What’s The Difference Between Master & Slave Chip Tuning Tools

Chip tunning a vehicle is nothing new, but many wonder whether it’s possible to do so at home or if they need to hire professionals in this field. Now, in order to provide the best answer to this question, we first need to go through the options available and the specific needs of a vehicle owner.

In general, it’s more than possible to do everything yourself, but whether this will be enough depends on your needs and goals. The first thing to clarify here is that there are two most popular chip tuning options,  but picking the best one for you might be difficult if you don’t know about their specifics and features. In addition, it’s preferable to have a basic understanding of what tuning is, so let’s first start from that and then get into details about the two most popular chip tuning tools, Master and Slave.

What is tuning?

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Let’s first start by explaining the tuning, so you can understand what it is and which type works better for your vehicle. It is known by the names chip and engine tuning, and it is done to improve the vehicle’s performance and add some power. Many people are convinced that tuning is possible only in professional workshops, but thanks to the affordable equipment, everyone can do it at home. Of course, having at least a basic knowledge of how to do so and even experience is recommended but not a must, especially today when there are some great how-to guides that can be of much help.

As for the differences between these two, a Slave Tuning tool basically means that someone uses the downloads and uploads of the software to the vehicle. That is why we have mentioned that you can do it at home, as this doesn’t require that much knowledge or even experience, and you can easily find software, as all that’s needed is finding the right chip tuning slave tools like the ones you can find at 24-7chiptuningtools.com. On the other hand, Master Tunning means that one can adjust and modify the software before installment, which gives them full control over that software, which can be pretty useful if one knows what they are doing.

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Namely, during this tuning process, the engine control unit is modified with different tools, and the most popular ones are the two we have mentioned above. So, now that we have settled that, let’s focus more on these two types and go over their advantages and differences.

Before we dive deeper intothe article, you should consider getting insurance for your car, you never know when you will need it and it is always better to be safe then sorry.


The final result is pretty much the same, and you will boost the car’s performance no matter which of these two types you choose, but there are many differences between master and slave tools. That is why the best way to help you understand both types is by focusing on their differences.


The first and main difference between these master and slave tools is their usage. While the first ones are made for professionals and require some special training, the second ones are great for home usage, and everyone can use them without any problem. Because of that, many people decide to buy slave tools, as their usage is not complicated at all, and tuning can be done at home without any help. Of course, it is necessary to have at least basic knowledge about vehicles and their engines and read the instruction manual, but they are perfect for car enthusiasts who want to do everything on their own without spending months learning how.

On the other hand, you can also write and read encrypted files with slave tools, but they can only be modified and adjusted by a specific master. Now, the trick here is that even though that specific master is a file provider designated when you bought the tool, it’s important to know that any slave tool can be transformed into the master one if you pay the difference or if the master approves that switch.

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Regardless of what some might say, the price always plays a huge role in our decision-making and is always one of the determining factors when we need to choose between two similar things, and, in this case, slave tools are usually much cheaper. If it is something that bothers you, and you want to pay less and achieve the same or similar result when it comes to vehicle performance, slave tools are the better choice. Besides the fact that they can be used at home without special and time-consuming training, their price is also much lower, which makes them much more affordable.

As for the final results, there is no need to worry, as the same results can be achieved with them as with master tools, but for far less money. Understandably, there must be a difference over which one is better due to the price, but that price-quality ratio shouldn’t be the biggest factor when you make this decision. As mentioned above, the results are pretty similar, if not the same, but in order to get to this point, having basic knowledge in this area is preferred.


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As for the range of capabilities that each of these tools can provide, master tools can offer much more capabilities and features. Now that is why the price of master tunning tools is much higher, as the variety of features and capabilities leave you much room to read, write, and adjust the software. Of course, that is also one of the reasons why they are used by professionals, which doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for this option, but in most cases, going with a slave chip tunning tool will do the trick.

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However, the features that slave tools can offer are enough for most drivers and car enthusiast who wants to modify their favorite vehicle at home. Regarding that, if you are not planning to do tuning professionally and need the equipment for home usage, slave tools can be the best choice, as you will be able to boost the performance of your car without any problem.