6 Common Mobile Phone Repairs You Can Easily DIY

We all can relate to the situation when suddenly our mobile phone drops from our hands, and it cracks. Smartphones have become a part of our life, and most of us cannot live even a day without them. So, it is heartbreaking for people to see any damage to their mobiles. It can completely spoil your mood for the entire day or until you get back your phone in the right condition. But there are times when phone repair is just urgently needed. rapidiphone.repair can help in this case in a short time.

It is not easy for people to replace their phones which have already invested a lot of money. Therefore, they have no option but to get their damaged smartphones repaired only. Sometimes, you have caused no significant harm to your phone, and that can be repaired at home only. This will save you time as well as money. This article will discuss some DIY mobile repairs that can be done easily at your place.

However, sometimes even the damages that look minor are not minor, and for that, you may need some skilled help. If you are also searching for some skilled help, then consider visiting screenfixed.com.au. They claim to provide you with the best quality services at a very reasonable market price.

Tools Needed To Repair The Mobile

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Whether you are going to restore a minor flaw or a big one, you must always have your tool kit ready. If a person doesn’t have these essential tools, it will be challenging to go for any DIY smartphone repair. Let us check out which tools are necessary for your tool kit:

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● Screwdrivers: There is no need to emphasize how vital screwdrivers are in every tool kit. But here, we are not talking about the typical screwdrivers that you have in your garages. Smartphones contain tiny screws in them, which can only be driven off with the help of specific screwdrivers. If you are not willing to buy some particular tool kit for this, then a PC repair kit would also work well.

● Unique screw heads: Regular screwdrivers don’t work on specially designed phones such as iPhones. You will find specially designed screws for such smartphones that have standard heads. Do not go for unauthorized repairing if you don’t have the same tools that are needed.

● Pry tools: One of the most necessary tools you will need the most is a plastic pry tool. Don’t worry; such tools come at a very affordable price. But what is used for? It is used to separate the mobile parts that are stuck together, just like a plastic casing.

Most Common Mobile Repair That You Can Do Yourself

1. Replacement of a shattered or a broken screen:

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Sometimes our mobile phones slip from our hands suddenly and get cracked or broken. It is one of the most common issues that every smartphone user has to face. But it is not necessary that you have to pay a hefty amount to get it repaired because you can easily fix it simply and cheaply at your place. But it all depends upon how the screen of your phone is built.

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However, to do this task on your own, you have to purchase a screen kit. You can easily get these screen kits from online sites like Amazon or eBay. Sometimes, the screen kits also come with some spare tools to help a person do this job.

Sometimes the digitizer and glass are fixed together, and this replacement becomes relatively difficult to do at home. However, when the digitizer and glass are separate, it may be easier to replace either of them or both of them together.

2. Replacement of mobile’s battery:

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Due to prolonged charging, the batteries inside the phone degrade, become slow, and do not last long. It is a widespread problem that can be found in almost every mobile phone after some time. But one should not worry about it because several replacement battery options are available online at very reasonable prices. It will not take much of your time to replace your phone’s battery on your own.

3. Headphone jacks:

We all love listening to music while doing workouts but do you know that when you do some heavy activity by plugging in the earphones, it causes stress at the contact points of the headphone jacks. This may lead to an increase in chances of their failure. Replacing the earphone jacks can be cheap and easy only if you know how to get inside your smartphone.

4. Treating the overheating:

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Overheating is another issue that is generally caused due to the problems occurring in the hardware or the software of a smartphone. This overheating is not suitable for your mobile in the long run. To treat this problem, uninstall or turn off the applications that are constantly consuming the battery life of your mobile. Remove the unwanted apps and then switch off the phone. When you restart it, experience the amount of heat by touching it. It will be reduced to a significant amount.

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5. Replacement of loose buttons:

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Do you know that replacing the loose buttons like volume, mute, etc., has become more accessible and relatively cheap nowadays? All you have to do is buy its replacements that are readily available online and offline. However, while performing this job, a person needs to be very careful because all the buttons are connected to the motherboard with the help of very delicate cables.

6. Is your mobile working too slow:

We use our mobiles constantly and do not give them any time to rest, which affects its working. One of the simplest ways to make your phone run faster is to clear its RAM and uninstall the application you don’t use frequently.

To Sum up

Our smartphones have to face several issues, but it is not necessary to run to a store to get it repaired even for minor damage or problems. Try to save your time and money by considering repairing the flaws mentioned above in your phone at your home only.