How Do You Store & Maintain Leather Jackets During Summer?

When it comes to fashion, leather represents one of the most popular materials for both men and women. That is especially the case when it comes to jackets. A leather jacket is a very popular piece of clothes, and it holds a high status for a long time. Also, there is a great selection of models for different seasons that will provide you with a great appearance throughout the whole year.

However, you have to be aware that there is great competition in the market, but an even bigger difference related to quality and design when it comes to manufacturers from all over the world. In that matter be sure to choose only well-known retailers and avoid scams since there are many fake models available on the market. If you want to be a high-quality leather jacket, visit this site.

Besides important factors related to the selection of the right model, you have to know that proper maintenance is very important as well. When the season is over, you will have to store the jacket while keeping it in the good condition. Here are some tips for maintaining and storing leather jackets over summer.

Clean It Before Storing


As you already know, you cannot simply throw it in the washing machine since it can damage the leather. Also, dry cleaning is not recommended as well. On the other hand, one of the main benefits of this material is that it is simple to clean. You can use water and soap to remove all kinds of dirt and marks. Moreover, you should always clean it properly before storing it in the wardrobe for several months because that will prevent odor.

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Keep It in Dark Place

While you can wear it even on a sunny day, the problem is that the continual exposure to the sunlight will affect the color to fade away, which can especially be an issue with black leather. Because of that, the best option is to store it in your wardrobe. Also, the best is to use a hanger to prevent damage to the material. Wood is the best choice for a hanger since it is more durable than plastic.

Pay Attention to Humidity


This material offers many advantages when compared to other popular options. However, the main issue is that it requires more effort when it comes to maintenance. With proper care, you can wear the same jacket for years, and it will always appear fresh and shiny. Still, a lot of people are making a mistake by storing it in the same way as other materials. For example, many people have a habit to store their winter clothes in the basement or attack.

The issue with leather if you store it there is related to the temperature and humidity. Constant changes in temperature and high humidity will most certainly shorten the lifespan of your jacket. In that matter, the best place is the wardrobe in your bedroom or hallway, where the temperature is the same throughout the whole year.
Furthermore, we have to mention that you should never keep it with other materials as well. The main reason for that is that cotton and other materials contain dye that could get absorbed by the leather, and ruin your jacket.

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Apply Caring Products

Besides cleaning and storing in the right way, there is a great selection of products that can help you to maintain your jacket for a longer time. You should buy a special spray that will make it water-resistant, which is a great option when it is raining outside. Also, you can use a cream to keep the leather shiny. With a proper selection of creams and sprays, you can keep your piece in the same condition as when you bought it. Moreover, you can polish it with paste.
However, be sure to buy a high-quality natural leather paste. The great advantage of this product is that it can repair small deficiencies. On the other side, if you store it in a place with higher humidity, there is a chance for mold deposits. In that case, you can use a sponge or a cloth with alcohol to clean it.

Besides that, even if you include all of these methods, there is still a chance that your jacket will require maintenance while being stored in the cabinet. Therefore, you should take it aware after few months to see if there is a need to apply more of the products for care and repair of the leather. It might sound complicated, but you have to keep in mind that a high-quality leather jacket can cost a lot of money, and you can ensure to have it for a long time with these methods.

Take It to Professional Cleaners


In case that you are not sure how to properly maintain your model, or if it needs some special requirements due to additional details and a combination of materials, the best solution is to get to the professional cleaning service. That is the same as when you are taking your clothes to dry cleaning, except that here people are using special products for leather.

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If there is a well-known cleaning service in your area, maybe the best solution is to take your clothes there at least once a year. However, you still need to store it properly in your home. Also, it is not cost-effective since leather cleaning is much more expensive than standard one.


As you can see, there are some special requirements related to leather and how you should store it. Therefore, determine a separate place in your cabinet only for leather clothes. Buy all of the additional products for cleaning and care, avoid storing it with clothes that is dyed, and never fold your jacket since it can destroy some parts of it. The average price of high-quality jacket made of this material is around $500, which is much more expensive when compared to other common materials. That is also a reason to pay more attention and keep it in the right condition.