Why and Who Needs Transcribing Audio and Video to Text

As such, transcribing is a term used in various fields of human life, ranging from genetics to linguistics. In our article we will talk about another definition of transcription, which means speech transcribing. This type of transcription is divided into : medical transcribing, the service of transcription through specialized companies and using software. All types of transcription are successfully used by users, and the choice of its type depends on the goals pursued by the user.

We suggest talking about one of the methods. Speaking more specifically, such an issue as the use of transcribing software is quite relevant, but it still raises some questions in terms of the rationality of its use. This method has its pros and cons and really depends on what kind of end result you want to see. By studying it in more detail, we can understand what problems transcription software can solve and in what situations we can and should use it.

Reasons and ways of using transcribing software to achieve your goal

In order to determine which transcribing method you need, you must first understand what your goal is. Students often need to transcribe long and complex lectures in order to have the information in an easier way to learn. Business people need to have a text format of their important meetings in order to study statistics and key information. If your goal is to develop your social media, and you are searching for ways to improve your content, transcription often plays a key role as well. More often than not, a professional transcription service can offer you solutions for all of these issues in two formats: through the provision of professional services by trained experts as well as through properly configured software.

Let’s talk about why using transcription software Transcriberry.com is beneficial to use. Given your goal, you can form an opinion on whether it is beneficial to use software, or if it is worthwhile for you to prefer an alternative. The top 5 reasons will be described below.

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Transcribing

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The past 10 years have seen tremendous changes when it comes to the introduction of artificial intelligence into software. Given the history of artificial intelligence, this technology is making our lives easier in every way on a daily basis. Including its application in transcribing brings tremendous benefits to users.

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Reading the service descriptions of professional transcribing companies, you can see that the software transcribing service is performed with the help of artificial intelligence. This helps to achieve the most accurate conversion possible. Yes, transcribing with software is definitely not as accurate as transcribing with a professional expert. But it is the use of artificial intelligence that helps to catch difficult words and increase the percentage of accuracy of the final result.

Transcribing with software is a cheaper way to make it

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You can choose between two options: using specialized programs that you install and set up yourself on your computer, or using software provided on the websites of transcription companies. Whether you need a video transcription or you have an audio file, such programs are able to accomplish the task.

In the first case, when you install programs created for transcription on your computer, you have a free opportunity to transcribe your content unlimitedly. But more often than not, quality software will require you to pre-purchase the program itself or some of the features it has. The difficulty with using such software is the need to form work processes for self transcribing, which many people don’t want to or can’t do. That said, by paying a small amount of money each month or paying a one-time fee, you can use the program multiple times.

Transcribing with software from professional company websites is way easier. Considering the fact that the software available to you in that case is already configured by professionals, and all you need to do is to get the result. The cost of such a service is minimal, and the result you get with minimum effort. Most transcribing statistically is done in this way because of its simplicity and cheapness.

High speed transcribing process

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As we already know, software-assisted transcribing differs from its alternative with a slightly lower percentage of accuracy and is suitable for users who have certain requirements for the end result. Given the use of artificial intelligence and tuned algorithms, software can process an equivalent amount of information hundreds of times faster than the human brain can. As an example, a video that is 5 minutes long will be processed in 2-3 minutes by software, while an expert will spend more than 30 minutes listening to content, recognizing speech and writing down text.

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Definitely, with an expert, you get 99% accuracy of the final text. But such services are also more expensive and take longer to complete. So if you have a high quality video or audio soundtrack, or need to have an approximate text of what was said by the speaker, you are free to use the help of software. The low price will be a great bonus to complete the overall picture of this method.

Independence of the process without human factor

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Using transcribing software you have the freedom to be independent of the human factor. Let’s say you urgently need to transcribe an important meeting or lecture for personal purposes. There are literally half an hour to complete and deliver this task, you simply will not have time to wait for the experts to take on your case. Even considering the fact that professional companies take it upon themselves to deliver results within a few hours, we also understand that you may not have those few hours to wait for help from managers and experts, per se.

Use of software completely removes the involvement of anyone else in the process. All you have to do is figure out how the software works in advance (if you’re using the software installed on your computer), or you can upload your audio or video on the appropriate service page from one of the transcription companies.

Using pre-configured software gives you results even when you decide to use it in the middle of the night. If you’re also uninspired by the prospect of human contact, or don’t want anyone to see your content in person at a given time, using software would be ideal for you.

Increase the number of transcribed files

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In 2024, freelancing is already one of the most popular ways to make money. Companies hire freelancers for one-time work when they lack their own resources, students are looking for additional income, and a large number of professionals are having a chance to use their knowledge and talents more productively.

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Without devoting much time to your obligation to follow the legal requirements of this field of work, we will assume that all the rules are followed. If you are lucky enough to find a job related to transcribing a large volume of files, the use of programs will bring enormous benefits. But we want to draw your attention to the fact that this way is acceptable only if you don’t have high demands on the transcribed text.

For example, if you’re a freelancer maintaining a popular YouTube channel, you could be tasked with converting several videos a day. Depending on the file breakdown, this will quite often be quite costly in terms of time and productivity.

Use of software will definitely help with such a task. But still, the transcriber needs to become familiar with the final material and make corrections if any parts of the text have not been transcribed accurately.

Use transcribing software to properly transcribe your content

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The use of software has its own equivalent right to exist and help, just as human transcription services do. Given the increasing number of people who need transcribing services, more and more of them prefer the use of software.

Considering the convenience of this method of transcribing, we can see the obvious advantages of using professional software to achieve our goals. Having the need to transcribe a large number of files, or to do it rather quickly, or in case we want to save money, we should all definitely use this method.

Working with the program, you will always rely only on yourself and be able to have an impact on the final result. Even in the event that you need an urgent transcription late at night for business or other purposes, it’s more than easy to do with the software.

When considering the options of where to find the necessary software for quality converting, we recommend researching the manuals of professional transcribers regarding how to work with certain programs, or finding a reliable company that provides such a service on their website. The second option is a great option for those who want to use a finished product without going into too much detail.

Explore the options for getting a transcription and stop at the options that are perfect for your particular case.