Different Types of Slot Games Available Online

Slot machines have always been the most popular gambling game out there. It’s equally popular with offline and online players. That’s because the game is easy enough to learn and play and you can earn quite a lot from it if you’re lucky and know what you’re doing.

There are a few different types of slot machines out there and the first step is to know and understand the difference between them if you want to choose the right machine for you.

How to Choose the Right Type of Slot for You?

According to AskGamblers.com slots guide (https://www.askgamblers.com/gambling-news/blog/types-of-slot-machines/) the first thing to do is to be familiar with different types of slot machines. You’ll also need to know how the differences between them affect your chances of winning and how they fit with your style of gameplay. Once you know that you’ll need to figure out what kind of risk vs reward relations you want and can handle.

All of this combined can help you make a call on which kind of slot machine to use, but it also remains to be rectified with your own playing style and attitude towards risk.

Classic Slots

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This is the oldest type of slot out there but it’s no longer the most common. It’s also known as three-reel slots since that’s how many reels it comes with. They were once all the rage in Vegas and they led to the popularity of the game, that’s now so ubiquitous.

The main downside of such a slot is that it has a small number of reels and therefore a small potential of winning combinations you can get. This decreases the amount you can win. That’s why such ones have gone out of style over the years.

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Five Reel Slots

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Five Reel slots first came to be in the 80s when they were called video slots since they had a screen playing a video of the reels rather than the actual mechanism. They obviously have five reels and therefore a better chance of winning a higher jackpot.

These slots have also been replaced by more modern and more complex gameplay. However, they are the beginning of the slots that we know now and therefore they are more similar to modern slots than to the first mechanical ones. They can still be found in rare and small gambling establishments.

Six and Seven Reel Slots

They are somewhat different from the others on our list since they are very rare. They have been tried after the invention of five reel slots but they were strange to set up and line up and soon the technology went in a different and more complex direction.

Since such ones are rather rare they have become an important collector’s item that is most noticeable because there are few such slots in good condition. No casinos use them to actually be played but there’s a market for them online for personal use.

Progressive Slots

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Progressive slots are a different type of slot, not because of how the reels are organized but because of how the wagers contribute to the final jackpot. Each of the wagers that you make goes toward the final jackpot that progressively increases with each wager that the players make. Hence, the name of the game.

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This means that the more you play and the more others play the bigger the winnings get. That way you can start playing right away and benefit from the input that everyone else has made before your turn.

Interactive Slots

They are one of the biggest developments in the area of slot gambling and one that has changed the whole approach to gameplay. It combines the gameplay of slots with multiple reels without actually having a physical reel to talk about. This is the type of slot used to play online.

They also have bonus stages that allow you to earn more or multiply your winnings. It’s important that you learn beforehand how to activate the bonus stages so that you’re ready for them and you know how to take advantage of them once you open them.

Virtual Reality Slots

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Virtual and augmented reality is the most recent innovation in the field of online gambling. That’s because the industry is moving away from on-the-ground casinos and instead the VR and AR are supposed to emulate the look and feel of the casino. Until recent technology wasn’t there yet, but new innovations are made that allow for it.

These slots haven’t yet found their place in the day-to-day life of many players but now that the tech is there, the casinos will make a big push for it and we can expect that to happen soon. The gameplay will be the same.

To Sum Up

There are six main types of slot games you can play online. These are divided based on how the reels work or how the bet works. It’s important for a player to be aware of these differences and to choose a slot that suits their gameplay and their approach to betting.

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It’s also useful to be aware of how the jackpots are made and compiled so that you know how much you can win and how much the wagers that others have made affect you. There are also ones that operate in VR and that work the same as the ones you can play in person.