Is it Possible to Check a Car’s History for Free?

Buying a used car is a budget-friendly option to fulfill your vehicle needs. There are many formalities that you have to take care of whenever you purchase any second-hand commodity. It is vital to check the history of the car before you own it. There can be various legal cases you are unaware of, and you may get stuck into problems later.

Sometimes, there is a risk of buying an old stolen vehicle with fake documents. It is a must to safeguard yourself from such fraudulent people. You must always ask for the background history to check everything is going well or not.

Learn more about how to get a complete report of any vehicle before owning it. There is a possibility to check the car’s history for free, and there are various methods to do so. In the following write-up, we will discuss many techniques to get the background report of any vehicle.

Methods for Checking Car’s History

Generating a Free Report


You need a VIN, i.e., Vehicle Identification Number to get the report. You can find this number in many places like manual, documents, stickers, etc. One can also check various areas like a door jamb, engine block, spare tire, or rear wheel. After getting the number, you can select any online service which is available for free.

You can also buy VHR to get the detailed report. You can get plenty of data providers that deal in cars. Before you purchase the VHR, make sure that you check the site interface very well to avoid any fraud. You can check the list of dealers with used car links to their background check.

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In this way, you can buy any of the suitable second-hand cars for free. With the help of VIN, you can search for all the information about it. You have to enter VIN on free VHR with other details like Zip code, state of car registration and license plate number, etc.

After submitting the details, you will get all the information about that car. It consists of a complete history, summary, ownership, calculator for value check, etc. After getting a satisfactory report, you can proceed with your buying decision.

Request Dealership for the Car History


Before buying any second-hand car, it is vital to ensure that you want to own the car seriously. You should pay attention to the vehicle in which you are interested. You have to contact the salesperson to get the complete vehicle details and ask for the financing options.

Take a test drive and ensure that it is well-cared by a good mechanic. You can ask the dealership to pay for the VHR. You have to convince the dealer that you are seriously interested in the vehicle. When you show such a sincere interest, there will be chances that you will get access to the full VHR.

Even if you prefer to buy the vehicle from any private seller, you can ask for the VHR. If any dealer refused this formality, then you have to deal with him with caution. You can easily detect that the person is hiding something from you.

Make sure that you never buy that vehicle. If the dealer is fine and offering a perfect vehicle, he will not hide any data from you. Now, you will have two options, i.e., getting a complete VHR or look for another deal.

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Get a Free Fraud Check


If you want to avoid buying the stolen car, you must check the VIN in the National Crime Bureau database. There is a free-check option by entering the details of the vehicle and check the background details. If you buy the stolen car, you will become the car owner, and hence, you will become part of the legal cases against it without any fault.

There is a tab on the site, i.e., Theft and Fraud Awareness. You must visit the page to know all the details of VIN. After entering all the information, you have to submit them. With the same IP address, you can check for the details of five vehicles. There is a history of all the automobiles that are recently reported as stolen in the past five years.

Evaluate the Report of the Car History


Whenever you look for any free data, you will get a few details, and you need to purchase the service to get all the details. You can access plenty of online platforms where you will get data at a limit. Check free reports and collect all the data to evaluate them properly.

Get a summary of the manufacturer, manufacturing details, chassis, model, engine, and many other things. You need to understand all the details given in the report to conclude. After checking out all the records, you can decide whether you should buy that used car or not.

Make sure that there are no previous accidents or legal cases reported. You must compare the reports from different sources and make a wise decision. When you are done with the data check, you can take a test drive to see whether it is in the state to drive or not. It is vital to inspect the car before you purchase it.

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The Bottom Line

It is possible to check the history of the vehicle for free. Plenty of online portals are there to access the detailed report of the background details of any car. You have to verify all the data before you own any vehicle. You can ask for the free VHR from the dealer to get all the information. If you do not get access to the data, then you should switch to another deal.

If anyone is hiding something from you, make sure that you avoid such a deal and look for another. When you feel that you are pretty sure about any vehicle, then decide to buy it else leave it. Be cautious while handling fake dealers and their deals.