10 Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning

Today, the majority of the population suffers from the ravages of routine, stress, and anxiety. This is due to the pace at which people live in today’s cities. From the time a person gets up, until the time they go to bed, day after day, it is always the same. Get up, work, study, eat and sleep. This is the daily life of the majority of the population. And by the time you realize it, years have passed and you have the feeling that you have wasted your time.

That is why many health professionals recommend innovating, because doing something different and new is good. Both physically, mentally, and emotionally. This can range from small changes to bigger ones to break the cycle of routine. The human being is neither a robot nor a machine programmed to perform specific tasks forever. Always following the same schedules, never resting, in automatic mode. Innovate as Skokka’s advertisers do so as not to become obsolete or stuck in a time that is moving on and on and on.

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All the “have to do’s” or “should do’s” are mental burdens that only decrease motivation and increase feelings of tiredness and sadness. And people need balance.

One of the simplest things that can be done, to stop the loop, is to have relationships. Over time it is said that the longer a couple has been together, the less sex they have. Gradually their sexual activity decreases between one thing and another. That is when many people look for a solution and turn to professionals, such as call girls and escorts.

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That is why it is important to keep the flame alive with some tricks. For example, incorporating new sexual practices, erotic toys or trying other places and times. Maybe talk about sexual fantasies, try to confess those little desires that most of the time we lack the courage to say out loud. Even for the more daring, adding other people to your relationships.

Surely more than one has thought about it, but not everything goes and this is not always a feasible option. It is not necessary to take a big step, you can experiment with small things. For example, changing the time of day. Because, when is the best time to do it? There are many different answers you can check ExtenZe®. But there is one that many experts and amateurs agree on. A very good time to start is when you wake up. Some even claim that sex in the morning is better than coffee.

But why is that? The secret lies in all the processes and hormones that are released during the act. Besides, the surprise of being woken up by your partner’s caresses and kisses can be very pleasant and fun. Having your eyes closed and feeling a tingling sensation, as it runs through your whole body, little by little, centimeter by centimeter… You start the day in a different way, happier.

Even real professionals know it. The beautiful escorts already offer it in their advertisements and indicate how good it is and how good it feels to start the day with an orgasm.

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10 benefits of having sex in the morning

  1. Active. Start the day with exercise. All muscles are put into action, stretched and the brain is cleared. So you start the day with more energy, less stress, and anxiety.
  2. A matter of health. Intercourse itself stimulates the human body’s production of antibodies to fight infection and disease. In addition, ejaculation is beneficial and helps prevent future diseases such as prostate cancer. It even helps to soothe headaches, thanks to the endorphins that are generated. So, no more excuses!
  3. It boosts self-esteem. It has been proven that sex increases the production of estrogen which makes people who have sex look more beautiful, desirable, and attractive.
  4. Better mood and optimism. It activates the whole body, there is more energy, one is more focused and there is a greater predisposition to see the good side. Challenges and problems that may arise on that day are dealt with differently.
  5. More beautiful. And it’s not all impressions and thoughts. Hormones and chemical processes make the skin and hair softer and shinier.
  6. Fulfilling fantasies. You can take the opportunity to make that erotic dream you’ve always had or any other fantasy come true. And there are times when it is not even necessary to have them, as men are used to waking up many days with an erection without being able to control it.
  7. Strengthens the heart and blood flow.
  8. Sexual desire is strongest in the morning. In fact, between 9 and 10 o’clock is when the responsible hormones such as testosterone and endorphins are at their highest. This is because they are activated by the first rays of sunlight.
  9. It is a physical exercise that helps to make the most of the day and improve later rest.
  10. As soon as the sun rises, you feel like it. And who can think of a better way to wake up?
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Numerous studies and surveys have shown that sexually satisfied people are more confident and happier. So what is everyone waiting for to put it into practice? Sex professionals have been advising and offering it for years.

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Having sex offers numerous benefits, both physical, for the body, but also emotional. If you dont have a partner, you can find help on this website. What better way to start the day? A bit of exercise, joy, and desire running through every inch of your body. Filling it with energy, motivation, and confidence to face all the daily tasks and worries. In this way, you are sure to achieve all your goals sooner and in less time. Even if it’s just a quickie and even if it’s with eyelashes, disheveled hair, and bad breath, at that moment none of that seems to matter, desire rules.

Taking care of yourself, knowing yourself, and letting yourself go, the answer couldn’t be easier. So what are you waiting for to try the experience and feel what it’s like first hand? 30% of 1000 women surveyed by Queen’s University Belfast already know for sure. And the fact is that whoever tries it, repeats it.