How CBD Companies Make Themselves Stand Out to Consumers

In a market filled with CBD products like edibles, tinctures, and salves, it’s not easy for any single business or brand to stand out to you. Brand recognition can take a while to establish, and you may not remember the name of any specific product in the early days of using it. However, that can change over time, and you may be wondering what steps a CBD company takes to ensure it’s one you want to purchase from. They may be doing some of the following things:

Aligning Themselves With Reputable Manufacturers


Most stockists of CBD products don’t create their own products. Instead, they purchase from well-known and reputable manufacturers, which, according to, allows them to foster rewarding relationships with their customers.

By choosing high-quality manufacturers, businesses can provide their customers with products they trust. When you have an excellent purchasing experience, you may be more likely to buy from that same business in the future.

The stronger that relationship is between manufacturer and supplier, the more robust the relationship can be between you and the business you’re buying from. You can buy online with the confidence that they have a seamless ordering system that enables you to receive the products you purchased in a timely fashion.

Purchasing Products Consumers Want

Many shoppers will be familiar with the disappointment of visiting a website to find a specific CBD product for stress, sleep, or something else, only to discover very few options are available. While stock issues affect even the most well-known companies, it can be frustrating when you can’t find what you need.

Many CBD companies make themselves stand out by offering a wide range of products and having a seamless service in place to keep stock levels high. Sometimes, this involves shipping directly from the manufacturer for online orders.

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Instead of focusing on one or two select products, they also cater to everyone with tinctures, gummies, salves, soft gels, creams, energy drink mixes, and more. Not everyone likes to carry around a bottle of tincture, and some people want the convenience of gummies. The more products available, the easier it can be for customers to find what they’re looking for all in one place.

Fine-tuning Their Branding


While finding superior manufacturers and delivering excellent products to consumers is the priority of most businesses, it shouldn’t be at the expense of branding. Some of the best CBD product stockists stand out to customers because their branding is something unique and special.

During the early stages of product development, they would have developed their brand identity, worked out who they wanted to target, and identified their overall business goals. These crucial steps go hand in hand with product development to ensure an overall positive customer experience.

Putting Customer Safety First

There are thousands of CBD businesses in the United States servicing the needs of millions of customers. However, not all of them will prioritize customer safety over profits. As a paying customer, you want products that are safe to consume and don’t contain ingredients that harm you. Many leading CBD businesses achieve this objective in many ways.

Firstly, they purchase their products from manufacturers that source their hemp from USDA-certified organic farms. They also make sure that their manufacturers provide transparent process information so that when you ask questions about how or where a product was made, they can tell you with complete confidence.

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Third-party laboratory testing is also made a priority so that you can view lab results of specific products to be sure that no products you consume will negatively impact your health. These lab results should be available on any website you purchase CBD products from and with transparency about what’s present in each product. With this information, you’re able to make an informed purchasing decision.

Providing High-Quality Websites


Over two billion people use the internet to purchase goods online, which is why it makes sense for CBD businesses to have websites their customers can buy goods from. However, not all CBD businesses prioritize high-quality websites that allow for a positive customer shopping experience.

Some have slow load times, broken links, and unprofessional web design. Others aren’t mobile-friendly, have easy or secure checkout processes, or include enough information about each product for customers to shop with confidence.

These are all crucial elements that can help customers make decisions. If you’re not able to enjoy a memorable experience on one CBD website, you’re likely to keep looking until you find a site that provides what you’re looking for.

Abiding By FDA Regulations

The FDA hasn’t always been clear in its expectations of CBD businesses, with regulations slowly being rolled out over time for them to adapt to. However, some of the best CBD companies are those that take note of all new rules and quickly adapt to make sure they abide by them.

While it’s not easy for an everyday customer to keep up with these regulation changes, there are ways for them to find out whether their chosen business has come to the FDA’s attention. They list warning letters on their website, which outline what the company is, where it’s located, and why they received a warning letter.

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Often, these letters describe claims a business has made or ingredients that don’t match labeling. Such information can make a CBD business stand out for the wrong reasons but allows all purchasers to make informed choices about what they put in their bodies.

Clear Labeling


When you don’t buy CBD products often, you may not have a lot of knowledge about what you’re looking for or which products are suitable for you. You should be able to look at a label and determine whether it’s something you’re interested in purchasing from its information.

At a minimum, the CBD products you purchase should have a brand name, ingredients, net quantity of what’s in the packaging, disclosure of material facts, and a product identity. A warning or caution statement may also be necessary.

If you’re unsure about any of the language used on the packaging, receiving clarity from a knowledgeable shop assistant online or in a physical store can also leave a lasting impression.

It’s not always easy to know which CBD business will suit your needs the best, but there’s no denying that some stand out more than others. Before you decide to purchase from any particular company, take note of whether they do any or all of these things above.