What Elon Musk Thinks About 5G Technology

The fifth generation of wireless technology has been the burning topic for quite some time now. Everyone has an opinion on it. Some people are ecstatic about having high-speed wireless internet in their lives and they can’t wait for the moment everything becomes 5G. On the other hand, you have people that simply don’t care about it and are more than happy with 4G, but are still willing to discuss the new technology. Finally, we have those, outright mad, conspiracy-theorist that claim 5G will be the end of us all in the best-case scenario.

Luckily, almost no one cares about what some conspiracy theorist thinks about the new generation of wireless technology. They know nothing about technology, in general, let alone some new, breakthrough tech, so why would anyone care in the first place? On the other hand, we do value the opinions of highly successful and intelligent people. One of those people is Elon Musk.

Who’s Elon Musk and What Are His Thoughts On 5G?

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Musk is one of the universally admired people. He’s one of the most successful people ever the walk the Earth. First and foremost, he’s an entrepreneur. He’s blessed us with things like PayPal, electric vehicles and some really cool not-flame throwers.

Nowadays, Musk is focused mostly on space travel and providing the world with high-speed, wireless internet at an affordable price. Naturally, that’s not all that he does, but these two do seem to be his primary focus at the moment. Space travel aside, high-speed wireless internet sounds a lot like 5G – doesn’t it?

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With that in mind, you would think that he was pretty vocal about the new generation of wireless technology. If we’re being honest, Musk isn’t the most vocal or outspoken person in the world and in general, the most you can get out of him is what he writes on his Twitter account and that’s not a lot by anyone’s standards.

He did, on several occasions, talk about the importance of high-speed internet and all the benefits that would come with it, but as far as 5G, in general, is concerned, there haven’t been many statements made by Musk.

Many assume that’s because of Starlink, Musk’s company that provides high-speed, wireless internet through a satellite network. However, when you think about it, 5G and Starlink aren’t competitors. In reality, the two will coexist splendidly, as one offers what the other one doesn’t. However, we won’t too much into similarities and differences between Musk’s Starlink and 5G. What we want to know is – what Musk thinks of 5G?

Well, according to his Twitter account, Musk feels that 5G is not detrimental to your health, but is “greedy with their spectrum land grab”. Now, there have been some “arguments” about who gets to use and build their technology in a certain spectrum, more precisely 12 GHz spectrum. How will that end up being resolved, we don’t know and frankly we shouldn’t care, because either way, we’ll get our internet.

The good thing, on the other hand, is that Elon Musk feels perfectly fine when it comes to the effects 5G will have on our health. One of the biggest concerns, for many people, is the effect of this new generation of wireless technology on our minds and bodies, so it feels good to hear that someone reputable and smart doesn’t feel threatened or concerned by it.

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All in all, aside from that one tweet, Musk hasn’t said much on the subject. As a visionary, he is definitely a fan of technological advancements, which leads us to assume that he is also a fan of 5G.

What Do You Need To Know About 5G?

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We all know the gist of 5G and that’s more than enough for a regular Joe. You don’t have to understand the physics behind wireless internet to appreciate what it has to offer. Words like “beamforming” and “massive MIMO” mean nothing to someone that isn’t a part of the tech world. On the other hand, it could be interesting to know just what makes this fifth generation of wireless technology better than the previous one, right?

Who Provides It?

5G is already a thing in 2024 and you can buy all kinds of electronic gadgets that are compatible with it. Now, just because you buy a device that’s 5G ready, does not mean you can experience the blazing speeds without a provider. Luckily, in 2024, pretty much every major carrier and provider is deploying and upgrading their 5G network. Some of them, like ZTE 5G, have even received awards for their outstanding contributions in the field. We’re still far from 100% 5G coverage and the blazing speeds at this point, but we’re almost there.

What Can You Expect From It?

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In general, much faster data transmission, meaning better download and upload speeds, lower latency and better support and coverage is what you can expect from the fifth generation of wireless technology. Sounds good, but what does that mean in real life? Well, it means that you’ll be able to send and receive data instantaneously. It also means that you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite TV show or a movie in 4K or even 8K without ever seeing a loading screen. it means you’ll be able to download Warzone by the time you can finish a PB&J sandwich.

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However, fast internet isn’t only about consumer convenience. In an ideal world, a fast connection at any geographical position would mean that all of the devices could work together, in sync and harmony. For instance, electric cars with 5G implementations could analyse traffic, weather and road conditions and would be able to make real-time decisions that would result in fewer traffic jams and traffic accidents. Sure, we’re still decades away from technology like that, but when we finally make it, we’ll have the internet to back it all up.


5G is exciting. It opens up a lot of new doors and opportunities for progress and innovation. Many feel like that’s the case, Elon Musk included. Where and how far will this journey take us – we don’t know. But what we do know is that we can just sit back and enjoy the ride.