What is the best Website Builder for SMEs companies?

If you go back a few years, building a website was not an easy job. You have to make a start from scratch and go all the way up. However, our technology sector has improved a lot and now it is easier to do things. If you are planning to create your own website, you can make use of website builders and do it yourself.

If you do not know about website builders, they are actually some tools that do complex tasks. For example, you are not good at coding and therefore, you have always been dependent upon others. However, the website builder has a tool for coding for both CSS and HTML. Moreover, they also offer a drag and drop option and also a visual editor.

Thus, you will get everything that you need for a good website. This includes creating forms, web hosting, various templates and picture galleries.

Here are some of the website builders that are suitable for creating websites for small and medium enterprises.

1. Squarespace

Source: firework.tv

According to HostingSprout.com, a web hosting reviews platform, Squarespace is best known for its unique and beautiful designs. Furthermore, it is quite easy to use. So if you need a better design, it is right for you to create your site with Squarespace. This platform has risen as a top-tier choice for both novices and professionals seeking to craft visually appealing websites. At its core, this platform stands out for its perfect blend of simplicity and comprehensive features, tailored for diverse needs from blogging to e-commerce. One of Squarespace’s shining facets is its drag-and-drop editor. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can effortlessly tailor your site’s aesthetics and functions. For those seeking a mobile-optimized online presence, its curated set of sleek, responsive templates is a game-changer. Entrepreneurs eyeing the e-commerce scene benefit from its holistic suite that covers everything from inventory to secure payment gateways.

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Blogging enthusiasts? Squarespace hasn’t forgotten you. Its integrated blogging tools empower content creators to voice their narratives seamlessly. Equally important, with its embedded analytics, users can glean actionable insights on site metrics and visitor interactions.

The platform streamlines the digital journey by offering domain registration right within its ecosystem. And for those conscious about their search engine ranking, Squarespace’s native SEO tools come as a boon. If ever in doubt, their responsive customer support is just a click away. In essence, it is an amalgamation of design, functionality, and support, making website creation less daunting and more of a creative endeavor. It’s an ideal ally for those prioritizing content and business, leaving the technical heavy-lifting to the platform.


Some other pros include;

  • It is user-friendly and therefore, it is best for beginners.
  • You will get several design options to choose from
  • Though it is not free, but you can create a 20-page site with the basic plan that they offer.
  • You get a lot of options at an affordable rate. For example, web analytics, SSL certificate and also some features related to e-Commerce. You will find all this in the basic package.
  • The number of products can be unlimited.


  • You have to pay the renewal cost if you get your domain through their platform.
  • If you want to expand the features, you will need to buy the expensive plan.

2. Wix

Source: entrepreneur.com

Wix is known as an ancient website builder. Furthermore, the designs that they offer are quite simple. Therefore, you should not go for a complex structured website if you run a small business.


  • You get 500 plus templates to choose from.
  • Wix offers an Artificial Design Intelligence that allows you to build simple websites.
  • Templates are simpler and are easier to change if you want to do customization.
  • You can customize the template of your site in terms of text and images
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  • You get a limited number of editing tools in Wix.
  • Once you finalize and select your template, you cannot change it easily.
  • If your website come successful and you want to upgrade it, the premium package is very expensive.

3. WordPress

Source: digitalgarg.com

Although there are several website builder options, still you get to see a lot of WordPress sites. The primary reason is the flexibility that they ensure. In addition to this, WordPress is quite easy to understand and handle. Therefore, it is one of the best beginners’ choice.


  • It is completely free and that is why SMEs prefer it.
  • WordPress is available free of cost (open-source) and most of the hosting providers have this.
  • Sometimes you do not need a web designer for designing your site, with WordPress, some of the templates are simple and free to edit.
  • You will acquire hundreds of themes that you can select one of them according to your business type.
  • You can do customization in themes and add options and widgets.


  • A web hosting server/service is necessary to install WordPress.
  • Although WordPress itself is free but you need a place where you will install it. Therefore, you have to get a domain and hosting that will cost you money. So it is not completely free.


Source: bowwe.com

BOWWE improves your business value and assists you in making a pro website. It allows you to have a professional site with all the modern and latest features. Furthermore, the design templates are also amazing. BOWWE is not only a website builder but is a complex platform, connecting all of the most popular tools to build professional-looking websites, landing pages, and many others. This specially designed platform puts forward your small or medium enterprise business management. Furthermore, it is quite user-friendly and provides you with all the features that you need for a better website.

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  • BOWWE provides a platform for SMEs but it is equally suitable for every business.
  • They have their programmers, graphic designers, and UX designers that do finishing work for templates.
  • You will get the right template for your business according to the relevant niche.
  • It helps you to get better search results so that you can rank faster and remain in the competition.
  • The website that you create through BOWWE runs smoothly on every device. So you will have a site that will work equally well on computers as well as mobile.
  • They also allow you to have unlimited pages on your website. Thus, you will not have any limitations.
  • Thanks to these advantages, creating a website in BOWWE is the most profitable. For the person who wants to create the website on their own, this is the best choice.


  • Despite its intuitive, it can take a little bit more time to onboard into BOWWE and learn how to use it smoothly.

Final verdict…

If you have a small and medium enterprise, BOWWE will get you many more features than just creating a site. It allows you to have various web templates quickly. Or you can develop a professional blog for your business. Likewise, you can also create your CV and portfolio. If you use WordPress, you have to use plugins to install new features but not with BOWWE. Be sure to visit www.bowwe.com and See BOWWE Templates!