Best Free PC Games for Short Play Sessions

Looking for some free PC games that provide the perfect escape during those all too short lunch breaks at work? While taking even a 30 minute break away from your desk can help recharge your productivity and creativity, simply scrolling social media or staring at your phone may not actually let your mind reset.  Playing a quick game on your computer during lunch though can transport you to another world and mind space, allowing you to return to work refreshed and recharged.

From relaxing management and puzzle games to immersive RPGs and adrenaline-pumping shooters, there are many free options to fit any interest or mood. Whether you have 10 minutes or a full hour for lunch, these PC games can provide a mental vacation. Read on to discover the best free PC games to download and play at Gametop.

Sailor’s Stories Solitaire

Get ready to set sail on a mesmerizing journey of card-matching and seafaring tales in the highly addictive game, Sailor’s Stories Solitaire. This unique solitaire experience blends the classic gameplay you love with an immersive narrative that unfolds with every card you turn over. Transported to a world of pirates, treasure islands and thrilling naval battles, you’ll find yourself hooked from your very first game.

As you progress through challenging levels and uncover hidden strategies to win, the stories woven into each match come to life. Tales of daring captains, mysterious islands and long lost treasure chests unfold before your eyes, infusing the solitaire gameplay with imagination and wonder. Beautifully drawn cards featuring naval themes capture the spirit of adventure, while soothing sound effects whisk you away to the rolling waves of the open sea.

Mastering the skill of solitaire has never been so rewarding. With every level you clear, another piece of the broader narrative puzzle falls into place. Secret passages are uncovered, ancient maps revealed and long lost lovers reunited – all as you conquer each solitaire match. Powerful card combos and strategic thinking are crucial tools in overcoming the unique obstacles in each game, propelling the stories ever forward.

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Silver Tale

Embark on an epic journey full of magic and mystery in the charming RPG, Silver Tale. As a young alchemist, you must explore a stunning fairy tale kingdom, solve intricate puzzles and battle ferocious monsters in your quest to restore peace and order. With beautiful hand-drawn animation, an immersive narrative and plenty of creativity along the way, Silver Tale delivers a memorable gaming experience full of wonder and adventure.

Step into the magical world of Silver Tale and you’ll find yourself transported to a place beyond imagination. Explore vibrant landscapes filled with castles, forests, mountains and magic – all brought to life through gorgeous 2D animation. Meet quirky characters, fight fierce beasts and uncover the secrets of the Silver Forest as your adventure takes shape.

Along the way, you’ll collect numerous artifacts and potions to aid you in your quest. Using items found in the game, you can craft powerful elixirs and concoctions to overcome obstacles. Unique abilities and upgrades allow you to develop your character and find new ways to solve puzzles and combat  enemies.

One of the most charming aspects of Silver Tale is the ability to customize your own castle as you progress. Choose from a variety of styles, decorations and themes to make the castle truly your own. Decorating your castle not only provides a creative outlet, it also unlocks secret areas, adventures and rewards!


Fancy fish tanks are all the rage these days, and this beautiful game lets you design and admire your own. Aquascapes offers a  Zen-like puzzle game with peaceful sounds where you arrange plants, corals, fish and other decorations in your aquarium. The procedurally generated environments mean it never gets boring.

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Aquascapes perfectly captures the zen and serene nature of aquascaping with its minimal yet beautiful graphics and ambient sounds. The procedurally generated layouts ensure each gameplay session feels novel, providing the perfect  mindfulness practice to recharge your mind during your break from work.


This cute simulated fish tank is another calming game perfect for a lunch break. Feed and care for colorful tropical fish as you unlock achievements and tasks. Fishdom includes mini-games that add variety and gameplay beyond simply arranging decorations in your tank.

Fishdom gives you everything you love about fish tanks without the hassle. Care for your fish, upgrade your tank, and complete various tasks like catching fish and feeding parasites. The adorable graphics and animations paired with the serene aquarium  sounds will have your mind feeling rested in no time.

The Rise of Atlantis

Take control of an Atlantean tribe in this beautiful real-time strategy game. You must build settlements, gather resources, form alliances, and raise an army to help your civilization rise from the depths of the ocean. The Rise of Atlantis offers hours of strategic gameplay and an immersive backstory at no cost.

The Rise of Atlantis provides the perfect amount of  strategic challenge for a lunch break. Build up your cities, manage resources and research technologies as you wage war against neighboring tribes.  The gorgeous graphic design brings the mythical world of Atlantis to life. Save your progress and return right where you left off when your break ends.

Brickshooter Egypt

This classic brick breaker gives an Egyptian twist with pyramids and hieroglyphs. The physics-based gameplay of breaking through walls of bricks with a limited number of balls makes it highly addictive. Brickshooter Egypt includes powerups, different ball types, and multiple game modes and ball trajectories for variety.

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Brickshooter Egypt combines the simple, addictive fun of brick breaker games with an Egyptian theme. The unique setting provides plenty of visual variety as you unlock ancient treasures and battle Egyptian bosses. Quick 2-3 minute rounds make it a perfect game for a short lunch break.

Alien Shooter  Transport yourself back in time to the 2D side-scroller shooters of the 1990s with Alien Shooter. You play as a sci-fi commando taking down hostile alien creatures on various planets. The game provides over 30 missions, different guns and power-ups, boss battles, and online leaderboards to compete with friends.

Alien Shooter channels the golden age of 2D shooters with challenging gameplay, tons of weapons and upgrades, and epic alien bosses. The short missions can be completed in 10-15 minutes, spacing out alien shooting action during your lunch hour. Unlock new weapons to modify your playstyle and score bragging rights on the leaderboards.

Those are just a few of the best free PC games you can download now to easily pass the time during your lunch break at work. I hope you find one that fits your interests and helps give you a mini escape from the office!