Why Incorporate Video Wall Technology Into Presentations?

This technology has taken so many industries by storm, but why should you incorporate video wall tech into your presentations?

If you’re not sure of the answer, you’re in the right place. At DEXON, we ensure that you have all the information you need before investing in complex equipment. Through this, you can browse DEXON’s stock of AV technology with confidence, knowing you’re getting the best deal you can.

To help you decide on which technology you should invest in, we’ve created this guide to video wall technology and presentations.

In this article, we discuss what video wall technology is, and seven reasons why you should incorporate AV systems into your presentations today!

What is video wall technology?

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Before we get into the specifics, let’s quickly discuss what this technology is for anyone who isn’t already in the loop.

This technology refers to the systems used to operate and control a video wall. A video wall is a collection of monitors used in collaboration to display one or multiple coherent images. You can think of a video wall as one giant screen that can isolate snippets of information.

These walls vary in size, from 2×2 all the way to 144×72. The main control systems current in use are controllers, video processors and matrix switchers. These systems are responsible for processing input and output signals, generating effects and arranging content on monitors regardless of their size and arrangement.

With the help of video wall technology, users have the opportunity to transform seemingly two-dimensional displays into a high-production-value experience that turns heads and builds engagement.

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Seven advantages of incorporating video wall technology into presentations

Now that you’re aware of what this technology is, let’s discuss some of the advantages of incorporating this into your presentations. Here are seven advantages:

Increased engagement

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Fighting for your colleagues’ attention can feel like a losing battle sometimes. Don’t worry, it can be hard to compete for attention in a presentation, especially if your slot falls in the late afternoon when everyone is ready to shut up shop for the day. With the help of video wall technology, you don’t need to abandon all hope!

By using AV systems like processors, controllers and matrix switchers, you can incorporate an additional dynamic layer to your presentation, including effects like fading in, switching to sources and scaling that is bound to turn heads. This is a huge step in transforming a boring presentation into a cinematic experience.

Increasing your engagement in this way can help you build engagement around your product and business and can have a positive impact on your business development. So, it’s worth investing in video wall technology today!

Looks impressive

It might sound shallow to say this, but looking impressive does wonders for your business profile. By using complex video wall technology like processors, controllers and matrix switchers, you’ll present yourself at the cutting edge of the AV industry.

Doing this will convince interested parties like investors, clients and potential business partners that you’re not afraid of investing in your future, communication and engagement. These are attractive qualities for a developing business and can kick start your journey to reaching key development targets.

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Centralizes information flow

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Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of having our laptops out when we’re in a conference. Who can blame us? PowerPoint presentations can become repetitive and tedious after a while. One of the biggest problems with relying on multiple devices in this way is that the flow of information becomes clouded after a while. This results in disengaged employees that are more likely to make errors in their work.

By using video wall technology, you can centralize the flow of information while distributing huge quantities of information from a single place. This means that you don’t need to rely on email inboxes to do the hard work for you while you’re presenting. Multiple screens means you can display multiple snippets of information all at the same time, increasing engagement and keeping everyone’s eyes on your presentation.


Need a dynamic presentation for multiple events in the same week? No problem. One of the best parts of video wall technology is that they are incredibly flexible, allowing you to cater to your everyday business operations one day, and your next trade show the next. This multi-functional technology is customizable, so you can decrease the size and transport video walls wherever you go.

Video wall technology is also flexible in terms of use. You can use your video wall to stream web-based content in your office in one moment, and then use it for virtual conferencing the next. The world is truly your oyster with video wall technology!

Helps you reach wider audiences

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If you’re reading from a PowerPoint, presenting from a laptop screen or relying on a small interactive whiteboard for your company presentations, there’s a good chance that you’re alienating a significant portion of your audience. This dampens the message of your presentation and can diminish the number of people who are engaged with your business by a significant amount.

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By using technology, you can reach far wider audiences and build excitement around your business. With complex AV systems, you can produce high-quality and high-production-value viewing experiences that allow you to meet the demands of a greater audience. For example, you can integrate in-person and virtual attendees with the help of video wall technology.

In doing this, you can draw in far more investors, customers and clients that supercharge your business development and allow you to reach new heights!

Better communication

Communication isn’t always our first thought when we think of improving presentations, but communication is central to the success of any business. When presenting, you’re communicating information, so if your communication strategy is unclear or, dare we say it, boring, then your information becomes unclear and confusing.

With the help of video wall technology, you can delegate tasks and distribute critical company information in the exact same format to everyone. This minimizes the risk of misinterpretation and ensures that there is no ‘hearing through the grapevine’.

Bettering your communication in your presentation can maximize message absorption across your audience, making for a much more powerful presentation and reaping real results for your business.

That concludes your guide to AV technology, video walls and presentations.