Wicker Furniture Trends: Modern Designs for Contemporary Homes

Decorating a house is never easy, as there are too many important decisions to make, and one of them certainly is the style and material of the furniture you want to use. Trends are changing all the time, and if you want to save some money, you would love to choose something timeless that can be modern for a long time, otherwise, you need to change furniture each year, which is not a cheap investment. One of the techniques that are believed is making a big comeback, but the truth is that it was always modern is wicker, and more and more people choose some pieces of wicker furniture to enhance the look of their homes, and if you check this collection, you will understand why.

How does it look?

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Wicker is a common name for a technique used to make different pieces of furniture by wowing different materials. This technique has been with us for a long time, and we can find various chairs, which are probably older than us, in some beautiful old houses decorated a long time ago. However, the fact it is not new does not mean it is not a good choice, as the fact it last for such a long time speaks for itself, so many people decorate their homes in this style. It looks extremely natural and cozy, and whenever we see a chair made with this technique, the first thought that crosses our mind is to sit and relax. Thanks to wowing thin wood, each piece is unique and looks like a real piece of art, so owning it in any room makes an entire home looks more chick, trendy and modern.

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Why choose Wicker?

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Although many people are afraid that wicker furniture is outdated and looks vintage, the truth is completely different. Namely, this technique can be used for creating different types of furniture, and the best thing is they can enhance every room in our house and make a total difference in our backyard. The design of these pieces is timeless, which means we do not need to buy new furniture every time a new style becomes popular, as the wicker style is always going to be popular. Even one small decoration on the table or on the wall can change the entire impression and show your guests that you have style.

Different materials

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This technique always looks great, and different materials can be used to achieve that. On one side, wicker furniture can be made of natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, willow, and many others, which are perfect for people who care about their environment. These materials are taken from sustainable sources, and since the process of creating furniture does not imply using strong chemicals, they are absolutely eco-friendly. Just like anything else, they require proper care and maintenance in order to remain in good shape for a long time, and regular brushing and washing with soap and water is a must. All the dust should be removed, and we need to wait until the furniture is completely dry to prevent mold from growing. If it is used outside the house, we need to take care that it is not exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, or it will change color and start cracking.

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On the other side, we have wicker furniture made of synthetic materials such as plastic, resin, and others which can look pretty good too. Although these materials are much easier to maintain, as they do not change color when exposed to direct sunlight and do not crack, they are less eco-friendly and do not have a natural look. Luckily, they can be made from recycled materials, which is perfect for people who care about our planet and our environment.

A perfect combination

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The first thought of many people, when someone mentions wicker furniture, is our grandparents’ house and the vintage style that seems older than we are, but it does not necessarily need to be like that. Namely, if the entire home is decorated like that, there is no doubt it will look vintage and granny, but if a piece of furniture is made of different materials, or the room is decorated with different materials, it can be a cat’s whisker. Some of the best combinations with wicker are aluminum, wood, and different fabric that can add coziness to furniture. Add some pillows on the chair or knitted blanket, and it will become your favorite place to drink a cup of coffee or read a book.

Where to start redecorating?

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One of the best things about wicker is that it can be used for different pieces of furniture and accessories, and thanks to that, it can be used almost everywhere. It is perfect for outdoor furniture and can enhance the look of every backyard and patio, and make it a perfect place to spend cozy evenings. It is also great for indoor use as it adds depth and charm to every room we put it in. Besides chairs and tables, we can find wicker beds and various pots, vases for dry flowers, and other decorations that can be put wherever we want. The only thing to consider is the material, as it can be pretty challenging to keep outdoor furniture made of natural materials in good shape because of sunlight, rain, and other weather conditions. In that case, it is better to choose synthetic materials, while natural ones are great for indoor use.

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The bottom line

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Wicker furniture and accessories are a perfect choice for any person who wants their contemporary house to look trendy and equipped with the latest trends, as it is always modern and trendy. The options are numerous, and the best thing is that it is impossible to make a mistake, as these designs are timeless and can fit every space and enhance it to look great. Besides that, it is not difficult to maintain, and with proper care, you do not need to worry about buying new furniture for a long time.