Gaming Keyboards: The Best of the Best

In the world of gaming today, numerous accessories and peripherals work in tandem with the computer and the gamer to improve gameplay. Similar to the way a carpenter uses many specialized tools, gamers have specific pieces of equipment that are deemed to be essential for the best gaming experiences. From casual gamers to the more competitive players, each gamer has their preferred setup. Assembling a gaming package used to include simply getting a mouse, keyboard, and a personal computer. Today there are hundreds of accessories that include RGB lighting, ergonomic chairs, specialty desks, the best gaming monitors, and top-of-the-line mice. Perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment, however, is the gaming keyboard.

Regular keyboards that are included with a PC are designed for tasks such as sending emails, crafting essays, and imputing data. Gamers, however, know that these keyboards are not sufficient for the fast-paced world of gaming. The best gaming keyboards are designed for high performance and reliability and include anti-ghosting and advanced customization features. These gaming keyboards are built with durable materials to hold up to endless hours of gameplay. There are numerous features offered by different keyboards and manufacturers. Let’s take a look at some of the features included on the best gaming keyboard.

Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

Anyone who has sent an email or written an essay on a PC knows that some letters don’t register while others just randomly appear when typing quickly. This is due to the Key Rollover and ghosting that accompanies regular keyboards.

Key Rollover is the number of keypresses that your keyboard can register at once. Standard keyboards usually have a Key Rollover of one or two keys. This means that if you press more than one or two keys at once when you are typing, any keys above the rollover limit will not register. Alternatively, your keyboard might recognize keystrokes that weren’t even pressed. Known as ghosting, random keystrokes could wreak havoc on gameplay.

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The best keyboards for gaming will have at least a six-key rollover to allow for simultaneous keystrokes during gameplay. This will limit any ghosting and ensure that each keystroke is registered. These features will be important for gamers as they usually require multiple keystrokes for a single action.



When considering keystrokes, since some advanced actions can require a complex series of buttons and clicks, macros capability is necessary. A macro is a series of pre-recorded actions that your computer can execute upon the press of a single key or mouse click. Gaming keyboards will give gamers the option to reprogram the function of most keys.

The best keyboards allow for the recording of an entire sequence of keystrokes. This sequence can then be activated with a single tap of dedicated macro keys. Higher-end gaming keyboards offer additional unassigned keys meant specifically to be macro keys. Macros capabilities will be included in the best gaming keyboard.

Switch Types


Under every key on a keyboard is a physical switch that acknowledges and registers each keystroke. Depending on your preference, membrane or mechanical switches either one works for standard keyboards. For gaming keyboards, however, mechanical switches are the preferred option. The best gaming keyboard will be a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical switches have dedicated housings, springs, and stems that offer audible and tactile clicks.

As opposed to membrane switches which are spongy, a mechanical switch is “clicky” and reactive when pressed. The tactile feedback of mechanical keyboards is ideal for the intense, fast-paced clicking required for gaming. Gaming keyboards are usually mechanical because they offer tactile switches that can be more precise and responsive.

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Additional Considerations


Key type, key rollover, and customization are some of the most important features to look for when choosing the best gaming keyboard. Aside from these things, however, there are other features that you will want to consider. Most of these things will be according to the preference of the gamer. You will want to pay attention to comfort with gaming seeing big growth and most gamers spending a considerable amount of time in the game world.

A built-in wrist rest could be a feature that you should consider. Gamers will also have varying opinions on wireless gaming keyboards versus keyboards that use a cable. This will depend on the playing style. Additionally, gaming keyboards will come with numerous options for backlighting and color customization. This will also be a personal preference. When it comes to gaming keyboards, comfort, and preference ned to be considered along with specifications.

If you are seeking the best gaming keyboard, it will really depend on the gamer and playing style. Things such as key rollover, switch type, and key customization will all help improve the gaming experience. Comfort and style should be equally considered also. While there are many options for gaming keyboards, the best keyboards will be the ones that assist the gamer the most.

Other Considerations


With the rise in the popularity of gaming recently, peripheral gaming devices have come a long way with more advanced features than ever before. Gaming keyboards offer key RGB lighting, Bluetooth and wireless options, and function keys. Several of these options will be useful depending on your personal preference and games. One thing all gamers might consider is comfort. Since gamers spend considerable time immersed in a game, an ergonomic design and wrist rest could be very beneficial keyboard options.

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Choosing the best gaming keyboard could be difficult with all of the options. You will want to pay attention to the Key Rollover, macros capability, and switch type with any keyboard that you are considering. Depending on your playing style, you might need to think about other options such as a wired versus a wireless keyboard. With a little time and research, you can choose the best gaming keyboard for your setup.Need more information about tech? Keep scrolling our blog for more latest tech information.