4 Most Popular Bluffing Strategies in Online Poker

For the most part, and over several centuries, gambling has not really changed that much. In its very core it has remained true to the original formula for hundreds of years. All it takes is to read a western novel, watch a movie, or read something fact-checked about the Wild West. Back then, most of the games we play today, both in casinos and online, were exactly the same. Whether it was card games or roulette, the iconic classics were as popular and as challenging as now. As the laws and regulations changed around them and as technology brought upon change after change, what has always remained the same in the gambling were the games themselves. This also means that the general approach to playing them is quite familiar as well.

A Different Set of Skills

The casino game which is most famous for how serious and challenging it is certainly has to be poker. As a part of the big three of classic games including roulette and blackjack, poker is known all over the world. While video poker varieties and many modern online takes exist now, the regular model most gamblers are familiar with is still king. This has to do with the culture surrounding it as well as the demeanor of the poker players sitting at the table. Not everyone can play at a high level as it takes a lot of practice to be good at it. It takes even more to continuously win more money from it than you invest. However, this is true for many other games.

What truly separates poker from the rest of the pack is the bluffing. An integral part of the game to be sure, it still takes skill and strategy. A good overall bluffer does not equal a good poker buffer. If your bluffing game could use a bit of work and if you suspect that you are not showing off the right vibes as you play, stick with us as we talk bluffing strategies. More importantly, in this article we talk the most popular strategies that will make you a better poker bluffer. Make sure to keep on reading in order to find out more, and check out australianonlinecasinosites.com for some of the best online casinos where you can practice your poker skills.

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About Bluffing

The act of bluffing is described as trying to deceive someone to your intentions and abilities. It is similar to pretending or faking something, but there is more to it than just acting out a scenario that is not true. Bluffing in real life is similar to bluffing in poker, but this gambling game took it a step further and made it an art form. During a game of poker, the cards will not always come your way. However, if you let the platers know this, they will realize that they (or other players) have better cards than you. Combined with following which cards have already been played, the opponents could figure out what you have and change their strategy. You must not allow them to do that. And the only way to prevent them from figuring out if you have good cards or bad cards is to bluff.

Finding yourself in a difficult situation is the bread and butter of poker. It is a game that does not forgive and that cares little about the money you are losing or the emotions you are going through. It is these emotions that must never be shown during the game if you want to win. When you get new cards, you have to maintain a presence, or else the others will suspect something and probably figure out what you have. Have you ever wondered why the term ‘poker face’ exists? It has to be important if the whole attitude and expression recall the popular game. It is important and the following strategies will help you become good at it. Trust us, it is much more beneficial than you ever believed. The strategies may seem hard at first but all it takes is a few tries before you get the hang of them.

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1. Stealing the Blinds Strategy

Source: pokernews.com

Let us start things off with something simple. The easiest way to quality bluffing in poker is to steal the blinds more often than you generally do. The best part is that you do not need a good hand to do so, as all there is to it is having the right type of players in your blinds. If there are players who do not fight back often, if they are tight, and they are in your blinds, raise and do not fold. This simple bluff tends to get through quite a lot and it wins easy pots. However, it is a good strategy in the long term too.

2. The 3-Bet Light Strategy

Source: pokerjournal.org

Raising again before the flop more often than you normally do, and with hands that are not that great, is known as the light 3-bet. This is another bluff that you do against tight players who prefer not to fight back. The best time to reach for this bluff is when they raise around the button or in a blind vs blind fight. This is when the players are weak and when you should re-raise them.

3. Bluff Raise the Turn Strategy

Here is a more advanced bluffing strategy that you should try to employ. It is done when somebody tries to double barrel you, or when they continue betting on all scare cards. It is done with flush and straight draws, or two overcards. It forces the player who is double barreling you to have a strong hand in order to succeed. It is hard to have a really strong hand, especially in Texas Hold’em, making this bluff strategy quite effective. Check the WTSD% before you try to play this in online poker.

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4. Double Floating the Turn Strategy

Source: pokertube.com

Here is a defense bluff strategy that you only do in a certain situation. The fourth bluffing strategy we have for you ins tore here is a little bit more advanced. A double float in poker is when you call somebody’s bet on the flop, and on the turn. Low and mid stake poker usually has players who attempt to do two, but not a lot of them have what it takes to do this. What you do is bluff on the river when they check and take it down. Players do not usually come at you three times, only two, so use it.

Conclusion and Takeaways

As much as it is about skill and experience, poker is also about bluffing. Nobody can win in this amazing card game without knowing exactly what to do in each situation. Since there are numerous types of scenarios that can happen to you, you have to prepare for all of them. Learning how to bluff the right way and practicing these four strategies will surely take your game to a whole new level and make you a better poker player.