Things to Get in Order Before Selling Your Junk Car for Cash

Time is changing and so does everything around us. We are getting new and better versions of cars, mobiles and a lot of technology. As a result of this changing technology and modernization, we also live with them. So if you were having a 1999 model car, you won’t be using it now. But getting new things does not really mean that we will abandon the previous ones.

A lot of people cannot sell their previous things just because they have some attachment with them. For example, your father bought your first car and gave it to you as a gift. It was the latest model at that time and you really loved it. Now you have used it for quite a while. After a decade, you got a new car. However, the previous one is still in your garage. It would be difficult for you to sell it because it reminds you of that time. These memories are hard to deal with because we do not want to just forget them.

You can keep your things for the time. However, what if you have a car that has turned into junk? It is of no use to keep it now. Therefore, you should just sell them and get some cash.

You can sell your junk clunkers and get some money in return. It will give you a lot of space in your garage and also some money. You can get their contact information from

But wait,

Before you sell your junk car, there are some things that you should get in order. Even if it is just junk, some things can be useful for you. You can remove some parts if they are useful. Or if you are sure that you can sell them at a higher price, you can simply get them out.

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So here is a list of things that you need to check before putting your vehicle for junk.

1 – Give it a thorough check


Firstly, you should check the inside of your car thoroughly. It is possible that you put something inside but forgot. Afterward, you were too busy and never used it again. The valuables can still be there. Therefore, give it a thorough check. It is also possible that your personal belongings will be there. After all, it was your personal car. It is possible to keep your things in there.

Of course, you will go through the glove box. But make sure to check the CD player too. You can take out CDs and use them or resell them. Furthermore, the insurance documents and cards must be kept private. Therefore, you should get them out, if they are still there. You can visit for more information.

2 – Remove your license plate

This depends from country to country. There are certain rules in some countries that the license plate belongs to a person and must be with him. So if your country has any such rule, you should remove your license plate. If you do not do so, you will have to pay the fee again to get the new one. So why waste that amount?

Furthermore, junk station owners also check the car and if it is in good condition, they take it for a drive. So if they need to take it for the ride, they will use their license plate. No need to provide them with yours.

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3 – Contact different buyers


Once you are done with the checking, you should contact different buyers. They will let you know about an estimate. Not everyone will give you the same price. So if you want more money, you should do this. This is the best way to deal with such situations. Furthermore, now there are various junk stores that also work online. Therefore, it is quite an easy task to contact them and get a rate.

4 – Remove your insurance plan


It is not necessary that what you are selling is complete trash. If your car is still useable and you have insurance on it, you should just cancel it. This is something that people often forget because it is not in front of our eyes. We get insurance plans for years and we often forget about them unless they are needed. Therefore, if you are here and going through the list, you should cancel your plan.

5 – Collect vital documentation

After you finalize the buyer and the car is ready to be sent, you should collect some information. The salvage company will need some information from you. Be sure to visit 1800 Salvage to find out more about car salvage. These include,

  1. A valid identification picture
  2. The year of manufacturing
  3. Whether the car is functional or not
  4. If there is any identified damage
  5. The value book of your vehicle

The value book is something that you can get from the National Association of Car Dealers.

6 – Remove the remaining fuel from the tank

If your car has been in use and now you want to sell it, there will be some fuel remaining in your fuel tank. If the buyer wants to take it for the recovery process, he will remove all the remaining fuel. Therefore, it is better that you remove it before handing it over to them.

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But you have to use a pump to remove the fuel and fill it in a container. Because if you try to do it manually, there will be harmful fumes and it will be hazardous. Furthermore, you have to be very careful and take all the precautionary measures.

If not, you can simply ask some professional to do it for you.

What if you are getting a low price?

Junkyard owners won’t pay you handsomely, even if your car is in good condition. So if you know that some parts of your car will sell for a good price. You can remove them and sell the remaining car to the junkyard.