How to Safely and Effectively Power Wash Your Wood Deck

Similar to any other area of your property, you need to maintain the wood deck regularly. This is the only way to boost your comfort, but it is also a vital step you have to take to prolong the deck’s lifespan. Surely, you invested a lot of money into purchasing everything and installing it.

Now, there are several tasks you have to complete, but in this article, we will focus on only one. That’s right. We are talking about power washing. Here is everything you need to know about it if you want to turn it into a DIY project. On the other hand, if you believe it is better to leave it to professionals, we will also tell you how to choose the best company.

Should you hire professionals?


This is the most common question homeowners have. If this task seems too complicated for you, or you simply don’t have enough time to complete it meticulously, you should employ a cleaning company. They can provide you with numerous services, and you can learn more about them on Now, the trick is finding the right company. Naturally, you need to look for the one from your area. For example, if you are from Dublin, focus your search on power washing Dublin companies.

Moreover, you need to investigate their service, ask them about their experience, and read comments posted by previous customers. These will tell you everything you need regarding how the team does their job, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction. Lastly, do not forget to inquire about the price. Every company will inform you about the estimated cost based on the service you choose and the size of your deck, so make sure to obtain this information before officially hiring them.

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Tools you will need


First things first, let us provide you with a list of tools you will need to complete this task successfully. Naturally, a pressure washer is at the top of the list. Now, you can invest some funds and purchase this tool. Yes, it can be quite costly, but the truth is that you can use it all around your property for different tasks. However, if you don’t want to buy it, you have two options. You can rent one or borrow it from someone, or you can hire professionals. It is up to you.

Furthermore, you will also need a random orbit sander, sandpaper, and deck brightener. As you can assume, you will use these after cleaning the area to protect it from future damage and restore its original beauty.

Safety tips

Before we begin with our step-by-step guide, we need to give you some safety tips. You may not know this, but a power washer causes thousands of injuries every year. These occur because people do not know how to use this piece of equipment properly, and also because they do not wear appropriate clothing. To minimize the chances of hurting yourself, you need to read the instructions carefully and learn how to operate this machine safely. Then, when it comes to clothing, you should wear sturdy shoes, long pants, and don’t forget to get goggles. Also, you should wear any jewelry.

Prepare the deck

What do we mean by preparing the area? Well, the first thing you have to do is move everything from the deck. We are talking about bulky pieces of furniture, but also decorative items, especially the ones you can easily break. You need enough space to work. Even though this may seem obvious, you would be surprised to learn how many people skip this step and usually end up making a mess.

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Upon doing this, it is time to sweep the area. No, you should not use the power washer immediately, but instead, make sure to clean the leave, dust, and debris first. This way, you will minimize the mess and also be able to see if there are any spots affected by mildew. Obviously, these deserve extra time and effort.

Adjust the machine’s settings

Now, when it comes to this step, you have to consider the type of wood. Soft woods, such as pine, should not be treated with high pressure since the water can damage them. Clearly, this is something you want to avoid. Due to this reason, you should look at the manual once again and see what the lowest effective pressure is. What’s more, you should test it in a small area of the deck to be certain that you have chosen the right settings. If you don’t notice any damage and if the power washer is doing its job perfectly, you may start the cleaning process.

Apply the solution


If your deck is brand new, and it isn’t too dirty, you can skip this step if you want to. However, if there are dark spots caused by mildew, you will need to use a deck brightener. Make sure to purchase the right cleaner, that is, the one created for your type of wood deck. All you have to do is pour it into a power washer and start cleaning. The machine will mix it with water, and therefore, create the perfect solution. Nevertheless, you need to learn how much product you should use to get the best result.

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When it comes to using a power washer, you should be careful with it. This is essential not only because of your safety, but you also need to distribute the solution evenly. Because of this, you need to ensure that the wand is at least 6 inches from the surface, and you should go with sweeping motions.

It is time for sanding

Now that your deck is pristine, it is time to complete the final task. Depending on the overall condition of your deck and the success of power washing, you have two options. Firstly, you may only need to sand certain spots of the area, and this shouldn’t take you too long, and all you need is sandpaper. On the other hand, if you need to sand the entire deck, you need to use a random orbital sander.