6 Reasons Why Smart Blinds Are Worth the Extra Money

If we had to pick a single word to describe the newest feature of modern technology, it would have to be the term ‘smart’. You probably already know that everything that can be connected to other devices, paired up with advanced software, and utilized in more than one way is referred to as such. This serves to distinguish the technology of the modern age from the one that came before. It is no longer enough for a gadget or device of any sort to perform the singular function it is made to perform. Unless it can be integrated into established systems so that it works in unison, it does not really have a place in the world. This is why more and more things are becoming smarter.

Now, there should be some kind of limit to what can be developed as novelty tech and integrated with other complex systems, right? Well, so far this was not the case. Seemingly simple devices are now able to do so much more, like smart fridges and smart ovens that practically only need you to put things inside of them and take them out. Basically everything else is done thanks to the combination of software and hardware. When it comes to this article, we are talking smart blinds. How can they even be smart?

What was wrong about the old-school blinds that they need to be smarter for us to want them? It is not about the shortcomings of the old so much as the benefits of the new. The issue with technology of the 21st century is that it is often expensive, so are smarter things, in this case the blinds, worth the extra money? Keep on reading to find out. What is more, make sure to check out smartwingshome.com for more on novelty solutions for a modern home.

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What are They?

Before we talk benefits, we need to establish what smart blinds are. Just like regular blinders, shutters, and blinds, the smart models offer privacy and control of natural light coming into your home. Also similar to the traditional versions, they exist in many styles and designs and are made of different fabrics. The thing that sets them apart from the regular curtain-like models is how the users control them. Opening or closing the blinds used to work with different wand and cord pull mechanisms. With the smart twist on things, all you need to do is issue a command through a home automation platform or a mobile device. Either through clicks or voice commands, the blinds will open and close to the extend you want them to. Many different types exist, both with their own controls and software and the smartest of the bunch that can be controlled by other devices and systems you already have.

Reasons to Get Them

Let us now talk about the reasons why they are indeed worth the extra bit of money in comparison to the regular, run-of-the-mil blinds you know and perhaps already have.

1. Modernizing Your Home

Let us start with the obvious. Getting blinds that can be controlled through home speakers like Alexa or with your Android or iOS phone is cool and it is one of the things your home probably lacks in terms of being modern. If you managed to get everything else and integrate it with each other, the final thing you are missing are probably the blinds. Why should they be the only thing you have to operate manually and only within the limits of the old mechanism? When your lights, the fireplace, and all of the appliances are smart, shouldn’t the blinds also be the same?

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2. Practicality and Personalization

The usual problem with traditional blinds is that you are quite limited with how much shade and privacy you can get. You can either open them entirely, close them entirely, or have them half-way opened. There are of course those that bend in ways to let in light partially while fully down but that is not always what you need. With smart blinds you get more options that these regular ones. You get to personalize how they open, have them open and close individually and on a timer, and set regimes for different scenarios in your home. You do not need the same amount of light at 8 AM and 6 PM. You also probably want the shades facing the yard to remain open longer than those facing the street. All of this can be programmed to your leisure.

3. Saving Energy (and Money)

The solution you choose for the amount of light coming through your windows can help dearly with energy consumption in your home. If you pair it with a sun sensor or if they already have one, they can help you in so many different ways from powering up themselves without the need for extra electricity to opening and closing according to the amount of sun. Heat is a real issue whenever your home is exposed to a lot of sunlight during summer and you end up needing more power for the AC and other cooling electronics. If the shades are programmed accordingly, you could save a considerable amount each year. The same goes for winter when you want more direct sunlight during those surprise days with prolonged sun exposure. Remember, blinds provide more than light/shade and privacy!

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4. More Security

Smart devices also give out more security in comparison to old-fashioned solutions. All of us want effective solutions to make our home looked occupied when it is not. Simulating that there are people inside when the house is completely empty can be the deciding factor for your house to remain safe and for the burglar to skip it. Automated shades and blinds that are controllable through applications can give your home a lived-in appearance no matter where you are. Best of all, some of the new models actually are sturdier and they protect the windows better than the blinds you are used to.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

They simply look better than what was popular a couple of decades ago. For a real 21st century home you simply have to install smart blinds throughout your home.

6. Child and Pet Safety/Proof

Old blinds and shades have too many hanging elements for the little ones and furry ones to get tangled in. Smart blinds look sleeker and better since they do not need any extra fabric or cords.