Betting Live vs Pre-Game Betting – Which is Better

Sports betting is one of the most interesting activities that can bring solid earnings to the gambler. Although there are various systems for estimating the probability of a certain result from a sports match, the two basic options are popular for betting – pre-game and live.

The first, as the name implies, means that there are fixed odds, which apply until the match starts. In the second case, the bettor pays live, ie during the match. But during the match, the odds change, according to the course of the game.

Both options are really interesting and are a big challenge for bettors. At first glance, one can not say which is better or in what way it is right for someone to bet. Both live betting and pre-game betting have certain advantages and disadvantages. All the rules and possibilities are available on betting services and online casinos like

Live Betting – Definition

This happens during the game and the bettor pays his bets at every favorable moment, which he considers to be correct. At this point, it is very important to know that live betting is different from in-game betting when changed odds are available for betting during halftime or longer breaks.

But for now, although similar, this is treated as a different activity from live betting.

How is live betting done?


The bettor watches the match live, but at the same time changes the odds. You need to react as soon as possible because sometimes things change in a few seconds and by the time they pay, the odds may not be the same.

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This way is interesting for those who want more dynamism and challenge, but also to anticipate rapid changes in the situation and get monetary gain because of it.

Sometimes, to do this, they had to watch a match in a betting shop and hurry in front of other players, so as not to miss the desired moment. But things got a lot easier when online bookmakers came along, so the reaction can be really quick and meaningful.

Advantages and disadvantages of live betting

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to choosing a live play, the advantages are:

  • You can listen to your intuition and rely on what it tells you.
  • The activity is really challenging, exciting, and fun.
  • With a small investment you can make really big profits.
  • You can turn the numbers in your favor.
  • You can be sure that the outsider can actually be the winner.

But let’s not forget the negative sides:

  • Too much excitement can distort your estimates.
  • Disappointment can come very quickly.
  • You can become addicted to this adrenaline rush and spend a lot of money on live betting.

Pre-game betting – definition

This method of betting is perhaps the easiest for most bookmakers. It works with fixed odds, which are valid until the very beginning of the match. The bookmaker has the time and right to pay no later than half an hour before the match starts, but in some bookmakers, this rule is not so strict and they accept it even just before the players go out on the field.

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How is pre-game betting done?


The player browses the books and chooses their favorite matches, so you can bet on them. You can put more of them on one ticket and increase the possible profit. But playing a game and predicting the outcome is also a popular way. You can find out more games on

Advantages and disadvantages

Quite unexpectedly, in this situation, we are talking about both the positive and negative sides of this type of sports betting.

These are the pros:

  • Sometimes it is really easy to predict the outcome of a match.
  • You can plan your activities in advance.
  • The books are available to you all the time and you have enough time to analyze them.
  • You can make seriously high profits.

Disadvantages of pre-game betting:

  • If things change contrary to your predictions, you do not have time to change your mind.
  • It is easier to get frustrated by bad forecasts.
  • You do not have many options for rethinking.
  • Losses can be large.

Which of the two options is better?


At this point, as you can see, both have advantages and disadvantages, and only you can judge which is better for you.

More experienced bookmakers know how to plan their expenses in such a way that they have a sufficient budget for both. They skillfully combine both pre-game and live betting and get the most out of any situation.

We all know that the initial predictions and odds are not always like that until the end of the game.

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If you know how to make good and fast decisions based on the change of situation and you also want a lot of excitement, then for you definitely the best choice is live betting.

But if you want to play calmer and more focused, without wasting time watching the game and getting upset about it, choose pre-game betting.

Many experienced bookmakers have a strategy that involves both approaches and even in-game betting at half-time or between quarters.

However, no one can tell you what is best, except when it comes to obvious scams that are harmful to your wallet. It is good to be able to find the balance yourself and make betting a fun activity that will not cost you much money.


Every option offered to us is worth considering and considering. You can try them all to figure out which one suits you best or study them theoretically and stick to your initial decision. Some people work that way and they are just as good at what they do as those who prefer combined betting in their strategy.

Therefore, the best choice is to know the facts and options and to decide for yourself what suits you best and which way would bring you more profit.

So, let’s hope for the best, and that you are able to make great decisions.