What are TV Beds and are They Worth the Money

TV beds are a 2-in-1 choice for those who want to watch some movie before they go sleep, or before the afternoon nap, after a busy day. This is a bed and device at the same time, that saves space on the wall because you don’t have to install a TV, especially if there are no conditions for that. Everything is assembled in one piece of furniture, giving the comfort of the bedroom, but without screen limits. You can easily fold the TV part if you don’t feel like using it. You didn’t know this is a thing around the world? Do you remember the old types of beds with a radio over the heads, with an option to set an alarm to wake you up? So, this is practically the same concept, but upgraded, so you can watch TV or even play DVDs, or listen to music too.

Playing relaxing videos is also something you can do, so you can easily fall asleep at night. Choosing a piece of furniture like this doesn’t require installation on the wall. The footboard of this bed is taller than usual, and there is a whole mechanism inside, that is letting the TV work properly. This is an excellent design for those who love to watch TV while lying in bed, and as the interest in it grows, we can confirm that there are a lot of people with the same preferences.

It helps you save bedroom space, or work on placing a TV device on the wall. It comes with a premium design, and the surround system is included most of the time. Also, some models can be used to play games too, or connect to the Internet and watch your shows online.

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What do I need to know?

Image source: tellybeds.co.uk

The best choice is surely the Ottoman type, which provides enough storage for your other belongings too. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t find these beds in a single size. Most of the time you can order it with custom design and size, but there can be pre-ready models too. Also, you can choose which accessories you want to be added to it. You can explore the different options on tvbedstore.co.uk, and see how you can enhance the bedroom decor with this special piece of furniture.

Some models come with a TV included, but to give enough freedom to the customers to make their own choice, most companies don’t provide the device, but they give a complete list of specifications because if you even miss an inch, the TV won’t fit in the bed. Also, you can order a custom bed to be manufactured according to the dimensions you provide too. If you already have a TV, you have to measure it correctly, so you can be sure it fits in your new bed. Most of the models support DVD players, or even gaming consoles too. So, is there anything more you can ask for? Additionally, all the cables and wires are hidden in the foot panel, and you have clear instructions on how to plug in when you want to use it.

So, we can conclude that you are buying one thing, and you get at least two – which is excellent. You have a 2-in-1 bed and TV, and depending on the model, you can have additional storage.

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What can you do with one like this?

Image source: tellybeds.co.uk

There are plenty of things that can improve the comfort you have in your bedroom. You can schedule a movie night with your partner, or use it alone, before you fall asleep, and watch your favorite show. It allows you to choose different TV models as long as the size fits. When finished, you can fold it inside, and protect the screen from eventual damages. Usually, you get a controller that will help you use the TV, without having to stand up as soon as you got comfortable laying.

At the same time, there are no wires to distract you, because they are discreetly hidden in the bed. But, if you want a premium model with many features, some of these things can be visible, but don’t worry, the bed will still be comfortable, and you will be able to enjoy the whole experience it provides.

The TV won’t take any of the storage space below the bed, so you will still have the same benefits as with the usual one, but with a piece of technology added, for a better home cinema (or bedroom cinema, as you wish). These beds come in an exceptional and unique design, and you don’t need to worry that the device will ruin the stylish looks of your bedroom.

The general opinion on this is literally divided since there are a lot of people who are against having a TV or any other device in the bedroom. It’s proven that the blue light can ruin a healthy sleeping schedule. But, at the same time, there are those people who can’t even close their eyes without a few minutes of watching TV. Others will say that these beds are for the lazy ones, who don’t want to get up and move, but they will spend the whole day laying and watching shows.

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This choice comes nicely to the smaller bedrooms, which don’t have enough space for a traditional installation of the television device.

So, is it worth the money?

They are, for those who want them. Those who are strictly against electronic gadgets around their beds won’t invest a dollar on it. The prices can vary from one manufacturer to another, but it also depends on the personalization and accessories the customer requires.
But, if you have sleeping issues, and you have a hard time falling asleep and maintaining a good night’s dream, then you will either limit your time watching shows at night, or don’t let a device like that get in your sleeping area.

No matter what do you want, never forget that if something is making you feel good and comfortable – it is worth the money you invest in it. So, no one can tell you if a TV bed is worth the investment, without knowing how it makes you feel.