7 Fun Things to Do and Clubs to Visit in Melbourne in 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic put world travel to an end for a year, and the tides have changed with major cities opening up. Life is going back to normal, and the first thought that clicked your mind, dear reader, is travel. Melbourne is at the top of the list of cities you should consider visiting, and why? Melbourne is the capital city of an oceanic state in Australia, and with it comes great civilization, a populous and busy city with a lot to do during holidays.

Whether in winter or summer, Melbourne is a city to go to for high-end life, celebrities and affluent people looking to have fun and that means you can never really be bored and go out of options in entertainment. The city has been named Australia’s Cultural Capital in Southern Victoria with Modern architecture, good food, live music, and amazingly incredible things to do. So if you want your money’s worth in fun, here are a few things and places you should try out.

1. Visit Federation Square

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As a cultural city, Federation Square is the hub of creativity and artistry not to be missed. It hosts more than 2000 events that include exhibitions, performances, cultural festivals, fashion shows, and concerts in a year. It offers a variety of Melbourne’s best cuisines, its galleries present the best art, and around it, you will find the Yarra River and a great view from St Paul’s Cathedral steps.

2. Crown Melbourne Casino

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For gamers and gamblers, this is one of the best gaming sites in Melbourne, with a vast parked arena with good food and music. Alongside having the best cafes and restaurants, it has the best shopping retails in the city.

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The casino area has acclaimed restaurants like Rosetta for Italian dishes and Nobu for Korean and Japanese Fusion. It also hosts high-end events that cut across the year, and the accommodation facilities are world-class.

3. Beach up at St Kilda

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You can do this with friends, family or by yourself. During summer, this is the perfect place to find good sunrises and sunsets, feel the sun, and walk on about 700 Meters of this beach that is a classic Australian beauty.

To top it all, the finest restaurants in Melbourne are located in St Kilda, and it hosts European cake establishments. In addition, its surroundings are places of electric energies for nightlife and high-end fashion with Chapel St and great designers in town such as Allanah Hill.

4. The great experience at Queen Victoria Market

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This market is the largest Australian open-air market in the southern hemisphere and has been around for about 140 years. The market is famous for local and international tourists with reasonable price tags attached to almost everything. It is filled with cultural wealth, and you have to experience the varieties of good food, fashion, and products purchased in this town. If you are the kind of person who likes to collect art pieces to remember, the Queen Victoria Market place should be in your travel plan.

5. Sightseeing in zoos and animal reserves

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Melbourne city is filled with art museums and zoos that are of great attraction. I cannot start to explain its depth; it’s magnificent! We have the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium along the banks of River Yarra as one of the best travel spots in the city. With striking displays of penguins and how strikingly beautiful these animals swim.

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We have a world-class Melbourne Zoo, and it’s one of the oldest zoos in Australia. It has more than 320 species of animals and birds to be admired, and one of its highest highlights is the Butterfly House that houses a significant number of tropical butterflies that fly all over.

The Heide Museum of Modern Art is a great attraction filled with art that covers the incredible history and translates to modern art pieces. As a traveler, if you are looking to add to your collection, this may be a great stop if you are in the city. And don’t forget the National Gallery of Victoria.

6. Enjoy sunsets and sunrises from a hot air balloon.

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This comes in handy if you haven’t experienced an incredible sunrise before, I promise you it’s worth every penny. Take a risk and enjoy nature as the cold air and the darkness of night unfold into the most beautiful sights of adventure. The soft morning light from Yarra River and port Phillip bay will be an experience never to be forgotten. The sunsets are equally incredible to welcome the night.

7. The nightlife and Clubs

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I saved the best for last; I mean, who does not enjoy a good night out filled with good company, good food, and unlimited drinks. The nightlife is admired and looked forward to by many besides, and many times we all want to hit the floor and dance our busy lives away. So, if you are in Melbourne or planning to visit, here are some clubs to visit.

  • Revolver Upstairs, also known as revs, will treat you to good soul music and a party time hosted by international DJs, and the fun is never-ending; each day has a special thing on Rev’s floor.
  • Angel Music Bar is a great place to be for all kinds of music in the city. Other DJs play different music in different parts of the club all at a go; how great is that.
  • Sub Club is a basement club also known as Laneway Flinders Court. Its location is underground and offers the best in the city. Its sound system is one to be reckoned with, I dare say.
  • The color club offers a night life more than any other as its venue carries a bit of history. Back in 1835, it was a church that developers later turned into clubs in the 1900s, and since it has played host to many clubs, it’s their names that keep changing.
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Did I mention it’s legal? Well it is.

Of all the most extraordinary destinations globally, you should consider Melbourne among your first travel destinations and have fun, learn and enjoy every great culture.