10 Cool Minecraft Builds Ideas

There are numerous types of ideas and cool things to build in Minecraft, and it falls under two categories, both simple and complex. In this piece, I will mix the two so you can get the bigger picture. Some of the things you can build in Minecraft include storage rooms, survival houses, sky bases, fantasy towns, volcanoes, and underground cities.

It is also possible to build towns and cities of your choice (fantasy towns, port cities, underground towns) or magnificent bases (underwater bases, mountain bases, and floating bases). Almost all Minecraft players are intensely creative individuals around the globe. The following are some of the best build ideas in Minecraft. All of the building ideas below contain TexturePacks ideal for each type of building.

1. Caste Minecraft build

It is everybody’s wish to build the most extraordinary medieval castle. Such a build takes a lot of investment as it comprises an Outerwall, an inner keep, catapults, a town, and other things needed to maintain the griefers out.


2. Waterfall house

Imagine the feeling you get after exiting your house, and all you feel is the gentleness from the stream of water running on both sides. I know it is soothing, right? SheepGG made the water house, and it provides different methods of playing around with water to spruce your home.

Apart from the skinned wooden log-built beautifully creating contrast, that mini garden has a gorgeous look. This gives the build accentuates your build with a glossy, natural look. The lanterns or lights behind the water also incorporate a hypnotizing and mystical presence.

3. Sky base

Most people opt for the underground as it is the safest building place. However, it has its downsides, such as monsters, unanticipated lava pools, and not to forget other players mining.

If you crave a rare premise for the next extra-safe Minecraft base, you do not need to go further as we have this beautiful tutorial from Folli. The design has a higher platform in the sky, which can only be accessed using a single waterfall. It is challenging for invaders to access your premise uninvited. Generally, the design looks fantastic.

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4. City hotel

Although it is not a Minecraft mansion, the above hotel made by HALNY could be an imposing build that is easier to serve as a player’s home turf.

It has a hanging signpost, eight front-facing rooms, and three stories. This building design can be the best for players who crave to feel like they live at the city’s heart. The build has many decorative aspects, such as warm light, brick walls, and eaves, which resemble a realistic build or creation. Also, the building design has a rooftop terrace and open windows where players can have extra room to take sights and relax.

5. Squid Game

If the urge obtained from the squid game still gashes through your mind, we have some good news! The squid game building idea makes it possible to design and build sets found in the series. These build ideas entirely resemble the Netflix series game and work exactly like it.

So, what is it that’s stopping you from building this structure? Get yourself a pickaxe, develop and design this structure, invite your friends, and have fun with this Minecraft build idea. Ensure you are refreshing yourself with various PVP tips and securing those Ws.

6. Lighthouse

Building in an ocean can be very horrifying. Fortunately, the lighthouse guide faraway comes with coastline safety with needed height and lustrous glow. The overgrown Minecraft lighthouse design by Meddi can be classified as one of the build ideas in Minecraft that excels in functionality and form.

Apart from the tall and compact design, its light source has a translucent pale-yellow light found at the top of the build. The light is enough to guide boats and ships at night.

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7. McDonald’s

In Minecraft, real-life brands are brought to life, and there is always something fun about it. The modern McDonald’s restaurant designed by TSMC brings out this feeling and incorporates iconic and bold McDonald’s symbols, which stays true to the real food-chain company.

The interior comprises great furniture ideas which make your restaurant stand out. The exterior also has the most authentic feeling, such as the lawn arrangement and the parking lot.

8. Volcano Minecraft Build

Source: rockpapershotgun.com

Building a volcano is such an amazing thing. Furthermore, you will also include greenery and hot red lava.

For making a volcano in Minecraft, you will have two options. You can either use an existing mountain or add your features to make the volcano or you can make the mountain by yourself. But you have so much fun making the mountain so why not try it yourself? You will need the following items for the mountain.

  1. The first thing that you need is cobblestones for making the base of the mountain
  2. Lava to put inside
  3. Red stone torch to set the mood
  4. Sticky pistons

In addition to this, you can also arrange fireworks. They will look amazing. All these fireworks, sticky pistons, and torches are optional things.

You will start building your mountain from the rock blocks and add ridges. Furthermore, you will also need to add some extra features like valleys. All of this depends on your creativity.

One thing that you need to ensure is the lava. You should not leave any holes in the platform base of the mountain. If there are any holes in there, it will not be able to hold the lava. As for the explosion, you will need TNT and gravel.

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9. Ship

Another cool idea is making a ship in Minecraft. Things that you will need to make your Minecraft ship include;

  1. Hull
  2. Keel
  3. Cabins
  4. Beakhead
  5. Mizzen Sail
  6. Bowsprit
  7. Spar
  8. Shrouds
  9. Square sail
  10. Stray sail

In addition to this, there are various options for ships. You can choose any style that you want to build. For example, you can choose;

  1. A Galleon
  2. Ship of the line
  3. Frigate
  4. Trireme
  5. Xebec
  6. Junk
  7. Longboat

The first thing that you need to do is to select the type of ship you want. After you are done choosing the style, you will need to follow the instructions for making that ship.

10. Floating base/ Floating island

It is one of the coolest and most out-of-the-world builds that you can enjoy in Minecraft. You will have a floating island of your own. To do so, the first thing that you need to do is to find the place where you want to build your base.

After selecting the place, start putting the blocks above each other. Put a total of seven blocks starting from the bottom and going upwards. Now build a cross at the bottom by adding one block on every four sides of the lowest block.

Afterward, you can add many more blocks starting from the bottom in ascending order. Start from the lowest number of blocks and increase them by reaching the top. This will look like an upside-down pyramid. When you reach the top most block, add greener blocks that have grass on them. You can make a complete base at the top. After completing the top base, you can break a few blocks at the bottom to give the pyramid a random shape and style. You can build a swimming pool on the top base or grow trees. Do anything you like and add features you want and get your perfect floating base.