Should You Build A DIY Trailer Ramp Or Buy New in 2024

When we are planning to move or for any reason, we have to load things into a trailer – it is not an easy job. It is especially difficult if you do not have an adequate ramp to help you with this. Some people choose to build this ramp themselves, some buy it, and some rent it. And what exactly is the best solution? It primarily depends on your needs. However, here is an opportunity to judge for yourself should you build a DIY trailer ramp or buy a new one.

Trailer Ramp Is Something You Will Need


It is quite certain that a loading ramp in a trailer is something we don’t think about often – unless it’s part of our core business. People for whom transportation and forwarding are a job, have long known the importance of a loading ramp. In fact, the business cannot function without it. Just imagine all those cars that need to be loaded into a truck to reach their owners on time. However, if transportation and forwarding are not part of your job, then you probably haven’t done much with this thinking. Until you finally need a loading ramp in the trailer.

DIY Or Buy A Trailer Ramp?


This primarily depends on your needs. Do you only need the ramp once, or will you use it more than once? Maybe you need a ramp because of the private business you are developing? These are the questions you need to answer – before deciding whether to make or buy a loading ramp for a trailer. Of course, it is also important to make an accurate calculation when it comes to prices – but also to assess your abilities well. It is not your goal to do something that you will later have to repair, redo – or have material damage due to an unsafe ramp that you will have to compensate later. Therefore, when deciding, be sure to take into account these parameters.

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Is It Hard To Make A Trailer Ramp On Your Own?

It is quite certain that any of us who are interested in doing things on our own can do this. Still, making a ramp for loading into a trailer is not as easy a job as it may seem at first glance. Let’s look at some advantages and some disadvantages when it comes to the DIY working principle. Honestly, we don’t want to intimidate you, but this job is quite demanding. Here you need not only manual skills but also a little math and physics. Also, you have to keep in mind that the ramps you make at home will usually not be collapsible because it is a far more demanding task that requires professionals. The fact is that you can make the ramp yourself and for something like that you can use a bunch of available tutorials on the Internet. However, what is very important is that such a ramp must be reliable, and, to be quite honest – DIY ramps are usually not designed for loading some heavier loads. Therefore, consider buying a loading ramp for a trailer anyway.

Purchasing Trailer Ramps


This is perhaps a better option for everyone. If nothing else, it is far safer and more secure. Not to mention other advantages like mobility, folding or modern hydraulics. According to SureWeld, you can look at different models, which have different characteristics, and choose whatever is suitable for your needs. One thing is for sure – with the help of modern trailer ramps, you will be far more productive when loading things into a trailer. For example, when using aluminum loading ramps or wheel ramps – loading and unloading will be at least 2-3 times faster. This has its advantages – especially if loading and unloading are part of your business. Here’s why.

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●      Significant reduction in labor costs

The loading forklift can work with the ramp without additional support. No more people are needed. You don’t need auxiliary workers to move the pallets in the truck. Now the forklift can get into the truck and work inside. You will not have any more costs to pay additional support workers for this job. So when you multiply that on an annual basis you will realize that you are saving a large amount of money every year.

●      You Can Make Extra Money On Professional Trailer Ramps

Trailer Ramps are interchangeable and movable property. Moreover, when you own one, you can make extra money on it by renting it to clients who have such needs. And not only that. If after a while you don’t need it anymore – you will also be able to sell it, even used ones, in a couple of years. Thanks to the highest quality of modern trailer ramps, there is a constant demand for them – even for used ones. You do not capture money, but invest in equipment that will work for many years and that can be sold if you choose so.

DIY Trailer Ramp Or A New One? We Give Advantage To New Ones


Trailer ramps can have an extension on them, which extends the loading part – so thanks to this feature, they can be adapted to other types of vehicles. This can be very practical, so it’s not a surprise they are widely used. You may also be interested in how a ramp such as this is operated. In fact, with some models of ramps, this is a very easy procedure. You can do it just by using the switch button. Another good feature of loading ramps is that they are light, most of them are made out of aluminum – so this ensures easy assembly and maintenance.

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Very often we face a dilemma when considering the use of parts for transport vehicles such as trailer ramps. Of course, we will emphasize once again that the decision should primarily depend on what your needs are – and whether you will use it one-time, multiple times, or you need a trailer ramp for work. In the final score, the advantage is still on the side of the purchased trailer ramps. They are safer, more reliable – and have features you won’t be able to achieve if you make one yourself. On the other hand, the advantage of the DIY trailer ramp is definitely in the price, because you can make them without higher costs.