5 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Business COVID-Secure in 2024

No one could have predicted a similar situation in which, unfortunately, the whole world found itself. Before we became a little more informed about COVID-19, the virus began to spread greatly. Numerous lives have been threatened, some have lost the battle with this persistent pandemic, but many have fought back. On the other hand, the state authorities tried to successfully balance between the pandemic and the functioning of the state, because almost every segment was hit hard. However, your business must not shut down and lose the battle.

Although a lot has changed, you must not give up. This primarily refers to the way of communication and most things have been moved to the online platform. Of course, this doesn’t have to be bad at all, but even a great platform to grow your business. However, the most important thing is to continue towards your goal, regardless of the impact of the virus. And also not all businesses are able to work online. Some just have to be brick and mortar. Anyway, don’t worry, you will succeed in this if you take all the precautions.

1. High level of personal hygiene

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So we all know how to wash our hands properly. This procedure should be repeated as often as possible and should take about 20 seconds. It is also advisable to use soap or disinfectant, depending on the situation in which you and your employees are. It is best for each person to have a bottle of disinfectant or alcohol with them. It is important to mention something else and that refers to touching objects. It is necessary to reduce this to a minimum and to do it only when it is necessary. This refers to touching the lock and similar objects, but even then it is necessary to pay attention.

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Use the outside of the hand when possible, to touch the buttons on the elevator, light switch, etc. Try to inform your employees as much as possible about the ways in which they can move freely and how to use their hands. Some doors can be pushed with your elbows or legs and you can use that and similar methods to reduce the probability of contamination of your fingers. Keep in mind how much the average person unknowingly touches another person, and during a pandemic it is a very serious matter. Avoid handshaking, and wearing a mask and gloves is very important form of prevention.

2. Disinfection of items

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Apart from the fact that touching objects should be kept to a minimum, it is really necessary to hold some things in your hands, such as a phone or a laptop. What we can do in that case is to take care of them as well as with our own hands or at least in a similar way. This refers to regular disinfection and it is ideal to do it every day when you come to work or when you use them for the first time. Of course, the process needs to be repeated every time you suspect that you have placed the device on a surface that you are not sure is relatively recently disinfected.

3. Physical distance

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To make sure you are out of danger, it is best to keep your distance. Therefore, it would be good to minimize all physical contact between employees with respect to previous and other precautions. Therefore, it is recommended to keep a distance of at least one meter if possible. It is very important that people apply this outside the company’s premises such as canteens, shops, etc. However, events or meetings that involve large gatherings should not be organized. If this is extremely unavoidable, an online meeting can always be held.

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Meeting with clients is an integral part of the work of many companies, but in this situation it is not good to do this. However, if this is really necessary for reasons known to you, it is important that you remain responsible. This refers to avoiding enclosed spaces such as restaurants, and choose an outdoor space instead of an indoor one. And only few people should attend those kinds of meetings. Also, disinfect your hands often, before and after coffee. It is best to disinfect your desk as well if possible.

4. Awareness


Every successful company should have guidelines that employees will follow. This way you stay organized and consistent with safeguards. This applies to all specific guidelines that will allow safe operation during the virus. To implement this it is very important that you have good communication with your employees. All you need to do is share with them all the important information about health and safety at work. In addition to being instructed in all means of protection, they should be equally aware of the risks arising from COVID-19.

Of course, in addition, they should be provided with information on changes in procedures, equipment, methods of operation, key findings when it comes to risk assessment, etc. On the other hand, employees should have the opportunity to ask questions and present their ideas or concerns. In that case, the best solution is to visit lecturers or trainings.

5. Keep in mind the vulnerable group of employees

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When we say this we mean people who are already at great risk for several reasons. For example, this applies to people who belong to a more vulnerable group such as pregnant women. Of course, besides them, there are also people with chronic diseases or some other health conditions. Then it is very important to know how to manage risks because there is no one solution for everyone. However, there is one universal thing that can serve you for these purposes.

These are some tools that have proven to be very important in the fight against this virus. For example, if you include tools for air cleaning in your work environment, you have already done half the work. Then you will be less worried about those who have a higher chance of getting infected because you will contribute to a healthier environment. Visit ecois.co.uk and learn more about virus air cleaners and which filters you should use to successfully eliminate coronavirus.


In order to better maintain your business, you need to stay informed and use some of our tips. They will surely help you achieve much more with your business and employees. If you keep everything under control, there is no room for panic. We hope that we have helped you cope with this situation as well as possible and continue to move towards your business goal.