10 Ways Technology is Watching You and You Don’t Know It Yet

If you’re reading this alone, then know that you’re not!

Of course, I can say none of us are alone. But when you look at the devices in your life the right way, you’ll know how many eyes are on you. In this ever-growing internet world, cybersecurity is in a constant battle with data breaches and cyberattacks. As the attacks get stricter, so do the measures to fight them. That is why technology has made its way comfortably into your homes.

Even if you have the best VPN that works with Netflix (if not check out the list provided by bestnetflixvpn.com), there are eyes and ears on you. Some can label it to be for security reasons but think of all the stuff you do with the technology tracking every bit of it (scary right?).

To make you a little self-aware, we will share with you 10 different ways that technology is watching you. It tracks you in your many aspects of life but how? Let’s find out.

1. The over-smart TV

Source: audioholics.com

The evolution from TV to smart TV was the integration of DVRs, VOD services, channel lists, and more. Who knew it’d become over-smart and start spying?

That is true according to USA Today stating that the CIA has technologies to break into any Smart TV, especially the Samsung ones. Makes you question the kind of stuff you say during commercial breaks and season finales (or is it just me?)

2. Cookies

Every website is nice enough to ask you for your cookies. Although you don’t have a fresh batch prepared, it settles instead for your surfing, scrolling, and streaming data.

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This allows the website to create targeted ads. But it goes beyond that, as data mining has evolved from what you surf to what you say. Sometimes, it helps to check which third-party vendors are getting access to your cookies so that you feel comfortable sharing them.

3. Through the Webcam

This is the most obvious place if you think about it. It’s an eye peeking into your room décor, your typing, and your gorgeous face. But seriously, these webcams can get remotely accessed without even noticing.

If your webcam is equipped with a small indicator light and it is on at a time when you’re not using it, consider the worst. One of the most extensive practices is to use an opaque cover or tape and cover the webcam. A tape would be of no use, considering online classes but a slide cover will do.

4. Through the microphone

Source: andreaelectronics.com

We talked about how data mining has evolved from listening to your conversations. That’s not possible without microphone access. Many times, a website will ask you for microphone permission.

Unless it is a recording online site, you need to think twice before giving that power. The CIA and FBI tap into the mics of many to listen in on any suspicious activities. The only solution to this is to shut off the device (not even sleep).

5. Wiretapping

You’ve probably seen enough spy movies to know about this. It sounds like a laughable matter but if you’re on a call conversation and hear some tapping and static noises, your call is being tapped into.

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It is triggered during a phone call which is why you must be careful in listening to the sounds. Sometimes it can be mistaken for bad reception, but it can also be wiretapping so beware!

6. Loyalty Programs

We’ve all seen loyalty cards pushed to us for our dear services. Who knew this would be another way to track the person?

Loyalty programs reward you cards or credit cards, and you use them, but at the same time, it keeps tabs on your activity, and the data is used for marketing reasons. So much for being loyal, eh?

7. Tracking Devices

Source: wareable.com

Nobody labels them as tracking devices, but they keep more track of you than overly strict parents. Devices like Smartwatch, fitness trackers, smartphones, Tablets, etc. all are tracking devices that record you everywhere you go.

You may think your watch is tracking your fitness by showing you steps, blood oxygen levels, but it is all being stored and fed to the big companies as data.

8. Facebook Like Button

Back in the day if you liked a picture, then you just ‘like’ them. Nowadays if you like a commercial page or business, the ads roll in like crazy.

Imagine your sibling liking the Facebook channel of ‘CocoMelon’ from your account and you’re stuck with baby show suggestions for the next few days? The like button is looking very unlikeable now.

9. Smart Home

‘Alexa, stop tracking my data to give to big corporations’ you’ll want to say this to whichever smart home device you have.

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The house got smarter, and it started sneaking in your data to track you further. It sounds cool but also creepy to be having a device knowing your every step.

10. Ride-Sharing Service

Source: socialeurope.eu

The first barrier that was broken in the advent of ride-sharing services was “don’t get into a car with strangers”. Not only is it a trend now, but these services are getting smarter and tracking your every move.

Imagine if you use Uber for one constant place from the last 2-3 days, it will notice it as a house or workplace and ask you to clarify. Sneaky, right?


If you think about it, these devices have become an everyday need and one cannot deny their usefulness. At the same time, we stand worried about the kind of data we upload and download every single day. One wrong click and in comes the targeted ad.

One wrong place visit and in comes the recommendation. The only security measure we can take is to be careful about our data and be cautious of what we do, say, and listen to, near such technology.