Mulesoft Tools and Releases to Innovate Faster

MuleSoft plans to roll out some of its tools online within the next few months. The new tools will dramatically affect your bottom line. They will cut down the complexity of the ecosystem and boost innovation in businesses. Let’s look at the tools below.

MuleSoft Accelerators


There are some commonalities between industries when it comes to best practices. MuleSoft Accelerators comprise templates, frameworks, models, Lightning Web Components, interconnectivity, as well as best practices for architecture that are combined. Utilizing the Accelerators supplied by MuleSoft teams can kick-start development and carry out crucial integrations with systems that can be three times faster than they would have done without them.

In the spring of this calendar year MuleSoft revealed the release of new Accelerators to use cases within markets like Cloud Infrastructure, E-commerce Cloud medical, as well as retail markets. The unlocking of ERP information objects, and controlling data flow between Salesforce, SAP ECC, and S4 HANA are just a couple of the numerous use cases that can be made use of the SAP Accelerator currently available. Join a MuleSoft course online at igmGuru to learn more.

Anypoint DataGraph

“DataGraph” may conjure up images of a brand new user interface or the platform monitoring tool of MuleSoft If we are introduced to”DataGraph” Anypoint Datagraph. This isn’t the situation! To make the most of DataGraph you’ll have to see “graph” as an adjective, not an adjective.

Since MuleSoft developers are able to use the Anypoint DataGraph API, developers have the ability to integrate data from various APIs into one graph, allowing them to reuse existing processes and combine multiple APIs to a single endpoint.

MuleSoft’s latest offering, called Anypoint DataGraph, is the most advanced yet. REST APIs will be able achieve reuse potential comparable to connectors for system APIs that use DataGraph that will enable companies to realize the potential for reuse using standard process flow processes

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REST APIs are traditionally employed to extract data and they are usually employed one at a time. Thus, developers are required to write multiple queries, analyze API responses, and repeat the procedure for each API to be used.

Utilizing MuleSoft’s Anypoint DataGraph program, developers can use multiple APIs through one request. Anypoint Datagraph creates integrated replies to queries using data fragments of APIs in real-time.

It is possible for architects to build an entire data service by using a) merging information from various APIs into) one endpoint with no additional code, due to Anypoint DataGraph schema architecture. With This data-driven service, users are able to utilize multiple APIs within an application that saves time and energy. There is no need to write low-value API parsing code with Anypoint DataGraph. Nor should you create completely new APIs using this tool.

The ability to use a SaaS application that doesn’t require updating or patching is a major benefit of making use of Anypoint DataGraph as an endpoint. At present, Anypoint DataGraph is in beta However, it will become available in the coming weeks.

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce


Utilizing MuleSoft Composer, a component of Salesforce companies can now integrate their applications with Salesforce as quickly and efficiently as is possible. Salesforce and MuleSoft customers can now view an extensive view about their Salesforce data connection no matter if they’ve got an in-house IT team or not.

MuleSoft Composer enables business teams to control and oversee their integrations. While IT remains in control of the authorizations and scope of Composer Integrations, this program allows integration creation to non-technical business users which allows business teams to develop faster in a secure and sustainable manner.

Once MuleSoft Composer is initially installed it will include connectors for popular cloud-based service providers, making it simple for companies to automatize sales processes. It is possible to automate the orders-to-cash processes and improve sales processes through the integration of NetSuite with Salesforce for instance.

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Team members can utilize Tableau Connector to connect team members. Tableau Connector to view sales data and share information through the integration of data from systems such as Salesforce or Google Sheets together with Composer.

Benefits specific to industry of Mulesoft

Mulesoft integration platform is designed to meet the specific needs of each industry and offers a variety of specific benefits for each industry.

Financial services

Making use of Mulesoft within the financial sector can help you:

  • Connect and digitize bank processes using APIs and scale-integrations with innovative technologies that provide security and speed
  • Utilize APIs to modernize banks’ core banking systems and create an efficient, well-equipped and robust architecture that can be adapted to the future.


Mulesoft can provide great benefits for government agencies too. With Mulesoft it is easy to:

  • Modernize your operations digitally and upgrade the legacy IT systems to cut expenses and increase efficiency and productivity


Mulesoft is beneficial to the health industry through:

  • Enhancing the speed and effectiveness of COVID 19’s IT-related project delivery
  • Facilitating access to and monitoring of important patient information in real-time
  • Significantly improving health care quality offered across health facilities by introducing digitization and automation
  • Accelerating development of drug and product development and speeding up healthcare delivery through seamless integration
  • Enhancing and empowering healthcare R&D by providing end-to-end access to clinical data as well as real-time optimizations
  • Inspiring innovation, expanding revenue channels and beating market competition

Higher education

Through this Mulesoft integrated platform for educational establishments, they reap the benefits of

  • Improving education and learning by providing staff at institutions as well as students with the best digital tools
  • Completely analyzing the educational parameters by integrating data from various sources
  • Enhancing the student and staff experience by streamlining workflows for institutions automated scheduling and scheduling capabilities
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Mulesoft integration platform Mulesoft integration platform allows insurance companies to:

  • Modernize outdated systems and upgrade their infrastructure to be modern and future-proof
  • Facilitate the distribution channels and services through creating a 360-degree experience for policyholders


The adoption of Mulesoft integration platform will benefit manufacturing companies with the following advantages:

  • Manufacturing companies can implement an efficient sales and distribution strategy by integrating cloud, on-premise, as well as IoT technologies.
  • Manufacturers can increase the visibility of their supply chain, and also streamline supply chain processes , resulting in shorter product cycles.

Telecommunications and Media

With Mulesoft telecom and media companies can:

  • Gain competitive edge by introducing an integrated customer experience with the modernization of OSS/BSS
  • Effectively integrate legacy systems with modern technologies and efficiently manage and transfer digital assets across multiple repositories in real time
  • Make sure you have the right software structure that allows media businesses to move to a multi-channel distribution model easily


Retailers can benefit from Mulesoft tools to gain a broad array of benefits, which include:

  • Enhancing relationships and providing innovative, personal and seamless customer experiences the physical store, web, mobile, and on social
  • Enhancing operational efficiency from end to end and the management of inventory by allowing the streaming of data in real-time


Cloud-based platforms, in-house software and even legacy systems require integration into a single, unified information set in order for companies to be successful in today’s hyperconnected world. Apart from that it could give businesses an edge through providing the full view of customers by enabling linked experiences and helping to improve personalization.