5 Crucial Points To Know About Artificial Turf

Artificial turf carpet has many more advantages than natural grass. Synthetic grass has evolved over the years, replacing natural grass, and is very useful in terms of usage advantages. Artificial turf, which is easy to maintain, allows for many years of use. Football field, rugby, tennis, golf etc. synthetic turf used on sports grounds; It is also used in cafe, restaurant, garden landscape and balcony decoration. Below you can find 5 facts about artificial turf, which is widely used around the world.

1. Artificial Grass is Long-lasting

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Using the same product for years will make you profitable in the long run. It needs additional maintenance costs such as irrigation, fertilization and mowing. These costs will be higher than what you would spend on artificial turf in the long run. Here, maintenance costs are very low. Also you will not have to deal with costs and works such as fertilizing and mowing.

After the artificial turf has been laid, it hardly needs any maintenance. Time-consuming gardening such as mowing the lawn, sprinkling the lawn, fertilizing and scarifying is no longer necessary. The imitation lawn only needs to be brushed up and leaves removed from time to time. This saves a lot of time.

It is an ideal alternative for busy people who do not have time for extensive garden maintenance, but still do not want to do without a green lawn. It is also the better choice for older people and people with physical limitations. With gardening, of course, there is also no need to purchase garden tools such as lawn mowers, trimmers and sprinklers.

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2. Unaffected by Weather Circumstances

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One of the biggest disadvantages of natural grass used in football fields in general when we think; it is affected by weather circumstances such as rain and snow. At the same time, the colors of the natural grass turn yellow in sunny weather and the natural grass cannot preserve its green appearance for this reason. Thanks to strong synthetic threads, artificial turf is very resistant to bad weather conditions. However, the same cannot be said for natural grass. This situation limits the use of natural grass and leaves natural grass behind artificial grass.

On the other hand while on the natural grass field an average of 1 training is done per week, on the synthetic turf field training can be done every day. The easy application of artificial turf maintenance allows training on it every day. It is necessary to water, mow and fertilize the natural grass at certain periods. This prevents frequent use. To eliminate this disadvantage, choosing artificial grass carpet will take you one step ahead.

3. Can Be Used In Many Areas

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Artificial turf carpet can be used in many areas; synthetic grass carpets suitable for use in areas such as garden landscaping, balcony arrangement, all sports floors, artificial turf construction. It would be best to choose the best artificial turf product according to the project and get professional support from an experienced company such as Integral Turf. This company has a wide-range artificial grass models that they own has been manufacturing.

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Also it has been exporting them to all around the world therefore this company has an international reputation in this industry. If you are really interested in its offers and services, you can contact them easily. Also you may want different color grass looks in the garden landscape or sports fields. However, since artificial grass can be painted with different colors, it has colorful designs.

4. Easy to Apply to the Ground

One of the most important works to be done in artificial turf application is the preparation of the existing ground. In order for the synthetic grass to be used to look healthier and more beautiful on the ground, our ground must be suitable for it.

5. There Is No Harm

Although there are hesitations about the products whose raw material is petroleum, there is no harm in using artificial grass carpet. In other words, you can use artificial grass on all floors with peace of mind. It is useful to give only the following information. In order to prevent the formation of bacteria caused by incorrect applications, we recommend that you seek support from a specialist company. The reason for the formation of bacteria is due to incorrect applications.

What Are The Most Crucial Advantages That Artificial Turf Offer Us?

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At this point, the differences we have listed below are the most common differences.

  • Artificial turf does not require extra care. Natural grass requires watering and resting. It deforms over time.
  • Natural grass looks more lively than artificial grass because it is natural. But this vitality is not at a very high level.
  • Artificial grass can be used for decades, the average life of natural grass is 5-6 years. This is achieved by thorough maintenance.
  • Artificial grass is artificial, resting etc., so its maintenance not necessary.
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The differences between natural grass and artificial grass can be listed in this way. The preferred type of flooring is mostly artificial turf, especially in commercial carpet pitches, neighborhoods and schools, as it is durable.

Why Artificial Grass Should Be Preferred Instead of Natural Grass?

Natural grass is a simple plant that affects us with its visual aspect that we are willing to want to see in many different and diverse areas of our lives. However, as you are able to see from the title, natural grass has started to lose its popularity day by day. Therefore, different alternatives were sought and artificial turf was found instead. As you know, when natural grass is exposed to sunlight in hot weather, it dries out and its color fades.

When natural grass is not watered, it soon disappears. However, this does not apply to artificial turf. Artificial grass does not need irrigation. Only in sunny weather, synthetic yarns soften a little, and in this case, it will be enough to cool the artificial grass. Liters of water that would be spent for natural grass will not be spent for artificial grass. That’s why artificial grass is very advantageous.