How Exercising Will Help You Build Muscle

Let’s be honest and admit that due to not having that much free time, we often tend to spend it doing relaxing things, things that don’t require us to overthink and overstress, and for most people, that’s sitting and watching TV, browsing the net or just taking a quick nap. Now, there is nothing wrong with this as these are pretty stressful times we live in, and relaxing and easing the mind is more than recommended. But, what if we would tell you that you can get all that and more, something that would not take too much time, and the only thing that differs from the things mentioned above is that this activity requires being physically active? Yes, you have guessed right, we are talking about exercising and how it can be of great help, and as a bonus, you will not only feel like the best version of yourself, you will also look that way.

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Why is exercising important?


Well, let’s first state the obvious, as working out has been in trend for quite some time yet, many people are still hesitant to spend their free time like this, and the main reason is that it is needed to be physically active. Okay, there is some truth to this, and for some people, in order to get to the gym, they need to spend hours in traffic. But, some even use “It’s dull” as an excuse, which is wrong. There is no need to feel that way as today you don’t even have to go to the gym in order to have all the important gym gadgets and other pieces of gym equipment. Namely, home gyms are becoming more and more popular each day, and that comfortability is probably the main reason as if we are free, no matter what time it is, that’s all that’s needed to start exercising. Of course, some need professional help, as working out without knowing what you are doing or by following instructions from some online video is not such a good idea, but there is a simple solution even for this. So, before we get into details, let’s first take a look at the facts, and then you can choose whether a commercial or home gym suits you more.

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Home gym vs. Commercial gym


There is a huge difference between home and commercial gym, although the working out principle is pretty much the same. The main difference is the equipment we are able to use since some of the equipment for the commercial gyms is pretty big and pretty expensive, and most people cannot afford to buy it for home use. Luckily, there is much equipment adjusted for home gyms by the price and size, and buying it can give us almost the same feeling as when we are visiting the real gym. Finding the right equipment for your home gym can be pretty challenging because there are many manufacturers on the market which guarantee the quality, and it is up to you to take enough time and find the best one. It requires a lot of time to read all the reviews and find the most reliable one, and sometimes, time is something we do not have.

Factors that affect muscle growth


Three main factors affect muscle growth and the time necessary for desired results. The first is, of course, gender, or betters said, the level of certain hormones in our body, as many studies show that a higher level of testosterone means faster muscle development. Besides that, another pretty significant factor is our age, and the younger we are, it will be much easier to grow our muscles. While we are young, our muscles are more elastic and need less time to recover after strenuous training. Of course, this doesn’t mean that working out doesn’t work if you are not a teenager, as it is just a fact that age plays a role here and that there is only a little more effort and time needed to grow muscle. The last but definitely not the least important one, on the contrary, is the body type, as it is perhaps the crucial factor in how fast and how much a person would build muscles. Visit jaquishbiomedical to know more about resistance band vs weights

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Body types


As for body types, there are three of them, and each of them has certain flaws and benefits, so do not despair because there is a perfect exercise for each of them. Ectomorph is the type of body that might have the lowest chances of muscle developing, but with the right resistance training, it is able to achieve the desired results. Endomorph is the type with natural curves that already look amazing, but if you want to improve it, the best idea is to choose strength training, and you will see the results in the shorter possible time. The Mesomorph type looks muscular even without the training, and it is the type that requires the least effort for the best possible results. It is the type that requires less time than any other type and can get the best results, but in the end, persistence is the only thing we need.


Well, it’s pretty clear now that a regular and proper exercising routine is more than beneficial for our well-being. It is perhaps the best way to get rid of the stress, and as a bonus, you will feel and look great. Of course, this works even better if you add a healthy diet to it, but another factor like consulting a doctor before you start is also of vast importance as they will modify and alter certain exercise routines if needed. So, now, you are ready to create, start, and enjoy your training routine, and whether that’s with kettlebells, free weights, resistance bands, or dumbbells, we will leave that to you, and the only thing we will add is to make the exercising routine a well-balanced one in order to get the most out of working out.

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