The Evolution of Modern Gambling and Online Casinos

Online casinos are here to stay, and they’ve been around for a while now. Would you believe us if we told you that it all started on the island of Antigua and Barbuda? It did. This small island country was able to grant people licenses for online casinos. It all came to existence thanks to the law called the Free Trade & Processing act in the mid-90s when rarely thought that such heights we have today were possible. The Isle of Men is the next stop. At the same time, another monumental event occurred there. You’ll see how all online ambling was associated with islands one way or another. The first establishment of this sort as such was born there tanks to the good people from Microgaming. While in most parts of the world people were getting used to computers, and Internet was a thing of the future, the first online casino came into existence. Of course, it wasn’t anything compared to what we have today but it was the start.

Another founding member of the first casinos was without a doubt was the company named CryptoLogic. While it’s not associated with cryptocurrencies, as there was no such thing back in 1996, it carries a cool name that resonates heavily even today. It was the first company that dealt with real money transactions across the world wide web. While all of the above is quite normal these days, it was revolutionary in the 90s and it’s where online gambling was born, and where its evolution started. The next step was breeding, and we’re going to see how the evolution of modern gambling and online casinos came to be.

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And Then There Were Websites

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The next big step in the evolution of online gambling was the appearance of multiple gambling sites that provided fun and entertainment to their players. It didn’t take long for them to grow in numbers and that people notice all the advantages they can have this way. Everything was new and exciting and people were flocking towards them. We could say that online casinos developed side by side with the internet. Internet was taking the world by storm and online gambling platforms rode the wave. In only a few years since the inception of the first gambling website, there were plenty more and competition was all of a sudden stiff.

The competition brought out the best in these websites and so the quality and the diversity of games increased and welcome bonuses became a norm. Considering how far the technology and internet have come, and with the development of various software and hardware for online casinos, this branch of business has certainly risen to a whole new level. Today some of the world’s best websites belong to the gambling industry, and one of the unique and modern real money online casinos can be found if you click here. This industry has come far.

The Path to Mobile Casinos and Live Dealer Games


As we said, online casinos haven’t stopped going forward for a day. Following the trends and the rise of the Internet and various other technologies it adapted to all of them and even aided progress. Thanks to the development of super-fast internet and cameras, people were able to experience a real casino experience while playing at home thanks to the live dealer experience. While most people are satisfied with new and improved graphics, sound effects, and everything casino programmers put effort into, there are still those who enjoy having a live dealer in front of them. Today’s casinos are modern in every sense of that word, and most of them include live dealers as part of what they bring to the table.

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While live dealers and all novelties that came with modern online casinos are without a doubt great and improved this world, the one thing that made a breakthrough is mobile phones. Yes, smartphones change our life as we know it in all imaginable spheres and gambling is no different. Today, most phones are as strong as the best computers and laptops. This is what makes them ideal gaming platforms. Today’s gamblers want their favorite games on the move. Playing while commuting, walking to a bar, in nature, far from home, anywhere you want to is possible today thanks to these little gadgets. Most casinos today optimize their websites for mobile phones. What’s even better most of them offer a free app designed for smartphones which makes playing even more enjoyable and easier.

What The Future Holds


As you see, online gambling went a long way to become what it is today. A quarter of a century of experience guarantees only good things in the future if the past is anything to judge them by. You have seen how quickly casinos adapt to each piece of the new tech available. Once there was internet and first computers, there were online casinos. When both of these things advanced so did the casinos. They followed it each step along the way. With new phones and powerful cameras, casinos came through with mobile gambling and live dealers.

Considering how the world is slowly shifting to virtual reality ad artificial intelligence it is only a matter of time when casinos are going to have AI dealers with humans using VR devices to make them feel as if they’re sitting inside of a casino. This is a future that is not too far away, and for players who enjoy games such as poker where it is essential to see your opponents, this will soon become a norm.

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Final Thoughts

Technology and online gambling are good friends. After all, they have been walking together for so long. We can only expect that the boundaries of what we know today are going to be vastly pushed tomorrow and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can only sit back and rejoice when it happens. Considering how things went about so far, we are for a good ride in the next few years.