10 Common Myths About Locksmiths – Busting the Myths!

More than a few myths about locksmiths have withstood the test of time. Many people view locksmiths with an air of mystery about them because they have a hard time understanding what they actually do for a living.

These myths have remained for generations partly because Locksmithing is one of the few trades that has not gone extinct. So its longevity is partly responsible for fueling these myths.

In this post, we expose 10 long-held myths about Locksmiths, and we unravel them one after the other so the reader may clearly understand who locksmiths are and are not.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in. Here are the top 10 myths about locksmiths or locksmithing in general created together with the help of the guys at Aventura Locksmith, click here to pay them a visit.

1. I Can Do What a Locksmith Can Do

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This is the first myth we want to look at; the myth of indifference. Many people don’t understand why a group of people would want to earn a living working locks and keys when it is something everyone can do, so they think. They just assume they can do what a locksmith does for a living as it is not a big deal; however, this is untrue.

Everyone can’t offer the services locksmiths render because they require training and special skill sets to perform. Secondly, they require operating licenses and tools, which most people don’t have.

2. Their Services Are Expensive

Many believe that locksmithing services are quite expensive, so they consider it a luxury rather than a necessity, but this should not be the case. The industry is quite competitive, with little or no price regulations. While one professional will charge $100 for a service, another may charge $150 for the same service. Overall, locksmiths offer a fair price for their services which are often affordable even to low-income earners.

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Besides the low price, they also offer intangible benefits like not damaging your doors or windows when working on them and causing you less stress by getting the job done on time.

3. They Take Time On the Job

This is another myth that has no root in truth. Anybody who spends a long time picking a lock or rendering any locksmith service is not a top professional but a quack or a fresh graduate of the training school. It is true that some services are complicated and take some time to complete, while others can be done in minutes; however, overall, locksmiths finish jobs in record time. You don’t have to wait hours to gain access to your car or house if you hire a professional locksmith for the job.

4. They Copy Keys

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This is one myth that causes many homes and car owners to panic. They believe that locksmiths copy all the keys they cut for customers, so they have a spare to keep. Copying keys is not a standard practice of the trade; some locksmiths copy the keys they cut, while others do not. As a property owner, the only way to absolutely prevent your keys from circulating is to buy restricted locks that use unique keys that cant be duplicated.

Most locksmith value their reputation and will not keep a copy of your key without your authorization. But if you still think that your locksmith may have copied your key, then it’s time to report him to BBB or even better local law enforcement.

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5. Picking Locks Is The Same Way It Is Done In The Movies

If you watch many movies, you will find many movie characters picking locks with two long pins, but it is not as easy in real life; if it were, no one would hire a locksmith. There is more to picking a lock; some locks are high-tech and require more than pins.

Don’t believe us? Just go to Youtube and check the LockPickingLawyer. There are actually some quite advanced locks that are very hard to pick.

6. They Will Ask Me To Invest In Lock Protection

Those who are paranoid wilt assume that after installing a new lock, the locksmith will advise them to invest in a lock protection facility to prevent their lock from getting picked. This is not the case, and here is why? Only very few people can pick locks because it takes a lot of training that most don’t have. That is why a locksmith will not recommend a lock protection system.

7. Licensing Equals Trust

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That a locksmith has a license doesn’t mean he can be trusted. This is one pervasive myth that has landed many in trouble. There are good and bad people in every profession, and it doesn’t matter whether they are licensed or not. A dishonest locksmith will act dishonestly even with his license; that is why homeowners and car owners are advised to properly vet who they hire. Asking for references and reading reviews about their services are two ways to assess a Locksmith’s trustworthiness.

8. They Only Pick Keys And Fix Locks

Locksmiths only pick keys and fix locks? Although lock fixing and key picking are two services they render, locksmiths can do so much more. They install security systems, provide repair and service and do security consulting for their clients, among other services.

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Most locksmiths are also quite familiar with smart home devices, such as the August Smart Lock, Ring, or other similar brands.

9. They Don’t Offer A Free Quote

Some clients believe that locksmiths will never offer a free quote over the phone or even expect to be paid a consulting fee before they present a quote, but this is false. A standard practice in the industry is to offer potential clients a free quote for the specific service you require

10. They Keep Customer Keys

Source: lockpickworld.com

Locksmiths don’t keep the spare keys of their customers unless the customers ask them to for emergency reasons. After cutting your keys, they will hand them over to you, so none is left in their care.


So there you have it. The 10 biggest myths about locksmith and us busting them. There is a lot of misconception about locksmiths. Hope this article gave you some better insights.