Is There Any Difference Between Online slots and Online Pokies

Let’s first clear something up, and when we say pokies, we most surely don’t think about the popular online game based on combining the game with the real world, where, in augmented reality, players catch and train various characters in real places. Far from that, it is about the casino game and whether there is any difference between online slots and online pokies.

As many already know, no matter what new game casinos invent, it will never beat the slots, and it seems like these simple yet way more impressive machines will always remain as one of the most popular casino games. But, what about pokies, and how come so many people haven’t heard of this casino game? And, on the other hand, how come that those who know what pokies are cannot find it in so many casinos throughout the world? Many people have various opinions, and some of them are convinced that these are two entirely different games, while others think that they are similar but have different rules. Well, in order to make it clear, let’s start from the basics and have a look at why slot machines are the most popular casino game, and everything else will fall in place.

Slots are easy and fun


Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games around the world because of many reasons. One of them is for sure that rules are pretty simple and easy to learn even if you are a beginner. They are usually the first game that someone chooses to try their luck for the first time in the very first visit to the casino. Besides land-based casinos, this game has its place in the online ones too, so it is possible to enjoy it from every place on the planet. The other thing that is adding to their popularity is the number of different variations you can choose from, and they all have one important characteristic – playing them is simple.

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The game itself is fast, and there is no need to wait and make unplanned pauses while the other player is on the move since you are the only player. And on the other side, slot machines have the best payout percentage, which can go up to 98% in some casinos. They often offer you bonuses when you sign up to the online casino and also during the game, which can be helpful when it comes to the losing strike that is impossible to avoid all the time.

In the end, maybe the most significant reason for their popularity is that they provide too much fun for their players, and that is something that all of us are looking for once we enter the online casino. Of course, there are slots that have some more complicated rules, but, even then one can easily find a way around this game since when you have some previous knowledge, everything else is just an addition that can only improve the overall gaming and gambling experience.

When did pokies turn up?


For more than a century now, people from New Zealand and Australia call slot machines pokies, and there is a pretty simple explanation as to why is that the case. Namely, it all started with the five-reel machines and the intention that these new machines replace the already widespread use of 3 reel slots. As you may think, this caused a lot of confusion since they were way too complicated and much different. Some time was a need so that people would adjust, learn these new rules, and accept the change, and it is then when the name pokies first appeared. Things haven’t changed since then, and this name is still popular in the land down under.

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The only difference is the name


Many people get confused when they are searching for their favorite game in a casino in another country. Some of them are sure that what they are looking for is not in the casino offer, but the fact is that they are just not looking for the right name. Since slots are so popular, many countries have different names for them, and there are also many variations of one game, so it can be crucial to inform yourself well before searching to avoid checking the whole offer. Like in any other aspect of life, proper research along with reading user reviews is a must. For those who want to play their favorite casino game in Europe, the most popular name is a slot, and it is an English word. Besides that, another English world is making a confusion, and it is pokies, but you should search this word if you want to play in Australia or New Zealand. Sometimes you will hear the nickname “one-armed bandit” that also refers to the same game. The nickname is popular for the mechanical slots because of the way of playing – they are played with one hand, and the bandit is because of the opinion that the machine is stealing money from the player. Another nickname is “fruit machine” because of the first and the most popular game, where you need to connect the same fruits to win the money. If you travel to Scotland, the term you should know is “puggies,” while for a trip to Japan, that term is “pachinko,” and it represents the combination between pinball and slot machine.

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In the end, it is all about etymology and how people from other countries can easily make a mistake when searching for some game in the casino from a different part of the world. What’s more important is how awesome slot machines are, how much fun they provide and how much money one can easily earn while playing them. All that is the reason more why the name shouldn’t be an issue since no matter if someone calls them pokies, slots, or something else, the main thing is that you find the game you are looking for. That is why those who want to start playing the most popular game of chance should definitely visit, and who knows, maybe that different name makes you fall in love with slot machines once again, but this time you will call them pokies.