7 Useful Tips and Hacks for Customizing Your Android Apps and Games

Without any doubt, advanced technology has completely changed the way we live our lives. People no longer spend too much time outside of their homes as there are many cool things they can do indoors. Most things that we do at home are, more or less, connected with our Android smartphones. We spend hours researching what’s new on social media, chatting with friends, listening to music, playing games, etc.

Well, as an android app developer, you already know that millions of people have the same habits as you. Your task is to make the usage of different Android apps and games more comfortable and pleasant for the users. That is the only way to make career progress and satisfy the needs of your potential customers.

But, how to do that? Keep in mind your job is not easy. However, if you like app development, then thinking of creative ideas is not going to be a big deal. Yet, it is always good to gather tips from different sources and make your own conclusions.

In this article, we will share a couple of useful tips and hacks for customizing your Android apps and games. Let’s find them out together!

1. It is Essential to Use Appropriate Frameworks and Tools

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Beginners in the android app development world often do the same thing. They follow the design guidelines developed by Google to complete their job successfully. However, that can’t be the only thing you are doing as building, testing, and maintaining the app is not going to be possible without appropriate frameworks.

Choosing the right tools will help you design all the features essential for Android apps and games. They will also help you save time as you won’t have to be too familiar with coding. When additional coding is not required, you will have more time to test the app and maintain it.

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2. But, You Will Have to Follow the Android Design Guidelines

Okay, certain guidelines are something you will have to follow. The ones developed by Google are there to help people follow the global standards of app and game development. That way, you can easily customize the UI and UX of the app. If these two features of the app are at the highest level, you can be sure the users will be satisfied.

Anyway, no one says that you have to follow the guidelines provided by Google strictly. However, the requirements of the Android Design Standard are something you will have to meet. From time to time, they change, and you have to regularly follow those changes.

3. It Would Be Good to Adopt Your App to Cloud Technology

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One of the things you need to have in mind when developing app is cloud-based technology. If you adapt your game app (or any other app) to that form of technology, then you will manage to overcome all the possible OS fragmentation issues. Some app developers won’t even have to maintain the physical infrastructure of the app they develop. Logically, that saves a lot of effort, time, and money in different ways!

The cloud-based tools will be beneficial for the game you design (as well as its users). It will make the app more responsive while the user experience will be at the highest level. Each customer will get the chance to enjoy the customized version of the app while the quality of features is going to remain the same. The same rule counts when we talk about overall functionality and data protection.

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4. The UI Has To Be Responsive!

As mentioned, the habits and mentality of people have changed a lot. Together with these two things, their expectations have become bigger as well. You won’t find an app or game user that will enjoy an unresponsive mobile app. That is the reason why you need to work hard on meeting the UI requirements and expectations.

So, how to make the UI of the app responsive? For starters, the layout of the application needs to be as simple as possible. Deep layers are something your program should not contain. Despite that, all the complex layers that your app possesses should be redesigned. Make them simpler so they can work faster.

Here comes the moment when testing becomes the main stage of the development procedure. You have to determine all the time-consuming tasks that will negatively influence the responsiveness of the app. If you don’t do that, the results you reach may not be as good as you would want.

5. Security of the App Matters a Lot

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Without any doubt, customizing the app and meeting the requirements of users matters a lot! However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the security of the users. You need to develop the latest security features and ensure that all the data of the users is completely safe.

Popular Android apps and games often become attractive to hackers. Because of that, you need to do security testing before you even release the app on Play Store. If something bad happens with user data, you will easily lose your reputation and ruin your career. Of course, the damage hackers can cause is going to be harmful to each individual that uses the app or game you developed.

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6. Customize App with Mobile Payment

Many users will expect to get mobile payment opportunities when using your app. That means they would want to buy products and services your app/game offers. To do that, you have to make payment via mobile wallets available to everyone. It would be good to focus on the most popular payment options and make the journey of all the users better that way.

7. All Your Users Are Equally Important

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The good thing about apps is that people are using them in all parts of the world. However, you need to ensure that people from all around the globe have the same rights and opportunities. More precisely, in case certain features are not available in a particular region, then you have to solve that problem.

So, how to do that? The best way is to develop mod APK. You should click here to see the examples of mod APKs that can serve as inspiration. They can make the user experience of the users from all around the world more comfortable and entertaining. That is also one of the ways how people can customize the app or game they are regularly using on their Android device.