15 Best Augmented Reality Education Apps For IPhone 12

ARKit, a framework created by technology giant Apple Inc., enables application manufacturers, software developers and designers to create their own RA applications. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are equipped with the A14 Bionic, which makes it easy to communicate with RA applications.

AR is a shortened form of augmented reality. ARKit, with its wide range of tools, allows a developer to create any type of augmented reality application. Augmented reality is a technology that puts current, created and new (computer-generated) information on the image of the real environment.

Unlike virtual reality applications, which in themselves create an almost real environment around the user, augmented reality applications simply overlap the content generated by the computer with the image of the real environment.

Common examples of PLAR technology are televisions, video games, online mapping sites, etc. In modern times PLAR is reconsidering many industries, including education. They are slowly replacing the primitive teaching methods, which greatly increases the student’s interest and ability to maintain education.

Best Augmented Reality Educational Applications for iPhone 12

Augmented reality applications are conquering the market faster than we can imagine. They are now starting to look more comfortable, informal and fun for the students.

So here are some of the best educational applications you can use on your iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

Vufori chalk


This video communication application gave us a new form. With this application the user can transfer assignments, projects, notes, drawings, demonstrations and many other aspects directly to students or teachers via video chat on the screen.

This application has also been added to our list of some augmented reality applications for iPhone customization. It can help with the presentation of drawings and mechanical designs. The user can also learn how to use this application by following a very simple procedure.

You can get it from the App Store.

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Google Expeditions is considered to be the tool of choice for teachers because it visits and explains excursions using augmented reality.

You can take classes with locally connected users and explore geographical areas, historical sites, space and nuclear centres.

You can get them from the App Store.

Stencil room


This application creates a virtual 3D scan perimeter around the object on which the application focuses.

This application enables 3D lessons and allows the user to virtually analyse the object that is the subject of the application and to better capture or examine its disassembled parts. This is one of the best applications for augmented reality education.

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You can get them from the App Store.

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This special application uses a rotating contour around the object to scan it and create a 3D drawing based on the structure. These 3D drawings are loaded into the application in various 3D formats for printing, for creating GIF files and also to minimize printing during the realization of projects.

If a student needs to create a new 3D object for his project, the application helps him to start from scratch with the materials he currently has.

You can get it from the App Store.

Historical volume


The Storyfab application allows the user to take multiple images from the cameras to create an augmented reality scene. The application allows him to create a 3D cartoon character who can express his thoughts and ideas through animation and expressions.

Animations and expressions can be more convincing to students than any other type of simple drawing or figure. So get this application and create your own educational stories to express your stories on iPhone 12.

You can get it from the App Store.

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BBC civilization AR


This BCC application is useful for all lovers of history and antiques! It allows you to explore artifacts and antiquities used by ancient civilizations and you have the opportunity to explore 35 artifacts in your home.

From Egypt to Greek cultures, you can place these artifacts anywhere and add them to your collection.

You can get it from the App Store.

Magic plan


This augmented reality application creates a drawing and an area of a specific infrastructure by defining its size. This application is mainly used by faculties to easily explain and teach students the difference between surface area, volume and surface tension.

This application is capable of entertaining and teaching the student at the same time.

You can get it from the App Store.

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Attract words


Many people know this application for fun, but you can also use it for training. The application allows the user to catch, place and form words in a virtual flying letter. The application is based on the crossword puzzle, but is more complex and increases the ability to retain the user.

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This application can significantly expand the user’s vocabulary, develop interest in him or her and help him or her to learn.

You can get it from the App Store.

World brush

This application allows the user to make 3D drawings by moving in space according to different models.

The application leaves a digital colour trace when the user walks around his room with the screen of the device on which the application is installed. The drawings made in practice can be followed by their layout and design.

You can get them from the App Store.

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This AR application allows users to draw, place and create different projects, patterns, shapes, geometric shapes and virtual 3D characters around their space.

You can customize these drawings in terms of texture and colors. In addition to creating 3D objects, drawings can be saved and uploaded to a completely new platform or space.

You can get it from the App Store.

Atlas of Human Anatomy


This special application creates a virtual human body in the user space for autopsy. The user can continue to dissect it virtually to better understand human anatomy.

This application offers one of the most immersive art experiences on iPhone 12 in augmented reality education applications.

You can get it from the App Store.

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Figure GB


This application can be considered as special among all other AR applications, this application can use both augmented reality and virtual reality. This application allows the user to create a 360-degree image of a specific object.

Students or teachers are free to enter the 360-degree virtual image, which is much closer to teaching and understanding the subject matter.

You can get it from the App Store.

Sketch AR


If you want to learn how to draw or improve a certain technique, this application is ideal for you. All you need is a bright environment, paper, pens and your phone or iPad.

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First you have to draw circles on the paper and your phone makes a sketch of the image in front of you. From there, you just draw the lines and your sketch is complete.

You can get them from the App Store.

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Sky View


SkyView is an astronomical AR application that helps you learn more about the galaxy, the stars and the planets. Aim the camera in the air and touch the screen.

The application gives you a report about the location of the sunset, the star you are looking at, the nearest planet, and so on. It also shows the path from the sky to the sun, the moon or from the planet to Pluto.

The best thing is that this application does not need a data connection to work. So you can take it anywhere and have fun watching the star and the meteors you’ve always wanted to see.

You can get it from the App Store.

Physics laboratory AR


If you are interested in physics and want to know more, this application can help you. With this application you can create different diagrams in augmented reality, so you can get to know them without having to create your own laboratory.

The applications make it very easy to carry out various experiments without having to set up your own laboratory. You can easily convert circuits for an experiment or the other way around. Simply change the components in real time to see how the circuit behaves with these changes.

You can get it from the App Store.

These are some of the best and most popular augmented reality learning applications for iOS 14 on iPhone 12. Take a look at these educational applications of augmented reality and learn with pleasure.

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