8 Ways to Add That Sense of Luxury to Your Living Room

Do your guests enter your home through your living room? If that is the case, chances are that you may want to leave a good first impression. A living room is the first place that you can decorate and enjoy a luxurious outcome without actually investing a lot of time or money into decorating. Can you get a high-end feel without breaking the bank? Do you know how to mix and match some colors or elements to get the best luxurious outcome? Keep on reading and become inspired, you’re going to enjoy these tips and tricks.

8 ways to add that sense of luxury to your living room

1. Proper lighting

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Always try to incorporate natural light but add some style with artificial lighting for a true smooth stylish outcome. You should start switching up your ceiling lights but consider some cool and unusual floor lamps while you’re at it. Desk or table lamps can work as well, ideal for those wanting a quick and easy switch-up. Go for something that can be dimmed up or down. That way you can create the best mood or atmosphere for yourself and your guests based on a current event or occasion.

2. Add curtains

There is nothing like luxurious curtains that can make your room look Victorian-like, fancy, and elegant! You can add so much color and vibrancy to your room with the right curtain. The truth is that they are not cheap, but will make everything look 5x more pricey and extravagant at your home. Go for full-length curtains that will touch the floor, giving an illusion of bigger and more modern windows. You can buy curtains pretty much anywhere and at any store or you can get yourself a custom piece.

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3. Cool rug

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Wooden floorboards should never be left looking plain or simple + you should throw on a stylish rug. Luxurious elements, fluffy rugs, and bigger rugs will make your room so much more alive! There are so many types of rugs out there which is why it is important to find something cool and edgy that can act as a cool focal piece in the room. For instance, adding a bright and fun green rug while having a ton of neutral beige elements will be a fun theme. Invest in your rug especially if you have kids or if you like to walk around barefoot. You will appreciate an additional layer of support.

4. Pictures

Create a focal point and give your space that mesmerizing wow factor. Just by placing some cool painting in your living room one can make it look classy and sophisticated. Don’t forget that art adds instant value to a living room. You don’t have to buy the priciest pictures but aim for something that is cohesive and can make a fun story. You can go for 3-4 pictures (smaller ones that come in a set), which can all tell a fun story and make your walls more elegant. On the other hand, you can opt just for one large centerpiece, especially if you don’t have a lot of free space.\

5. Historic pieces

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Give your space a sense of wisdom by incorporating some history into the room. How can you do that? If you have some antique pieces such as furniture, accessories, tables, or a vase you can easily hit the jackpot. ‍You can find these items online for an affordable price point, or you can always fully customize and order a unique beauty. Also, if they hold a sentimental value according to you, one more reason to get them properly displayed! Historic or antique items will suit every living room, just display them properly.

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6. A fireplace

If you want to get fancy and super luxurious, a fireplace is a way to do it. One can add so much elegance, style, and can embrace that open concept by installing a fireplace. If you are lucky enough to have one just clean it or consider re-painting. Doing minor changes to it can create a huge effect and leave you feeling impressed or proud even for creating something new and on your own. Also, if you can’t install one you can always buy an electric model.

7. Add mirrors

An old-school trick is trying to add mirrors to your home for an open-space concept, but for also maximizing light. The mirrors help project the sun throughout the room and increase the sense of space, making it look a lot more vibrant, open, and extravagant. Get yourself the right mirror or mirrors that will add the right pop to your living space. Antique, gold, or silver frames are something for you to consider. Mirrors are super affordable as well, just make sure to clean them properly and often for that high-shine vibe.

8. Add plants

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Who doesn’t want to have plants?! The addition of plants, both real and false can work just as well! This is a fun way to add color and freshness to your room, as well as to play around with different colors. Choosing the plant pot or vase can be a creative way to add texture and a good focal point as well. Why go for a beige vase when a hot pink is a lot more stylish?! You can go for flowers on your wall, on the floor and in the vase, next to windows and on shelves – you name it.

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How to get the perfect sense of luxury?

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