5 Best Webinar Platforms in 2024

Since last year, the whole planet is dealing with an unpredictable pandemic situation that changed all segments of our lives. One of the fields that COVID 19 influenced the most is the business world. All individuals, as well as, business companies transferred their jobs on online platforms. In this situation, this is the only available option for continuing work undisturbed. Also, this is now the only space where people can develop their skills and improve their knowledge.

As a result, 2024 year will be obviously the year of the webinar platform. People are using these platforms for many purposes. Luckily, some of them are even free, so if you are interested, you can click here and see the example of one webinar platform.

However, as mentioned, without these webinar platforms, it seems that the entire world would probably stop. Online conferences and other educational events would not exist. In further text, you will see some popular webinar platforms that you can use for your online meeting, presentations, seminars, and other job purposes.

1. ClickMeeting

Source: noobpreneur.com

The ClickMeeting webinar software is primarily used for videoconferencing purposes. However, it can also be effectively used to host webinars because of the various functions that offer. Interestingly, hosted webinars on this platform can join a waiting room before they start with the presentation and their appointment.

One of the advantages that this platform provides is simplicity, affordable price, as well as, connection through Facebook and Youtube. While you are interacting with others on the ClickMetting platform in the live performance, you can also watch pre-recorded meetings. In that way, if you need to have insight into some previous work, you can open both of them at the same time.

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One more interesting thing about this webinar platform is the connection with PayPay in order to make money from webinar content. With a free trial of 30 days for 25 attendees that ClickMetting provides, you can try this platform and see whether it suit you and your partners. There are three Live options for different purposes. If you need to arrange a live meeting that belongs to the lowest range, you and your partners need a space for 6 hours of recording storage and 1GB of file storage. The next level is called Automated that includes 10 hours of recording storage, 2 GB of file storage, plus an automated Webinar cycle. The last one – Enterprise is optimized for large events with many attendees and multiple meetings.

2. EverWebinar

Source: medium.com

This webinar platform is the perfect choice for those who are using webinars to present and sell products. When you are using EverWebinar, you can install additional WebinarJab which can allow streaming of both live events and pre-recorded representations. After you perform a live presentation, you can convert it into the Everwebiner format and use that video every time you need it. Interestingly, many people will think that the presentation is live because all people who want to attend and see what you prepared for them need to register. This option is the best suitable for people who need to present something while they are in other time zones.

3. Zoho Meeting

Source: accuratereviews.com

Many of you have probably heard already about the popularity of the Zoho Meeting platform. This is because it provides various options for project management, CRM, marketing, helpdesks, and collaboration. However, even though Zoho Metting got the popularity for video conferencing, it can be used to host webinars as well. If webinar hosts want to use this platform, they can expect many features that can make their performances easier. This includes a modern registration option, reminders, and business mail notifications. Also, this platform allows multiple presenters, as well as an option for reporting post-webinar events.

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You can use Chrome or Firefox to join this webinar platform because the browser is the only technical requirement. The only bad side of this webinar platform is the number of attendees which is limited to 250 people. Zoho provides meeting interaction with both Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM, which will provide all webinars opportunities for promotions and sales. If you are wondering what is the price for webinars, it depends on the number of hosted people.

4. GoToWebinar

Source: cabinetm.com

One of the best advantages that this webinar platform offers is the number of people that can attend the meeting. More precisely, this number goes up to 5000 people. What makes this platform so popular for use is the characteristics it provides including real-time analytics, pre-webinar processes, lead management, and best of all sharing the notes.

GoToWebinar platform allows all attendees to rebrand their web interface, registration pages, and emails. Many businesses are a fan of this tool. When we are talking about the fees of this platform, it depends on the tier. The basic option covers 100, 500, and 1000 attenders, and they are called Starter and Pro tier. The Enterprise tier can handle even 5 000 participants. So, the last option is for big webinar meetings.

5. Livestorm

Source: martechseries.com

Livestorm webinar platform has actually three available options for different types of presentations. These include conventional, demand, and automated seminar options. Content of the webinar presentation can be presented live or pre-recorded and uploaded. Also, there is an option for combining these two and have an insight into both streams. Despite that, you can interact with some other company at the same time. All seminars will be recorded, and they are available on analytics reports. All participates can interact at the same time, asking questions and giving answers.

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The thing which makes this platform so popular is the ability to transfer all webinar data on some other application such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Zapier, Hubspot, and Microsoft Dynamics.

When we are talking about the fees of the Livesorm platform, you should know that you can use the free version. However, it can be included only 4 participants in a meeting. Also, the length of the presentation can be only 20 minutes. For others, the Livestorm platform has two solutions for paying. More precisely, one option is for webinars and another one is for meetings that can welcome 8 people. If some companies need more attendees, there is a Webinar Premium version that can allow 100 attendees and a 4hour meeting length.