9 Ways To Give Away Free Stuff

Currently, people are providing free stuff frequently to others who are in need. In addition to that, some people give away things freely, which they no longer want to keep. People feel that offering their unwanted things to others is more beneficial than throwing them out.

From billionaires to small shop owners, many people out there are contributing free stuff in various forms. Are you curious about how to deliver free things to others? In that case, make sure to read this post because we have incorporated several best ways to give away free stuff.

1. Selling Them To Free Online Stores

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As of now, there are plenty of free stuff websites. If you want, you can directly give away your stuff freely to those sites so that people can buy whatever they want. Here are some of those websites.

  • FreeStuff.com

FreeStuff.com is loaded with various kinds of free items, including household items, electronics, and many more.

  • Craigslist

This website allows you to send and acquire free stuff. Here you can find a wide variety of things from clothes to trending appliances.

  • FreeSamples.org

Here is another free stuff website that is home to top-level and useful things like household products and discount coupons for cafes and online shopping.

  • Freebies.com

A website that is far more than a means to offload your free stuff, Freebies.com has a membership program that rewards you for being humane. You can earn coupons, vouchers, gift cards, and more. You can offload the stuff you don’t want and have them take care of the rest. As a bonus, the website has a recipe section that helps you prepare wonderful dishes. From garlic bread to Mexican cuisines, Freebies.com has it all.

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2. Charity And Donations

One best way to provide free stuff is through donations and charity events. For instance, if there are some charitable organizations, you can send several things freely, including clothes, food, appliances, and other necessities. Another way is to organize free stuff give-away camp so other people can also contribute a few items.

3. Free Rewards And Gifts

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You can donate stuff like gifts, buying rewards, shopping offers, and coupons freely to other people. In addition to that, holding a competition and offering free prizes to all the participants is another way to give away free stuff efficiently.

4. Giving Free Product Samples

If you have a business that sells products related to food or cosmetics, it is better to give free product samples to visitors. This is not only one best way to provide free stuff but also increases the company’s sales.

5. Free Investments

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Some big businessmen often tend to give stuff in the form of free investments. A few people support the startups and small companies who need initial funds by making free investments in those businesses. You can check out Nexin Startups which also give away free stuff from time to time.

6. Sponsoring People

Sponsoring people for their education or employment is another form of giving away free stuff. For example, you can sponsor a student who wants to continue further studies but does not have enough capital resources so that they can study freely.

7. Using Social Media Platforms

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Social media is a powerful tool under any circumstances. But when needing to give away free stuff, you can use it as a means to get something in return. Facebook gives you access to tons of groups that are looking for donations to those in need. You can join one or more of these groups and get in touch with the people that organize the donations.

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You will most likely coordinate on logistical issues, but you might be asked to take the stuff directly to a location. Apart from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also great for giving away stuff for free. While both platforms lack the infrastructure to connect you with those in need, they can be a helpful medium nonetheless.

8. Do A Yard “Sale”

A yard “sale” is a great way to offload stuff you don’t need on the cheap. But you can also take it a step further and make your yard sale free. You’ll have no shortage of customers as everyone would be interested in taking stuff and paying $0 for them.

You can even market the event on social media and contact charity agencies to come and take what they need. That won’t be a problem at all as charity organizations and agencies will take anything you don’t need.

They will then give it to the people in need of those items. If you still want to make a small buck on the side, make the items at your yard sale super cheap. Regardless of what you go for, you will have no shortage of “customers” to take your free stuff.

9. Donate To Daycare Centers

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Much like giving away free stuff to charity organizations, you can offload your kid-specific stuff you don’t need to daycare centers. Daycare centers provide a valuable service to the community. You leave your kid there to be looked after while you go to work or tend to your errands. Regardless, they will be more than willing to take toys and items that will provide entertainment for children. If you know one such daycare center or nursery, then make sure to call them and ask if they are willing to accept your stuff. If a daycare center is privately owned, then they might not be willing to accept your stuff. But there has to be at least one daycare center that will be more than happy to take away any kid-specific items you don’t need.

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Bottom Line

Like we discussed here, there are several ways to give away free stuff. Some people provide free things in the form of gifts, rewards, while others give them as donations and charity works. Hence, if you want to get free stuff, you can browse online on specific websites, organize charity events, yard sales, and many more. Instead of hoarding items you don’t need, do the right thing and help those in need.