should all be aware of. Thus, it is up to you to figure out where this amazing piece would serve its purpose most ideally. If you ask us, we would enjoy sipping our first coffee in the morning surrounded by wallpapers of this type, but we would not have anything against if we would switch the cup with a glass of fine red wine. What about you?

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6. Retro Classic Car with Graffiti Wallpaper Mural


You do not have to be a fan of a particular car model to put it on your wall, especially if you come across a model such as this one. Besides an astonishingly represented old-timer, what you would get with this sort of street-style graffiti wallpaper is the 3D effect which you might utilize to expand the space of a peculiar room where you would place it. Yet again, the application of this particular graffiti depends on your wants and needs, since it can either be used to decorate a regular wall at your home or you could use it to make things more interesting at your workplace setting. Whatever you choose, we reckon you will be satisfied with the results.

We are not sure if we helped you make up your mind, or if we did completely the opposite with numerous suggestions mentioned in the lines above. Whatever the case might be, we certainly hope that you have found what you were looking for. In the end, there is nobody that can stop you from decorating multiple rooms, whether your home or your working environment is in question. Oh, well, let’s just say they can try! Jokes aside, but every single one of the aforementioned street art graffiti wallpapers bears a dose of unique energy with it, so whatever you do make sure you use that energy the right way.