8 Pros and Cons of DIY Air conditioning Maintenance in 2024

Air conditioners are helping us survive the long and hot summers without collapsing due to it. They are cooling the air in the room, which leads to cooling the other surfaces, the furniture, yourself, and that’s their main purpose. Some of these devices have a heating option too, for the winters. The new models are environment-friendly, and also they can save you a lot of money, compared to the traditional heating systems, but there are some conditions. In order for your AC device to work properly, you have to maintain it regularly.

Usually, as you buy the air conditioner, it comes with a manual that is a pretty handful when you have to fix some tiny problems, like cleaning the filters, removing the dust, and maintaining the outdoor unit. But, can you do it all by yourself? What if there is some bigger issue, and you don’t have time to call a service? Some people know how to fix these things because they have some level of education in electricity maintenance, but if you know nothing about it, we highly recommend sticking to removing the dust.

Surely, there are some advantages and disadvantages of doing it all by yourself, including:


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1. You will save some money

Being able to handle some tiny work by yourself is good for your budget from many aspects. First, you will always be sure your AC device is properly clean and fixed, and second, you won’t have to spend money on professional services. You don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to wash the filters, remove the dust from the device, replace the visible parts that are somehow damaged, and so on.

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2. Some parts are easy to replace

The filters, cables, pipes, insulation parts, and some tubes are easy to remove and put new ones in their place. In these cases, you can do that all by yourself, and save some money on labor. Not just the ACs, a lot of other tech checks can be done at home. You only have to see the instructions, or look at something on the Internet, to find the solutions.

3. You won’t have to let other people in

Living in a time of pandemics means you have to be very careful with who you are letting in your house. Surely you will go for professionals, but if the problem is easy to fix, then you can protect yourself and your family by fixing it by yourself. This is very important, because the coronavirus isn’t stopping, and with the new types and mutations, everything we knew about it isn’t valuable anymore. Letting strangers in your home can only increase the danger and risk.

4. You can even do some advanced repairs

If you know how to repair electrical devices, you don’t even need to think about hiring professionals. You can see which tools and parts you need on airconspares.com, order them, and have a few pieces always at home, just in case. Also, if the warranty is still valuable, then it’s always better to call the professionals who sold you the air conditioner. But, if the failure happens after that period, and you know how to fix it, then you can go for it.

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1. It’s pretty risky if you don’t have the proper tools

You must have an appropriate tool so you can work on the mechanical parts of the AC system. Always check both units, so you can easily locate the issues.

2. You can make some costly mistakes

You don’t have to be too confident when it comes to fixing the devices at home. If you aren’t sure you can do it, don’t open the machine, only to realize that you indeed don’t know what to do.

3. You risk losing the warranty

It’s clearly listed that every repair should be done by the professional service responsible for that. Every repair, even the tiniest, that is done during the warranty period, leads to losing it before the end date, and that’s a policy many sellers hold to.

4. You can get hurt

It’s not easy to get to both units, especially if you live in an apartment. It can be very dangerous for you, so it’s better to leave these things to those who have every tool and equipment they need available all the time.

Why maintain your AC regularly?

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If you think your AC doesn’t work as before, but the energy bills are high, then probably it needs some repairs. As long as you use it, it will lose a small percentage of the efficiency every year, but you won’t see any problem in the first 10-12 years due to that if you maintain it regularly. But, if it’s not nicely maintained, it won’t be efficient enough, and it can lead to huge costs and energy consumption, without giving the expected results.

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Also, the filters are collecting dust and dirt from the air, and you must clean them regularly, to prevent these particles get into the room. Check the air conditioners at least once a month, so you can prevent bigger damages and failures. By doing all of that, no matter if you can do it all by yourself, or you will hire professionals, you are protecting the important parts of the system, that are not that easy to repair. It’s normal for some parts to wear down after a few months of use, and you have to replace them as soon as possible, so you can save on energy, and of course, extend the life cycle of the device.

Taking care of the devices at home is something you should do every now and then. We often forget to do that, and we are freaked out when something goes wrong, and have to spend money on buying a new one because the damages are very costly. So, be responsible for your belongings. That’s the only way to be sure they will work properly for a longer time, and you will save money on costly repairs.