5 Different Types of Stoves & What to Consider When Buying in 2024

Equipping your home with all the necessary furniture, appliances and devices is both an interesting, fun project and a difficult, challenging endeavor. You are never quite sure in the choices and even if everything looks well there might be a lingering feeling in the back of your head that you should have gotten that other one. Homeowners know exactly what we mean.

One of the rooms that require the most care and investments is the living room. Apart from being the centerpiece of every household considering how much time family members spend inside it and how crucial it is to every family member’s happiness, comfort, and wellbeing, all the different things that make up an average living room have to come together and offer a satisfying experience. When we stop and think about a modern design, a stove is not always on top of our mind, but it really has to be.

Heating bodies for homes come in numerous different types, shapes, and sizes, but nothing really beats an open fire like stoves offer you. If you cannot or do not want an open fireplace, this is the next best thing as well as a cleaner and more practical solution. If you are in market for a brand new stove, you came to the right place. This article will help you decide which one to get among the different types and teach you exactly what to consider when buying one. To find out more and browse a great collection of models, make sure to check out Stoves4Life.

Different Types of Fuel

When choosing the best model for your home, it all comes down to the type of fuel you wish to use in your everyday heating needs. According to this feature, there are several different models and we will explore them in greater detail further below. Apart from the fuel you will use, there is not much else to talk about. The design and size are some of the most common things people browse when shopping home elements, furniture, and other devices, and you will probably go with the rest of your living room décor there. It serves no purpose to further elaborate on the matter of design, size, and color, but move straight onto the important thing and talk about the fuel.

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1. Wood Burning Stoves

Source: heritagefireplaceshop.com

The classic type of fuel that has been used for providing heat to people’s homes for thousands of years is wood. It will probably always be in use as much as it is now because it is renewable. Firewood comes from specific tress that have been planted to be cut down and used as fuel, and new ones are constantly being planted. Affordable enough for almost everyone, it is always a good choice. Therefore, if you are already using wood for something in your home, it would be a smart decision to purchase a wood-burning stove. They are made completely from metal, usually steel or cast iron. Cast iron looks better and holds heat for longer, but is also more expensive. The burn chamber is larger since you need more room for the wood, and the chimney should be too much trouble to install.

2. Gas Heating Stoves

Source: valorfireplaces.com

Gas is the second-most used fuel in the world and an obvious choice for your heating needs. However, the stove models burn propane or natural gas instead of pieces of wood. There is far less pollution produced as a byproduct, and it is cleaner to use gas than wood. Management is overall quite easier. Two models exist, ventless and with direct vent. In general, the models are somewhat smaller and easier to place around the living room because they do not need large burning chambers. Chances are you are already using gas in your homestead, so why not buy a stove that also uses this fuel? There will be less installation needed and you will be on familiar turf.

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3. Electric Heating Stoves

Source: charltonandjenrick.co.uk

In case you do not want any additional fuel in your home, electricity is always the answer. These models are practically electric heaters that replicate the look, feel, and vibe of traditional choices. No gas, wood, or any other gimmick. Simply plug it in and enjoy the warmth it provides your home with. A simple outlet will do, and they are portable enough to move them around the home when necessary. This is the biggest benefit of electric models because it is easy to turn it on when you are just slightly cold, especially in transition periods between the seasons. When it comes to the appeal and design, the fire inside looks marvelous and nobody will really know that it is an electric device.

4. Pellet Stoves

Source: houseaffection.com

The final type of fuel you can use in your new stove includes compressed wood and biomass. Instead of regular chopped wood, gas, or electricity, these models put in pellets into the hopper which then feeds in into the burning chamber. The mechanical system inside means that you will need electricity to power it, meaning this is sort of hybrid machine that combines the use of burning and electricity to work. If you generally have a lot of biomass from your property or other things that can be used for burning and producing heat, feel free to give such a stove a choice in your home.

5. Multi Fuel Stoves

Source: heatcraft-anglia.co.uk

Last but not least, there also exist stoves that combine a few of the aforementioned fuel types. Wood and pellet stoves are the most obvious ones since the same action happens inside the chamber. Some modern varieties may even run on either gas or wood, or wood and electricity. Most of such stoves will set you back quite a few bucks because they are usually top-tier models. Still, they may be useful in some situations more than the ones that only rely on just one type of fuel.

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Conclusion and Takeaways

Lucky for you, there is a lot to consider and choose form when shopping for your next stove. The choices are wide but as mentioned, it is all about what you will be using as the source of the heat. Think about your situation and what would make the most sense and the decision will be easier than ever!