Why Electric Cars Are Better Than Fuel Cars?

Electric cars are undoubtedly becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Tesla is one of the most profitable companies in the world, and that is hardly an accident. The question is, are electric cars actually better, or is this just a trend? And, if they are better, well, what makes them better? Why are many companies beginning the production of electric cars even though they’ve been a household name in the regular automotive industry for a long time? Well, let’s find out!

They’re More Affordable

At first glance, this statement sounds like a pile of absolute rubbish. You can easily go out and buy an old, used fuel car for under $1000 and have it run pretty good for a few years. As you can expect, this can’t happen with an electric car. There is no way you can get an electric car for that much money.

However, what we have to remember is that electric cars aren’t budget vehicles. They’re in the same range, quality-wise, as some of the latest and greatest regular automobiles, and when you compare those two, you happen to notice a trend of electric vehicles being more affordable.

As you know, this is hardly the whole story. Every vehicle requires maintenance money, and this is a category an electric vehicle absolutely dominates compared to their ICE-powered counterpart. You don’t have to pay for gas, oil changes, smog tests etc. Furthermore, electric automobiles come with a lot fewer moving parts, making them a lot less probable to break down. It is quite common for an electric vehicle to go years without any problems, keeping the money in your pocket.

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They’re Eco-Friendly

There has been a lot of debate about this particular issue, but the bottom line is – electric cars are simply better for the environment. You could argue about batteries all you want, but just the absence of tailpipe emissions is enough to make an electric vehicle numerous times more environmentally friendly.

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Many don’t seem to realize just how important this is, but the fact is – our planet is in critical condition, primarily because of fossil fuel emissions. Electric cars not contributing to that is much more important than we are willing to admit.

They’re Convenient To Fill-Up

Once again, this has been a debatable stance, mainly because there aren’t many electric charge stations across the world, and most electric cars can’t go a long way without a recharge. An average e-car can be driven around 180 miles, which is more than two times less than a median range for a fully tanked regular car.

But according to Applegarth, a company that is installing EV charge points, across the UK, electric cars are quite easy to recharge and they don’t spend as much as gas vehicles.

However, just how often do you need to drive 200 miles in a single sitting? Not that often we’d assume. So, why wouldn’t you just plug in your car over the night and have it fully charged and ready to go in the morning? There’s no need for you to stop at a charge station – just do it at home.

Also, even if you forget to do it, with only a few minutes of charge, using the chargers that you can find on electriccarcharger.ie website, you can juice up your car more than enough for you to get to work, or wherever else you might need to go.

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They’re Powered Using Renewable Sources

Once you burn the fossil fuel – you’re done. There is no magical way for you to get that some fuel back. On the other hand, using electricity to power your vehicle is not only more affordable, but it is also better for the environment. Most of the electricity nowadays is generated, to some extent, through renewable sources. To top things off, if you are someone that has invested in solar panels – you could virtually charge your car for free, using the energy of the Sun.

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They Can Drive Themselves

Autopilot is a feature that is no longer a thing of the future. There are several EVs nowadays that can drive themselves while you simply sit in front of the steering wheel and do anything else. Just imagine having all that time to yourself. If your job commute is a 45-minute trip in one direction, you’d virtually be getting an extra hour and a half each day to do whatever you want to do.

Prepare for a meeting, catch up on the news or your favourite show, or possibly even take a nap. If the technology continues advancing at the same pace as it is nowadays – we’re sure you’ll be able to sleep on your way to work without any worries whatsoever.

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They’re Safer Than Fuel Cars

One of the main concerns about EVs was always safety. People have wondered whether these are safe to operate, both manually and on autopilot, whether they’re likely to catch on fire, get hacked etc. Well, none of these should worry you.

In most cases, electric cars perform much better during safety tests compared to traditional vehicles. For example, if you take a look at the Model X from Tesla, you’ll see that this vehicle has passed the safety test with flying colours. It literally got the perfect score.

They’re Low Maintenance

We’ve mentioned this when we were talking about the cost to buy and run these vehicles, but we feel like we should really highlight just how affordable these are to maintain.

First of all, EVs are less likely to break than traditional cars. Primarily due to the fact that there are much “simpler”, meaning there are fewer parts that could go faulty. Regular check-ups and services are virtually non-existent. There’s no oil change, the breaks last longer – everything’s better.

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The only significant maintenance-related cost would be battery replacement, but in most cases, you should be more than able to get more than 100 thousand miles out of the battery on a newer model. Granted, battery replacement won’t be cheap, but when you factor in the gas price – you quickly realize just how much money you’ve saved over the years.

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As you can see, there’s no room for debate here – electric cars are simply better. They’re the vehicles of the future, and the sooner you realize that – the better for you.