Insurance: A Secret Weapon Against COVID 19

Battling a pandemic is no easy task for anyone. We are not just facing an unexpected situation wherein your health is at stake, but also, we are fighting for our whole existence to be safe. There is a substantial chance of catching the virus, getting sick, losing our job or our business income, and having our lives dramatically changed from how it used to be. Our way of living, coping up and interacting with others is also affected, which does not only limit our way of living physically, but also our mental and emotional stability.

COVID-19 has been our main enemy for over a year now. In the past year, many countries suffered from it in many aspects, from financial crisis to health crisis and loss of lives. We all experienced a lot of suffering from the aftermath brought by these unexpected crises. It has affected many individuals, organizations and sectors around the world in different ways and left many with nothing much to lose anymore.

With a lot of unexpected events that we are currently experiencing as of this moment, It is a great advantage to keep ourselves protected in terms of both health, by regularly exercising, as well as finances, by taking measures to have ourselves covered from any financial loss that is due to this new situation and staying open and ready to all other possibilities throughout these times. With this pandemic significantly affecting our lives, we must know how to equip ourselves with a proper toolkit that is essential for both our future and present.

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Insurance as an Underrated Aid

Before the pandemic started, many have still underestimated the value and the necessity of having various insurance coverages. Many were still falsely thinking that getting insured is just a waste of time and makes the insurers rich, while when we really need it insurers aren’t at our help. While this reputation did not come out of anywhere, ‘thanks’ to too many insurance companies that have let their customers down, there are still a lot of insurance companies out there that worth our trust – and our monetary investment.

Having life insurance coverage, for example, during these challenging times, may help those who lost their lives due to coronavirus keep their loved ones financially secure following their death.

Having good health insurance coverage may have our medical expenses covered in case any health issue comes up, and that includes viruses.

Having these two essential insurance coverages makes us more resilient in such times. A lot of medical insurance plans cover comprehensive inclusions, which gives enormous benefits to its clients. Sometimes these involve complete assistance during consultations and much other health-related stuff. Some also include discounts and even provide free preventive care for vaccines, screenings, and certain check-ups for no additional cost.

If you happen to be a business owner rather than an employee in someone else’s business, having certain business insurance policies may cover for loss of income that is due to the pandemic. A Business Owners Policy (also known as BOP) normally has it covered, but be sure to check the policy details closely and consult with your agent or lawyer.

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The Perks of Getting Medically Insured

No one plans and ever wants to get sick nor get hurt, but most people will need medical care and assistance at some point in their lives. Health insurance plans cover a lot of medical conditions, which comes to the benefit of those who have them in their financial toolkit when some health situation happens – and medical costs may become a very expensive business, so having good health insurance is definitely recommended.

Insurance may be able to financially rescue us when we are on the verge of financially falling apart otherwise. In times like this wherein life gets complicated due to some spread of a killer virus, being equipped and having a back-up plan is life saving.

There are several websites that help insurance consumers find trustworthy companies for different insurance products. One such website worth noting is, a leading educational digital marketplace that, as per its name, ranks insurance companies and services through both customer and expert reviews, thus making your life easier in helping you make better choices. Many insurance companies are helping their clients throughout these times in unique ways, which makes them genuinely commendable during these times.

Facing Reality

With this type of “new life” that we are all facing now, it is advantageous if one knows how to adjust – and adjust fast. Adjusting fast helps us cope with the changes quickly and develop our sense of survival during these times. Facing such a crisis is truly rough and maybe scary, but when the going gets rough, the tough gets going. So as long as you possess the sufficient “weapon” you could use against it to cope and be more resilient, you (and your dependents) are all good. Being aware of the right things to do and having a financial back up plan, specifically in terms of our safety, income and our medical health will not just keep us safe from the aftermath brought by coronavirus but, most importantly, enable us, as well as our loved ones, to live a longer and much healthier life comfortably and secured financially.

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