5 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong In Call Of Duty Warzone

Call Of Duty Warzone is another in a series of battle royale titles. One of the biggest advantages of this game is that it’s basically free to play – and that’s a big plus. Many consider it one of the best battle royale games in history. The truth is, Call Of Duty Warzone had a perfectly timed outing – and created an initial euphoria among the players.

However, after a while, some players started to despair because no matter what they did, they failed to overcome obstacles. Maybe you’re doing something wrong? Don’t give up. Just follow the rhythm of the game – and we will point out 5 things you probably do wrong when playing Call Of Duty Warzone.

Popularity Call Of Duty Warzone

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In the environment of failed and declining battle royale game titles – Call Of Duty Warzone arrived like it was pre-ordered. It is not at all surprising that in the first few days, this game gathered over 30 million players, who couldn’t resist its charms. Yet if you devote enough time to it – Warzone will inevitably reveal to you some tricks of experienced players – and point out to you the obvious flaws and incomprehensible omissions that some of them make.

Precisely because of the numerous mistakes players make – it is often not likely that any novice will achieve the success of some of the predecessors. However, this doesn’t jeopardize the popularity that Call Of Duty Warzone has gained everywhere – even on YouTube.

About The CoD Warzone

The game is based on the latest, somewhat gloomy – but still well-received game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. What you need to know is that this sequel is significantly improved over the previous one. Automatically, you get access to all the weapons and accessories they’ve already unlocked in MW’s standard online modes. However, you won’t be deprived even if you don’t have the money to buy – or have no interest in the classic CoD experience.

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Warzone is, of course, completely free and purified from any pay-to-win schemes. However, it will cost you huge amounts of disk space. The download has a little over 100 GB, and the installed game is around 165 GB. What can we tell you? Cheers!

How To Play And Avoid Mistakes?

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There are things you need to know at the outset. Luckily, you can get pro tips and practice your skills on places such as legionfarm.com. However, some things you need to learn yourself. Namely, this game is basically for the online way of playing, although it’s not emphasized anywhere. However, you won’t make a mistake if you experience Warzone as an additional online way of playing Modern Warfare – which can comfortably appear in the menu for selecting online games, in addition to other games of this type.

However, not everything is free then. Instead, here Warzone has been assigned a separate category within MW’s main menu – probably to physically separate it from the rest of the game, the one worth paying for. So how do you play and try to avoid the most common mistakes? Pay attention to some things you probably do wrong, and try to avoid such mistakes.

Master The Basic Components Of Battle Royal

This is very important and is the most common mistake of beginners who have not had experience with games like this. However, if you have previously played battle royale games on an online platform or you are familiar with the topic – it will not be difficult to catch the strings. Also, you can try to master the basic components of battle royal as a subgenre of first-person network shooters. As a brief reminder, you need to know the following:

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The battle is being fought on a huge map, covered with small towns, stadiums, hospitals, warehouses, docks, military bases, quarries, hills, and valleys, and tangled roads and loops. It will not be easy for you, but it can be mastered.

Choose The Right Way To Fight

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Once we open the Warzone category, there are three ways to shoot action: BR Quads, BR Solos, and Plunder Quads. BR Quads is played in a four-member team, in BR Solos you are definitely a solo player and obviously, alone – and in Plunder Quads you go back to teamwork, but conceptually there are no points of contact with battle royale options as before.

The next very important thing you need to know in order not to make a mistake during the shooting ecstasy – is that you have to change the way you play at an early stage of the game. That means you have to pay attention to whether you are solo or in a team. If you don’t follow the game and get carried away – you can easily get lost and make a mistake.

You’re Jumping Right Into The Fire? It Can Be Wrong!

Most players prefer to get involved in the action right away. True, this can sometimes be a good tactic, but not always. So be careful and avoid the most common mistakes like lack of weapons and ammunition. You need some time for that before you go into battle. Therefore, if the enemy is on the roof, for example – try to go down to the foot of the building and rob the interior for the weapon before launching an attack.

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Do You Have A Lack Of Cash?

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Having cash is almost as important as having weapons and ammunition. Ultimately, without cash, you won’t even be able to buy some of the components you need to reverse the fight. Just like in life, without money, you are doomed to a short life – and you certainly can’t afford any of the boosters you will need in battle.

You Don’t Know How To Increase The Level Of Health

If you want to make up for lost health – the game gives you that opportunity. However, if you do not know how to do it, it is all in vain. You don’t always have to buy boosters for something like that. Players have the option to pick up armor plates and replenish them to continue the fight.

The Bottom Line

When you know where you are wrong, the game becomes a little easier or at least better understood. Also, practice and prior knowledge give you a slight advantage over those who are not versed enough or are playing Call of Duty: Warzone for the first time.