Optimize Your Vaping Setup for Flavor Chasing in 4 Easy Steps

You might think that question has an obvious answer, but we didn’t ask why you started vaping. That question does have an obvious answer: You started vaping because you hoped that it would help you quit smoking. In other words, you started vaping for the nicotine.

So, here’s the more direct question: Why do you still vape? Why do you still go to Simply ELiquid or another vape shop week in and week out, buying vape juice and coils, even though your addiction to nicotine isn’t nearly as strong as it was when you were a smoker, and you probably could quit entirely at this point if you really wanted to?

Flavor is the reason why you vape. The nicotine made it possible for you to quit smoking and switch to vaping, but it’s the flavor that keeps you coming back. Why, then, do you focus your effort on getting bigger clouds out of your vaping setup? Since flavor is the thing that really keeps you vaping, you stand to get much more out of your vaping experience if you focus on flavor chasing instead – and, as it turns out, that’s surprisingly easy to do.

How do you optimize your vaping setup for flavor chasing? It’s as simple as following these four steps.

1. Find an E-Liquid You Love

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The single most important aspect of flavor chasing is that, before you even consider getting started with tweaking and modifying your vaping equipment, you need to love the e-liquid you’re using. Optimizing your vaping setup for flavor isn’t going to turn a sub-par vape juice into one that you can’t put down – it’s only going to accentuate the flavor that’s already there. If you don’t love your e-liquid, in other words, chances are that optimizing your vaping setup for flavor chasing will make you like that e-liquid even less.

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So, if you don’t think that your current e-liquid is just about the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted, don’t even bother tinkering with your vaping hardware. Instead, you need to start experimenting – and keep experimenting – until you’ve found the vape juice that’s perfect for you.

2. Get a Vape Tank With a Mesh Coil

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In this article, we’re going to talk about two different types of vape tanks – mouth-to-lung tanks and direct-to-lung tanks. Both vaping styles have benefits and drawbacks, but the one thing you need to know is that, regardless of the type of tank you ultimately end up using, you need to get a tank with a mesh coil. Mesh vape coils are simply so much better than traditional wound vape coils in every conceivable way that it’s silly not to use one.

For flavor, the main benefit of mesh coils is that the high surface area, even heating and excellent wick-to-wire contact combine to produce a vapor with a small, consistent droplet size. One of the biggest problems with traditional wound vaping coils is that they produce a vapor with a very large droplet size that gives the vapor a “wet” character in the mouth and makes you feel like you’re drinking your e-liquid. It’s not a particularly pleasant sensation, and it’s completely alleviated by using a mesh coil. Regardless of whether you ultimately choose a MTL or DTL tank for your flavor chasing setup, you need to be using a mesh coil.

3. Consider Switching to a Mouth-to-Lung Tank

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So, what type of tank is ideal for flavor chasing? We’ll start by making the case for a mouth-to-lung tank. When you use the direct-to-lung inhaling style, you do get enormous clouds. If your tank produces enormous clouds, it’s using a lot of e-liquid – and more e-liquid, in theory, should mean more flavor. The problem with DTL vaping, though, is that most of the vapor rushes past your mouth and into your lungs so quickly that you can’t actually taste it. With MTL vaping, on the other hand, the fact that you hold the vapor in your mouth before inhaling it means that you’ll taste it much more vividly.

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If you’ve been vaping for a while, there’s a good chance that you started with a simple MTL setup like an eGo e-cigarette with a refillable clearomizer. Today’s MTL tanks, though, are nothing like the little plastic tanks of the past.

They produce substantially bigger vapor clouds and are far more satisfying than you might assume. If you buy a modern MTL tank and increase the nicotine strength of your e-liquid from 3 mg to 6 mg, you’ll experience plenty of flavor along with a very assertive and enjoyable throat hit.

In addition to the obvious flavor chasing benefits of using a mouth-to-lung tank, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of using a coil that operates at a lower wattage. Namely, you’ll use less e-liquid each day, and you’ll get better battery life out of your vaping device.

4. If You Prefer Direct-to-Lung Vaping, Reduce Your Tank’s Airflow

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Although MTL vaping has plenty of benefits, it’s not for everyone. Maybe you’ve been using a direct-to-lung tank for so long that you simply can’t imagine using anything else. You don’t want to change your vaping style; you just want to get the best possible flavor out of the equipment you’re already using.

If you want to optimize a DTL tank for flavor, the first thing that you need to do is start using a mesh coil for the reasons mentioned above. If a mesh coil isn’t available for your tank, it’s time to buy a new tank. The next thing you’ll want to do is partially close your tank’s airflow collar. Try closing it halfway and adjust from there.

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Why would closing your tank’s airflow vent improve its flavor quality? The reason is actually quite simple: Air doesn’t taste like anything. Therefore, it does nothing to improve the flavor that you experience when you vape. With a fully open airflow vent, your tank isn’t set up to produce the best flavor – it’s set up to generate the biggest possible clouds. By closing the airflow vent and reducing the wattage of your vaping device slightly, you’ll get slightly reduced cloud production but will experience much fuller flavors.